Hook Entertainment Pays Lee Seung Gi 5 Billion Won of Owed Music Earnings and He Plans to Donate Entire Amount to Charity

This is a step in the right direction and I’m so moved by Lee Seung Gi’s raw honesty and next step decision. This week Hook Entertainment paid Lee Seung Gi 5 billion won (almost $4 million USD) for around 20 years of owed profits from his singing career that it withheld from him. Lee Seung Gi confirmed it but explained that he was gaslight for so long that he was a “minus singer” in that his singing career actually LOST the company money but they let it do it out of fan service and his passion for singing so paying him now does not alleviate the pain he feels. He also does not know the accounting that went into the 5 billion won and plans to continue his lawsuit to get full transparency. However, he plans to donate the full amount he got now and anything further to charity, there are those who need this money more even though he worked hard for it over 20 years and its a lot of money. He will work with the charities to determine how to apportion it and direct its usage but this is just one step in helping him move forward. This young man continues to demonstrate such courage and generosity, it’s been shown in many ways in his entire career and I think this decision is one he put a lot of thought into. I hope the CEO goes to jail and pays him back every cent plus interest he is owed.


Hook Entertainment Pays Lee Seung Gi 5 Billion Won of Owed Music Earnings and He Plans to Donate Entire Amount to Charity — 9 Comments

  1. This is so heartbreaking.
    No wonder Seunggi did not focus more on his singing career.He had so many hits yet,he did not focus more on his music.

  2. Good news but I do not like the part of giving it to charity.. He doesn’t own anyone charity stuff… Even koola that is praising this wolilk never give a dime to charity if hse was in his shoes… Let us call a spade a spade

  3. Usually, we never know what a person’s real personality really is. But LSG is one of the only people in the entertainment industry that I’ve genuinely always thought is a good person.

    I’m just really proud of him for being so honest and courageous. He’s been through a lot, and for almost 2 decades now, he had to deal with this abuse. Yet he’s tuned out to be such a good human and he should be so proud of himself. I can’t wait for them to cough up every dime they owe him, and then for him to release a new album that I’m 94762% sure will smash it.

  4. I feel rage all over me when HOOK just give him the money, with no sincerity (judging from the post). And by the time the news of Seung Gi donate it all hits me, I’m touched and babbling like a kid. This is the boy that we had been saw, and he still he is, the sincerity he had before

  5. Why dont seunggi create his own agency with those money?
    Thats more clever and satisfied!
    Yeah who am i suggest him to be like that?wkwkwkw

  6. Lee Seung Gi has his own agency, though the purpose is originally to create his own contents that the evil hook entertainment is not willing to support.


    There is also a YouTube channel for Human Made. You can see his love for music there. All these while, I thought he cut down his music activities, cos it’s the least profitable vs his other activities. Still making money, but not as much as others if u compared the efforts required. I didn’t expect that he didn’t even earn a single cent and being abuse for 18 yrs. Yet, you can see how he improves his vocal range & control throughout these years.

    I suppose he can expand his own agency now.

    I’m so proud of him after his IG post 2 days ago. Paying it forward instead being vengeful. I am rooting for him to win this lawsuits.
    The photo in the IG post is very appropriate too. It’s the cover of his debut album, Dream of Moth.

    Cpt Hook is too busy partying to realize that that young boy in the photo has grown up and are not afraid to fight for justice. She thinks she could just shut him up with the 5bn KRW.

    Way to go SeungGi-ya!! I will support you all the way!

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