Woo Do Hwan Transforms into the Joseon Lawyer in First Promos for the MBC Sageuk Costarring Bona

Keeping expectations low so this one actually looks not bad. MBC Fri-Sat drama is currently Kokdu: Season of Deity which has neither ratings nor buzz and when it ends at the end of March will be succeeded by Joseon Lawyer starring Woo Do Hwan and Bona in what looks like a comedic romp about seeking justice in olden days using the power of legal argument. The drama continues the recent trend of youth Joseon dramas + a profession, say Joseon Doctor, Joseon Psychiatrist, Joseon Inspector, well you get the drill. That’s fine, it’s all about the surrounding story to make it engaging and compelling and I’ll check this out when it airs hoping to find a cute gem.

Teaser for Joseon Lawyer:


Woo Do Hwan Transforms into the Joseon Lawyer in First Promos for the MBC Sageuk Costarring Bona — 4 Comments

  1. I dropped The forbidden marriage, Kokdu, both have uninteresting plot and the leads weren’t well casted. As for Our blossing youth … it’s a big disappointment even Park hyung Sik isn’t at his best (acting speaking) , the lead actress , supposed to be as good as Sherlock Holmes , doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she is a girl in disguise , even Pyo Ye Jin is doing a better job . I’m still hoping for a good one as The Red Sleeve cuff and The King’s affection were . But it’s just MOPOV

  2. What we need is a Joseon drama about bakers.

    Overcoming evil ministers and royals through the power of sourdough. Which proved that the old Grand Queen Dowager was poisoned because – let’s say the evil baker competitor – used rye instead of oats.

  3. Most of the youth saeguks coming out this year are a total waste of time. I wish they bring back the saeguks with veteran actors like Kim Hye Soo or at least based on a true/epic history

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