Go Yoon Jung Cast as Second Female Lead in K-drama Death’s Game with Seo In Guk and Park So Dam and Lee Jae Wook to Guest Star as One of the Male Lead Reborn Incarnations

The players are being assembled for the fantasy K-drama Death’s Game and Go Yoon Jung is definitely capitalizing on her Alchemy of Souls success right away. She’s been cast as the second female lead in the webtoon adapted K-drama with leads Seo In Guk and Park So Dam. It’s the story about a man who has multiple second chances after death so Seo In Guk goes from playing Death himself to playing death’s game. Sounds cool and I like the trio cast so far. Even more buzzy worthy is that after Go Yoon Jung was cast came news that her Alchemy of Souls male lead Lee Jae Wook is also joining but in a guest starring role as one of the reborn versions of the male lead after he dies. I’m getting a sense this is a reborn version of The Beauty Inside.

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