Suzy Slays with Fresh Retro Look in New Guess Spring 2023 CF Campaign

It was a good 2022 for Suzy with a well received drama Anna on Coupang Play but in 2023 she’s going back to her more youthful roots playing an idol turned college student in Lee Doona for Netflix. I saw her first still and she’s rocking that top star but also girl next door combined vibe, which is what I’m getting here for her Spring 2023 pictorial and CF campaign for Guess. She’s been the face of the brand in South Korea for a few years and it’s nice to see she continues to deliver the right image for them though it’s wild to think that she’s almost 30 years old in real life (28 right now) which goes to show the light speed passage of time because she debuted in 2010 at the age of 16 and was considered one of the most well known breakouts of her idol gen.


Suzy Slays with Fresh Retro Look in New Guess Spring 2023 CF Campaign — 6 Comments

  1. Personally, I really don’t like this kind of haircut…

    The clothes look a little too casual, a touch of color would have been nice.

  2. She looked prettier and younger, and her hime cut is getting popular, i saw some korean teens on IG copied the hair style cut and they admitted it influenced by suzy

  3. I think Korean stars in general have really poor campaign photoshoots that don’t showcase the luxury of the brands they are representing.

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