Yoo Ah In Replaced with Kim Sung Cheol for Hellbound Season 2 on Netflix and His Agency Claims His Propofol Use was Due to Fear of Needles During Medical Procedures

So it looks like Netflix is the first production company to take action against Yoo Ah In after his drug abuse scandal came to light. The streaming giant has announced that actor Kim Sung Cheol, currently one of the three stage Shakespeares cavorting around writing plays and falling in love, will be replacing Yoo Ah In but playing the same character in season 2 of Hellbound. I don’t think anyone has any issue with that course of action. Also today Yoo Ah In’s agency explained that his propofol use was due to fear of needles so he wanted to be put asleep during medical procedures whether big or small, but then again propofol itself is injected via a needle so netizens are like “stop it with the excuses if it doesn’t even make sense”. More information has been revealed from the police investigation, it turns out Yoo Ah In’s medical treatment staff noted that he would make very exaggerated pain complaints in order to get propofol, and it was alarming enough one doctor texts his manager to raise his concern over what was medically noted as excessive or unnecessary use. Thank god there was at least one doctor who was actually practicing medicine properly.


Yoo Ah In Replaced with Kim Sung Cheol for Hellbound Season 2 on Netflix and His Agency Claims His Propofol Use was Due to Fear of Needles During Medical Procedures — 21 Comments

  1. That’s an embarrassingly bad excuse and seriously, it’s better to shut up and stay quiet if this is what they’ll come up with.

    This guy needs rehab and then he needs jail time. These drugs aren’t just recreational, they are hard core, extremely harmful drugs. This guy is a danger to himself and frankly, he’s a danger to others too.

  2. YAI should get a new agency if that defense is an best they can invent. How many medical procedures was he doing that required so many needles and propofol?

    • I guess there are not much they can say in way of explaining. I think his agency major fault is not doing anything to protect him before,because I am 100% sure they were aware of his addiction.
      I have no idea how propofol is supposed to be used, but getting hooked on drugs is not as difficult as one would imagine: in my line of work I see quite often normal, everyday people and good citizens that have addiction problems due to, let’s say, an injury that needed surgery and then heavy painkillers. My advice to you all would be to avoid painkillers as much as possible. Also “benign” medicine like sleeping pills are never harmless, stay away as much as you can.

      • I agree with you…and I find that this media fury against this actor is not right.I’m italian and I know that Korean stars are subjected to stressful jobs. It is true their is a beautiful work, but they are people like any other with all the weaknesses of us normal people. They can be very fragile. It would take some humanity. They are not criminals. He should keep working. Who is without sin cast the first stone. I am for a more empathic world. Less hypocrisy.

  3. Song Hyegyo fans on twitter are saying that the phobia of needles explanation came from officials close to Yoo Ah In and not from their agency (UAA). I wonder if these are from some other PR firm or legal representative but that statement is seriously so bad and glosses over the fact that he was positive for 3 other illegal drugs. His agency is not looking very professional with the way it’s handling his scandal so far.

  4. So according to reports the actor has a skin condition and during it’s treatment he wanted anestesia.
    Combined with the fact that he used the drug 6 times a month, that means he went once-twice aweek to a clinic and did some procedures wanting sedation.
    In Korea some cosmetic clinics offer skin-improving procedures, where they inject a rejuvenating serum under the skin with the help of dozens of little needles. it looks scary and painful.
    So probably Yoo In Ah chose thosew types of clinics and exaggarated his fear of the needles that make hundreds of holes in the face.
    Not defending him , just explaining why his behaviour wasn’t very suspicious and he could do this for years.

  5. Yeah he’s more dangerous to others than all the sexual offenders still working freely in K-showbiz right now.

      • I think the commenter intended it to be sarcastic?
        I think the commenter is saying something like, “Yeah, right, Yoo Ah In, who has no previous record of harming other people, is DEFINITELY more dangerous than the actors who were proven to have sexually assaulted many women 🙄” in a sarcastic way, but I’m not really sure. I sure hope it’s sarcasm because if not… 💀

    • My question may appear twice. I asked, but I don’t see it here so I’m asking again – Please explain to me how Yoo Ah in is more dangerous than sexual offenders?

  6. I don’t know how it works in South Korea but if the agencies take 10% to come with such ridiculous excuse ,they are too much paid ! Better saying nothing and let procedures continue . It makes me remember that in my country there was a minister that got caught for tax evasion and his excuse was ” administrative phobia” 🤣🤣👍

  7. Though taking drugs abusively is by no means right could it be a trigger for a cry for help? Where in all of this is an offer for help going to be administered??!!!

  8. Hmmm…I thought the Drug Screen also showed up Coke and Ketamine. So you can’t exactly explain that away from “fear of needles”.

  9. My question may appear twice. I asked, but I don’t see it here so I’m asking again – Please explain to me how Yoo Ah in is more dangerous than sexual offenders?

    • Sexual offenders are dangerous, of course . We never know who they are until they show their true faces . They harm physically and mentally their victims . YAI can be dangerous too if for example he drives under drugs he can cause a car accident and kill people . Taking drugs is not just harming yourself , under drugs one can be as dangerous as a gun . Moreover , YAI is a star and because of his addiction , he destroyed the work of the actors and crew of his lastest project .

  10. Whatever he’s done is not good and i m not justifying, but we r human beings and we all make mistakes,maybe he was under stress or he may have had any relevant reasons or not. I hope no one would critisize him too much.He’s a really talented actor and i would like to see him come back after getting rid of his addiction.And to all who wants to criticize u r free to but i hope you use ur time to do something better for urself or for others. 🙂

  11. Lamest and dumbest excuse ever. I wonder who of yai’s close circle and agency will be implicated once the forensic investigation of yai’s phones and laptops is finished. The guilty ones must be running scared by now. He certainly didn’t take that many drugs for that long by his lonesome.

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