Kim Young Dae in Talks for ENA Fantasy Time-travel Period Drama Midday Moon

So those of you watching the romance sageuk The Forbidden Marriage will have to tell me how male lead Kim Young Dae is doing. I watched the first episode, didn’t like or dislike it, but didn’t feel the urge to continue. He wasn’t bad in the first episode but it’s just set up and everyone was more or less serviceable. But he’s still dogged by the general impression that he can’t act so to hear he’s getting another drama already makes me fervently hope he’s improved in this current drama. He’s in talks for streaming network ENA drama Midday Moon (The Moon that Rises in the Day) which is a fantasy time-traveling sageuk about a man whose time has stopped and a woman whose time keeps slipping away and their romance between the three kingdoms (Shilla, Baekjae, Gorguyeo) period and the present day. The drama will be adapted from the same name manwha.


Kim Young Dae in Talks for ENA Fantasy Time-travel Period Drama Midday Moon — 25 Comments

  1. I think Kim Young-dae is going to play the teenage acquaintance of the female protagonist who became possessed by the soul of her former incarnation’s husband who was a Silla nobleman, if I remember well. Is Kim Young-dae going to play the husband as well because he is a buff man, and I really don’t see him in that role. I pictured Kim Jung-hyun because he looks like him and he pulls off the silent and morally-grey characters.

  2. i dont even understand how hes been cast as a male lead..hes only good as a supporting look like his drama will never doing good coz he just dont have an aura as a leading man..definitely an actor going to Jung Il Woo and Kim Ji Hoon ways..mediocre!

    • I am not his fan but let’s give credit where it is due. He was good in “The Forbidden Marriage”. He shines the most during comedic scenes but he showed improvements during the sorrowful parts of the drama.

  3. He was good for the comedic part but not the rest. He could pull the gravitas for a sakeuk, he wasn’t charismatic as a King…

    So he should choose modern dramas.

    • I thought his acting was fine in Forbidden marriage. He was comedic, showed heartfelt emotion. I really enjoyed the series. I watch a ton of kdramas and I certainly would not put him in the bottom of actors.

  4. Tbh he was seriously good in Forbidden Marriage. Brought an unexpected gravitas to the role and his anguish was palpable. Sageuk seems to be a good fit for him so I’m not surprised he’s been offered another

  5. Despite don’t care for the chemistry of the leads, I did finished this drama letting it run in the background because I don’t need to pay attention to such writing. His acting is not good for a King. The 2nd leading man was much better. Perhaps he should pick something that is more tailor to him. Cha Eun Woo seems to finally find his niche in “Island” w/ his fighting physique & his emotional delivery where he meets his dying brother was passable (something he failed to do many times in his prior dramas).

    I feel like we should be harsher to male actors since the actresses get more backlash. For instance, someone like GYJ (from Alchemy of Souls) who has done an incredible job w/ praise from each of her recent roles (from articles and a majority of fans) but due to the backlash, she got some strong unreasonable hate for her acting. By no mean is she even bad & she does have more to improve just like any other actors.

    Kim Young Dae, though, I can definitely say he is bad. I see potential in this actor, but I feel like he has had too many experiences and he shouldn’t be this bad anymore. Let’s look at LJW, who is a lot newer then KYD, he is just a natural born actor emoting and delivery his fighting sequences but continues to improve w/ every new dramas of his.

  6. Let’s be honest. Who else among the rookie actors these days has strong acting skills and onscreen presence as male lead material? There are only Lee Do Hyun and Lee Jae Wook who received great acting responses both from k-netizens and viewers in general.
    Most of them are bad and got free pass because of visuals.

  7. Nah… Everyone to their own you know, I really like his acting and he is also cute to be honest. I love him not only as a supporting cast but as a main lead too.

  8. I didn’t finish either, His acting as a king wasn’t good . he even disappeared under the royal outfit . No chemistry either . he is better in comedies . He continue to get lead roles perhaps because of his gentle looks . But he isn’t the only one to lead dramas even with average acting so good for him .

  9. I thought he was great in forbidden marriage. Great comedic timing, expressions, animation and dramatic acting skills. Both he and FL connected and interacted well together with some swoonworthy moments. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. All the actors from the main leads to supporting roles should be congratulated for a job well done.

  10. Look I didn’t have much of an impression of him in Extraordinary You.

    I also didn’t like the female lead anyway however the drama turned out to be quite watchable and I don’t even like sagueks.

    So for me to actually finish the whole series and not fast forward it was surprising.

    I don’t know how many of those commenting actually watched the drama. I can’t tell since not everyone commented on this specific drama.

    I have seen much worse male and female actors than him.

    As a drama, this drama wasn’t bad. It wasn’t the best saguek but it was a better than average drama. The leads engaged with each other and were sweet. The 2nd male lead was a typical too good to be a 2nd lead persona.

    Sometimes you need to watch a drama because its a good drama and it entertained me during the weekend. What else does one want?

  11. Forbidden Marriage started off really good and then just devolved. Kim Young-dae’s king character was pretty uninteresting, and the writing was all over the place, so I don’t think there was much he could have done to improve his character or the drama. He nailed the comedic parts and was quite shaky on the more emotional parts (emotes a little too much for me).

    I’m not sure if it is because Forbidden Marriage is more akin to those dime-a-dozen chinese costume dramas airing on iQiyi, but his posture and the way he walks don’t fit sageuk. I hope he can fix that for this drama.

  12. I only watch KYD in Penthouse. I watched Forbidden Marriage simply because I interested in the story. I didn’t really know the cast, only KYD. But I really enjoy it from start to finish. KYD’s acting isn’t top notch, there are some emotions he cannot do well. But overall for me he’s quite good and don’t deserve so much hate I read everywhere. Seriously this guy has some true haters.
    Now I’m planning to watch Shooting Stars.

    • He is really good in Shooting Stars. I actually become a fan when I first saw him in SS. He was a model before being an actor, so his gait and his walk is just like a cat walk model, he does need to improve his walk if he wannt to be in a historical drama. He does not deserve so much hate, he can actually improve a lot as time goes by.

      • Just finished watching Shooting Star and it’s so good! And I wonder why people said he can’t act because he had quite a range of emotions there. Really feel sad for him.

  13. I have not watched Penthouse, I dropped shooting star after the first few episodes and I hardly remember him in Extraordinary You. Thus, thus would be the first drama I would have completed.

    I guess I am one of the minority who enjoyed The Forbidden Marriage – it was fun, not meant to be serious ( and did nog take it itself seriously) and the storyline was simple.

    Coming to Kim Dae Young’s acting – definitely room for a lot of improvement – however I was surprised that he did comedy quite well.

    Given the context of the drama, I think his acting was fine. I actually thought he improved as the series went on.I felt there was chemistry between the two leads as well.

    If he wants to be to be considered as a serious actor definitely a lot more work to be done

  14. I am not his fan but let’s give credit where it is due. He was good in “The Forbidden Marriage”. He shines the most during comedic scenes but he showed improvements during the sorrowful parts of the drama.

  15. I think the thing for me is, he is still a bit of an unstable actor. There were times which I find him quite good but other times which I find him really awkward. Though I understand that he’s still relatively new and could improve over time.

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