Crash Course in Romance Episodes 9-10 Put on a Lesson in Wonderfully Decent People Thoughtfully Working Through Feelings and Frustrations as Ratings Roar to 13.501%

The audience love for Crash Course in Romance continues and the more I watch the more the things I love about it outweigh the few that I don’t. There was emotional breakthroughs for both leads, candid conversations, and even a drunken kiss that felt so sweetly orchestrated, this rom-com is doing wonders for reminding viewers that not all K-drama romance leads need be screwed up or waiting to be redeemed, good people can have their own heart pounding fairytale type happiness come along. The awful moms make for a great antagonist because it’s both believable and dramatic but noting is as endearing as two genuinely decent and likeable leads falling in love. The age gap in real life is melting away as the leads simply become their characters and we root for them to overcome all odds and be happy together while still living their currently good lives.


Crash Course in Romance Episodes 9-10 Put on a Lesson in Wonderfully Decent People Thoughtfully Working Through Feelings and Frustrations as Ratings Roar to 13.501% — 9 Comments

  1. Koala! Where are the Chen Feiyu and Yibo posts? Did you see Weibo today! YH is about to be buried, their stocks have dived and Chens are getting slaughtered, both of them!!

    (Sorry for hijack)

  2. I really wish they didnt put the romance element but hey, it’s a romcom… ay ay ay…
    Not every drama needs romance but well, it’s kdrama so… yeah.

    Anyway, talking bout romcom, have you watch Love To Hate You? It’s Netflix original kdrama, and it’s now number 1 on Netflix korea.
    I’ve watched it and it was pretty good for romcom. I mean, it wasnt perfect but the chemistry, acting and character of the leads and 2nd leads were decent. I mean, human being. Give it a try Ms. Koala.

  3. I love this drama so much. There is something that is just so sweet about it. I’m so glad that a happy ending is pretty much secured. These 2 deserve it.

  4. I swoon at the kiss, age gap or not, it all melted away.
    It was beautifully filmed
    Both deserve each other
    And I want to crash into my screen to hug Jung Kyung-ho when he drove away in his car holding tears
    I am a new fan – he’s got me

  5. Much deserved ratings. So happy for the cast and crew! As one of the 6 six people on earth who did not like wfkbj, I didn’t think this show would be up my alley but it totally is. I’m just wary of the murder subplot because handsome Mr ji doesnt seem like a cold blooded cat/human killer so I hope his psych-out last ep was just a red herring.

    • I heard a theory it was the new math teacher, who was shown as a rival in ep 1.

      I hope so, I don’t want sweet Sung Jae to be sad or Mr Ji’s asparagus fingers stained with blood!

      I’m loving all the characters (aside from the evildoers) and that kiss showed the rest of the pack how it’s done!

  6. These more-mature and highly capable actors certainly pull it off…as they have the right experience and skills to do so. I doubt any other k-romcoms this year will be able to duplicate their it hits the relevance notes (academic pressure, parental pressure, materialism versus true happiness),a romcom that has a touch of thriller/slice-of-life (the touch of director of HTCCC) and relatable everyday characters (not chaebols)

  7. i know jeon do yeon has been one of the finest korean actress but to see her act of the scene where she was crying because of broken heart got me really! I havent seen many that heartbreakingly wonderful realistic crying scene!

  8. I think we are slowly seeing the chemistry between ML and FL. all i need to do is to forget the character of Nam Haeng Seon who is the same age as Chiyeol, curses like a sailor, and see her as a noona figure working hard to raise her niece/daughter as portrayed by JDY

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