Crash Course in Romance Has Unexpectedly Satisfying Ending as Ratings Set New Record of 17.038% as Highest Cable Rom-com Drama of All Time

A new rom-com ratings champ has formally been crowned as tvN weekend drama Crash Course in Romance ends its run with a record high 17.038% ratings. It’s also the 10th highest cable drama of all time bumping off Under the Queen’s Umbrella from the 10th spot and sitting right under Queen Cheorin in 9th. Despite fully rolling my eyes in episode 15, surprisingly episode 16 delivered a great conclusion for nearly everyone. The abandoning Mom saw the error of her ways and left without further grifting, all four high school kids all deal with their own issues and get into college, the lawyer mom stops being such a control freak and her messed up son finds a new future ahead in the army, the backstabbing mom lives her own husband cheating shame but finds a new future working at the study center using her powers for good presumably, the best friend and brother do get together but it’s not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, and Heung Seon and Chi Yeol get engaged, she studies hard and gets into college, and they do their own homage to Goong (Princess Hours) classic scene of a date on the street complete with blush inducing PDA kisses. All’s well that mostly ends well and I’m just glad a rom-com got some love and attention after being the lowest rating generating genre.

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Episode 14 of Crash Course on Romance Hits New Ratings High of 14.296% and Looks Set to Wrap Up Plot Points Nicely Next Week

It’s funny how a rom-com like Crash Course in Romance is actually more impactful as an indictment of South Korea’s oppressive educational system and obsessively controlling parents participating in it. The drama hit a new ratings high of 14.296% and … Continue reading

Crash Course in Romance Stays Steady in 12% Ratings for Episode 11-12 But Introduces a Last Minute Romantic Hint of a Secondary Couple

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Crash Course in Romance Episodes 9-10 Put on a Lesson in Wonderfully Decent People Thoughtfully Working Through Feelings and Frustrations as Ratings Roar to 13.501%

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Crash Course in Romance Hits 11.823% Ratings for Episode 8 as the Found Family Dynamic and the Rigors of High School Tutoring Continue to Interest Viewers

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Jung Kyung Ho Rockets Up the Buzz Charts Again as the Perfect Beta Male Lead Thanks to Impeccable Performance in Crash Course on Romance

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Weekends Has Two Cable Dramas Breaking 10% as tvN’s Crash Course in Romance Hits 10.978% and jTBC Drama Agency Reaches 11.959%

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Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon Deliver the First Hit of 2023 as tvN Rom-com Crash Course in Romance Hits 9.145% Ratings in Episode 5

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tvN Sat-Sun Drama Crash Course in Romance with Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Hyo Rises in Ratings in the Second Week to 7.559%

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