Top Stars Lee Byung Hyun, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Ho and more Named in Recent Korean Tax Evasion Investigation

So calling it the colloquial term tax evasion obviously inputs concerted wrongdoing, but calling it tax underpayment or additional owed taxes feels like just an ooopsie oversight. I don’t know if what happened here to embroil top Korean stars is the former or latter but this week the announcement of a government investigation into a large group of rich and famous citizens has revealed some top stars needing to pay additional taxes. That includes Lee Byung Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Tae Hee, Kwon Sang Woo, and popular webtoon writer Yaongyi of the webtoon True Beauty. Excuses range from moving agencies and CF campaign calculations not be ported over, paying employee bonuses out of personal funds, and general honest oversight and leaving it to the accountants to file and trusting it was correct. Hhhmmm, sure.


Top Stars Lee Byung Hyun, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Ho and more Named in Recent Korean Tax Evasion Investigation — 11 Comments

  1. Song Hye Kyo had a tax evasion case 10 years ago and was crusified.
    Jang Keun Suk took 5 years hiatus for something his mother did.
    Kang Ho Dong was out of spotlight for an year.

    Now with those topstars someone will demand a hiatus and stopping working?
    We will see the double standards

    • @Mili , we all know that there are double standards . It must be the xxx Lee Byung Hun scandal and he stills active, Lee Min Ho has all his followers and fans, … Jang Geun Suk suffered from what his mother did but Han Hyo Joo didn’t from what his brother did . It wasn’t their fault, but both were treated differently . Yoon Eun Hye was blacklisted 8 years ago because she didn’t apologize for the plagiarism controversy but Park Si Hoo who was involved in a sexual assault scandal did already some dramas . Ha Jung woo who used propofol is back after only a one year hiatus , the list is long … It’s unfair . I don’t care about what they did but they should be treated equally .

  2. I wonder at which point do they get outed. I feel like as long as they correct it in a timely manner and without resistance and pay some sort of fine for late payment, they shouldn’t be outed. Of course if they try to resist, then release the names.

    When they leave it to the accountants who end up screwing up, I don’t see any follow-up on those accountants being sued.

  3. honestly they probably think that they can song hye kyo their way out of a scandal 🤷🏽‍♀️ they’re all trash in the end though.

  4. Funny how some of them beat the rap because of connections or more fanbase.

    Song Hye Kyo is clear because she said sorry and payed. Oh, how nice of her! Nothing happened, move on! The above actors will do the same. Just how unfair. Wesley Snipes served prison times because of tax evasion.

    • I followed the articles related to song hye kyo’s tax evasion, the excuse/reason she gave was the most probable case, easiest way to get out innocent. If u read the articles of that year u will got to know how they put all blame on accountant like also it was not her mistake to not even ask accountant abt finance work atleast once a year. They presented like mistake was always done by the employee not the the boss. They make it obvious that she didn’t know anything. It all seems brushed up.

      And now also same thing is happening. They r using their top star power like her to get out clean. They prob. have paid departments, media, etc to hide this case.
      we all know how corrupt South Korea is.

  5. This year looks hard for Taxes in Korea. They came after influencers, youtubers (DKDKTV had to pay way more than usual) and now actors.

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