Park So Dam and Seo In Guk in Talks for Reincarnation K-drama TVING Death’s Game

A new K-drama being kicked off, the live action adaptation of webtoon Death’s Game. The lead offers are out to Seo In Guk and Park So Dam so a legit great cast pairing and hopefully they accept as filming is scheduled to start in February. The source webtoon is about a man defeated in work and romance who kills himself and is reincarnated to start again. He does this 13 times apparently in this rather short webtoon. So Seo In Guk goes from playing Death himself to trying to cheat Death lol. The drama is slated for seven episodes and comes from the PD of 18 Again, Go Back Couple, and The Sound of Your Heart, and he will also be serving as the screenwriter in a first for K-dramas.


Park So Dam and Seo In Guk in Talks for Reincarnation K-drama TVING Death’s Game — 8 Comments

  1. Tving, Waave, KakaoTV, Coupang Play, Watcha, Disney+, Netflix. The OTT saturation for kdramas both locally and internationally is crazy! Only Amazon prime video and HBO are missing at this point. At first it was just rookies that did non Netflix dramas but these days even established actors and movie stars are moving to all kinds of OTT platforms not just Netflix. Is it because there are fewer dramas on TV? MBC abolished Mon-Tue and Wed-Thurs, SBS abolished Wed-Thurs and even their Mon-Tue slot only airs 2-3 dramas a year and now KBS has abolished Wed-Thurs. Even JTBC got rid of their Mon-Tue slot and until very recently even their Wed-Thurs slot was on hiatus for several months. Only TVN is thriving while almost all other channels are consistently reducing their programming slots. OTTs are thriving and even domestic ones are being able to bring in big capital and actors. Its become like Chinese entertainment with so many OTT platforms producing large volume of dramas every year.

    • Amazon started. Their exclusive content includes ISLAND and Payback. The biggest beneficiary is STUDIO DRAGON. Its the go to company for all actor agencies now as they are flushed with money to pay the hefty salaries. I dun see how terrestrial won’t benefit from this movement. With the rise of OTT means a different platform sharing the production bill.

  2. This casting is a complete surprise. SIG was offered the historical action sageuk drama Handwritten back in Nov last year. I guess that one didn’t work out. Death’s Game was offered to Kang Ha Neul first. Reportedly, KHN agency’s negotiation with Death Game production team fell through. They couldn’t reach an agreement thus SIG was offered ML role to replace KHN. According to rumours, there would be an additional eight other actors roped in to play the various reincarnations of the ML with SIG as the principal actor ala The Beauty Inside in which Seo Hyun Jin morphed into different character. Hope the actual execution is better than webtoon on paper idea.

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