Netflix Drama The Glory Tops Good Data Buzz Rankings for Streaming Dramas With Over 50% Search

It’s a certified hit in both Netflix viewership and now also domestic South Korean buzz for The Glory, which did not have a terrestrial airing so there is no way to compare it to standard ratings. But in all the other streaming metrics this drama is now delivering wins for writer Kim Eun Sook as she gets praised for her script/dialogue, for female lead Song Hye Kyo being the brains/heart/broken soul that audiences root for, and for giving some supporting leads the chance for recognition or breakout. The Good Data rankings are out for last week and in the list solely of streaming dramas The Glory is a runaway first place with 53.96% of the search and buzz. Second place goes to TVing fantasy horror drama The Island with 15.83%. Another way to tell The Glory is a hit is that there are so many articles and online chatter about the drama.


Netflix Drama The Glory Tops Good Data Buzz Rankings for Streaming Dramas With Over 50% Search — 12 Comments

  1. I saw this in the comment and it struck me why I like this drama.
    There are many times where SHK character talk back and just reply back to the old classmate.
    They tried to intimidate her and she just talk back to them and it burns.
    It’s not a hard hitting in term of scene but that dialogue feels satisfying.

    The character itself isn’t actually a meek person who got bullied without fighting her chance. She went to the police, to the school, to her parents and they all abandoned her, she even thought about jumping from the building several times and stop herself. You can feel that she want to changes and the drop out was one of the best decision she made.
    Another things I remember is her monologue that forgetting them was once her dreams, that it’s better if she actually can forget.

    I feel like I can talk hours about this drama because even if it feels slow, I also feels like it’s satisfying. People talk about how Lee Do Hyun and SHK don’t have chemistry but should they? It’s one sided crush from his part and when both of them meet, both of them don’t actually open up about their real self. With the husband, even if they don’t meet often, SHK character actually talk more about herself and he actually become chatty.

    • Love your comment. The great dialogue and comeback lines…they are what makes this drama so fun to watch. It’s like watching a boxing match where the antagonists would throw some punches at MDE only to have her block and come back with bigger blows. So many great scenes, big and small. I love that scene with the creepy co-worker where she puts him in his place. So satisfying.

      • @peppa
        right at the comeback lines, I love the scenes where Dongeun is at the church and talk to Sara. She prays and ask the God whenever Sara is asking if what Dongeun did is right. She talked about the God didn’t forgive her and ooooh, that’s a good clapback since she pretends to be religious.

        The colorful world comment to Jaejun, the taunt to Yeon Jin is just hits right. Another things is that the younger Dongeun had actually asked them to stop, asked why they did it and she actually try to communicated.

  2. Song Hye Kyo dramas are usually a no good for me, but this one is a win! I thought she was a one-trick pony, but she nailed it with the dialogue, emotions, and acting of her character. Top notch acting from everyone from the start to end. Cannot wait until the second half comes out.

  3. This is a certified hit even with only 8 episodes airing. The script and dialogues are beautiful, even the one liners throw a punch. This is also the best project of SHK so far and I’m glad she went out of her comfort zone and did this type of project, its about time. I’m also glad that female actresses are now being offered great lead projects (just like attorney woo, my name etc.) not just a partner to a male lead.

    What really hits home for me is the bullying issue that scars the victim physically, mentally and psychologically.
    You can tell that the main and supporting characters all did their part well when you feel the anger against the perpetrators and compassion towards the victims. and even the ironing incident is based on true bullying incident in south korea, so this resonated with their domestic audience. I just hope that the last 8 episodes will remain strong with good ending even if we have to may until march for its conclusion.

    • Buenísima serie, no esperaba que se dieran cuenta de su plan al momento de llegar a la habitación de la chica, me muero de la curiosidad acerca del giro que tomará la segunda temporada, es increíble todo lo que puede provocar el acoso escolar y la determinación de una persona en llegar a vengarse o considerarlo como una etapa que dolió pero se superó

  4. It is a hit. No doubt.
    I have to give lots of praise for KES, the dialogues is so eloquent, interesting and nothing is extra.
    Oh man, I finished all the episodes and I think I’m having gruesomeness to the level of cruleness and loss of humanity in these animal- disguised human. These rich animals thinks they live above laws? I’m rooting for Dong Eun, and as she said playing fair game with them wouldn’t do any justice. Bravo to the production for all the makeups and cinematography, it builds up the real and suffering Dong Eun, raw face with no filter or extra makeup necessary.
    I am excited to see how these people are punished..

  5. Song hye kyo relevant for 23 years as A listers is huge win for her fans and glad she wasn’t trying to hide her age here
    Actresses can age and we need to accept them. She should do such roles and stop romance overall unless it has more. Mature themes

  6. Mr drama addict and I were riveted from start to the end. We binged watch in one go. The best SHK drama so far. We’re not fans of her per se but boy the “searing” storyline, script, acting, plots, directing and editing made this the best K-drama for us in years. In my personal rating scale, better than all the other revenge dramas. It reminded me of Nirmala Bonat an Indonesian maid who suffered horrific abuse by Yim Pek Ha in Malaysia in 2004. Nirmala who was 19 years old was repeatedly seared with hot iron by Yim a mother of four. Her husband was charged too for being as an accomplice. Yim was jailed for 18 years who remains unrepentant & unremorseful throughout the court case and expressed anger even at the judge for sentencing her. Kim Eun Sook did a great job this time. Total credit where it’s due. Can’t wait for March.

  7. Love this drama..everyone is great in acting. I love the spy woman the best. I think that the only lacking is SHK acting. It’s hard to explain. It’s not terrible but not as good as others. Quite bland and the revenge vibe is not as intense as she was a teenager. The emotion switch in male lead is quite a goosebumps. He is darker inside than what we see. it’s funny he is her senior in that drama.haha.the age different is quite obvious. For me, she has more chemistry with JY’s husband than the male lead. It’s sizzling and burning with passion. i for once thought that they would be in an affair to drive JY crazy. A missed opportunity

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