Crash Course in Romance Hits 11.823% Ratings for Episode 8 as the Found Family Dynamic and the Rigors of High School Tutoring Continue to Interest Viewers

Now midway through airing, tvN weekend rom-com Crash Course on Romance is a winner through and through. It’s just a good drama, but from a long time K-drama viewer I think the drama is made better thanks to Jung Kyung Ho‘s sparkling performance as the beta male lead with boatloads of emotional hangups but also could be a better “romance” if the female lead was someone other than Jeon Do Yeon. I think she’s playing her character beautifully, such a lovely and nuanced performance as befitting an award winning actress as herself. But I cannot for the life of me get the butterflies with the OTP’s “romance”, she’s like his warm, loving older sister, BUT I also think they are perfect for each other as partners so it’s like my mind gets the eventual getting together but their chemistry doesn’t make my heart flutter. Another way to put it is those super toxic onscreen romances where the leads radiate chemistry but we know their characters are like awful for each other, this is the opposite of that lol. The drama continues to do gangbusters in ratings and I’m loving all aspects off it as a thoughtfully written and acted story.


Crash Course in Romance Hits 11.823% Ratings for Episode 8 as the Found Family Dynamic and the Rigors of High School Tutoring Continue to Interest Viewers — 14 Comments

  1. I totally agree with your assessment about the romance. Jeon De Yeon is a very talented actress but visually looks her age. Her character’s personality is perfect for the part but she just doesn’t look attractive. I would prefer there was no romance but what’s a rom com without one?

  2. Good point about this being like the opposite of those hot, toxic romances! The lizard part of my brain is like sometimes the toxicity makes it hot and full of chemistry. Lol.

    I’m glad to see a healthier romance. In real life, we’re surrounded by couples who don’t look like they go together and have very platonic chemistries but they have healthy and happy marriages and are raising good kids as a team.

  3. This is bringing back such good memories of JKH in Smile Again, the first drama which cemented my bias for this actor. I’m also kind of hoping he picks another drama like Cruel City again, that smouldering intensity was such a surprise from his usual beta energy

  4. I love JDY, the actress, to bits. My first impression was, she looks like his noona. But that’s okay, they’ve got good chemistry. And then they had that scene where she comes out of the shower with her hair wet, and his heart is fluttering. Literal screamed , “Director & stylist, what tha hell were you guys thinking?!?!”. I hope they use the remaining 8 episodes wisely, and just give her a proper hair make-over.

    Out of curiosity, who do you think would be a good replacement for JDY, had she turned down the role? Would love to hear your opinions Ms. Koala and readers.

  5. I love this drama because of the story, acting and charisma of Jung Kyung Ho, but I really can’t get the romance angle with Jeon Do Yeon as her love interest. No butterflies indeed. She is rather an older sister to him, yes. All my friends commented the same. If it’s only with a different actress and visually complement with JKH, then this drama is perfect.

  6. I’m enjoying this drama and don’t mind the two leads although I initially was kinda apprehensive about JDY, not because she’s a bad actress, but they just don’t match romantically. Luckily JDY is able to make me forget her real age and just appreciate her as the character.. while JKH becomes CCY completely. Definitely a good drama from the story to the acting.

  7. Well…not the first and last King 2 Hearts and My Lovely Sam Soon has a huge gap. Anyway I bet the next romcom without her in it will have a low rom.

  8. I had no idea he was in Hospital
    Playlist. Just watched their band playing Bon Jovi👍She is a great actress but her hair needs a good washing.,will be sad after the last episode.

  9. If they had made it clear that she was in fact older, it would have cleared the ambivalence. I love the series. Good plot, great acting.

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