Jang Geun Seok Transitions into Grizzled Detective in New Promos for Coupang Play Drama Bait

I feel like K-actor Jang Geun Seok lost about a decade of his most prime acting period because he wanted to be Jang Geun Seok the singer-peformer-icon. That’s all good but he started off as one of the best teen actors of his generation and just barely touched the surface of adult roles before he went off to enjoy his music and fanbase side of his career. But for upcoming Coupang Play drama Bait I’m excited to see if he’s back in form and performance as the detective hot on baddie Heo Sung Tae over years in a dead but not dead scenario. He definitely looks the part without any of the trying to be “good looking” onscreen glossiness. I’m also excited for this drama which reminds me in grittiness of Train which was so good and so underrated.


Jang Geun Seok Transitions into Grizzled Detective in New Promos for Coupang Play Drama Bait — 5 Comments

  1. From my observation, it seemed that he had some symptoms of bipolar disorder, based on his previous antics. It was a shame that he wasn’t working on any projects till now, whether he was taking a break or had made a wrong turn. Anyhow, this drama is not my cup of tea, so skip!.

    • It’s sad that you “noticed” his bipolar disorder 4 years after JKS revealed his struggle.
      Now Jang Keun Suk returning as a strong and confident person.

    • I think he priotized on his japanese activities in the past and at that time he and his agent (his mom) maybe just think to make money there. But after that his agent (mom) involved in tax problem so he need to be independent and make money again.

      Good Luck to him!

  2. He is a versatile artist and soon many will have to admit this.

    Singing, entertaining and acting-all round performer.

    And about his bipolarity- Jang Geun-suk honestly told to the judging public in 2018 about his illness and how he is taking it under control.

    No need to people to make “discoveries”.

  3. I am a medical professional and I did not follow him, my opinion is based on casual reading about him at soompi and dramabeans many years ago. So he does have bipolar. It is not something to be ashamed of and it’s good that he is getting the help he needs.

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