Yoo Ah In Replaced with Kim Sung Cheol for Hellbound Season 2 on Netflix and His Agency Claims His Propofol Use was Due to Fear of Needles During Medical Procedures

So it looks like Netflix is the first production company to take action against Yoo Ah In after his drug abuse scandal came to light. The streaming giant has announced that actor Kim Sung Cheol, currently one of the three stage Shakespeares cavorting around writing plays and falling in love, will be replacing Yoo Ah In but playing the same character in season 2 of Hellbound. I don’t think anyone has any issue with that course of action. Also today Yoo Ah In’s agency explained that his propofol use was due to fear of needles so he wanted to be put asleep during medical procedures whether big or small, but then again propofol itself is injected via a needle so netizens are like “stop it with the excuses if it doesn’t even make sense”. More information has been revealed from the police investigation, it turns out Yoo Ah In’s medical treatment staff noted that he would make very exaggerated pain complaints in order to get propofol, and it was alarming enough one doctor texts his manager to raise his concern over what was medically noted as excessive or unnecessary use. Thank god there was at least one doctor who was actually practicing medicine properly.

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