Crash Course in Romance Has Unexpectedly Satisfying Ending as Ratings Set New Record of 17.038% as Highest Cable Rom-com Drama of All Time

A new rom-com ratings champ has formally been crowned as tvN weekend drama Crash Course in Romance ends its run with a record high 17.038% ratings. It’s also the 10th highest cable drama of all time bumping off Under the Queen’s Umbrella from the 10th spot and sitting right under Queen Cheorin in 9th. Despite fully rolling my eyes in episode 15, surprisingly episode 16 delivered a great conclusion for nearly everyone. The abandoning Mom saw the error of her ways and left without further grifting, all four high school kids all deal with their own issues and get into college, the lawyer mom stops being such a control freak and her messed up son finds a new future ahead in the army, the backstabbing mom lives her own husband cheating shame but finds a new future working at the study center using her powers for good presumably, the best friend and brother do get together but it’s not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, and Heung Seon and Chi Yeol get engaged, she studies hard and gets into college, and they do their own homage to Goong (Princess Hours) classic scene of a date on the street complete with blush inducing PDA kisses. All’s well that mostly ends well and I’m just glad a rom-com got some love and attention after being the lowest rating generating genre.


Crash Course in Romance Has Unexpectedly Satisfying Ending as Ratings Set New Record of 17.038% as Highest Cable Rom-com Drama of All Time — 14 Comments

  1. Shows that you need to get some veterans in romcoms….and a more more relevant storyline too. Can’t be just romance alone.

  2. That’s why veterans are rating pullers. Deny if you want too…but Lee Bo Young, Jeon Do Yeon and now Cho Seung Woo are delivering

    1)Subplots hijacking the 2nd half of the series. Writer is lucky that the great acting by veteran actors saved the show.
    2)The ending of the main villain. Where is the justice for the victims? Considering there were families watching the show, what does it teach kids?
    1)Besides the main leads’ loveline, the relationship that I was invested in was between Haeng-seon and her daughter. I was crying my eyes out at the hug scene after the CSAT.
    2)Roh Yeon-seo – props to this rookie who played Hae-yi. She held her own amongst the veterans I see her career going up and up.
    3)Jung Kyung-ho – what can I say? The guy always delivers! I have loved every project that he has been on.
    4)Jeon Do-yeon – what a revelation that she can do comedy! I hope to see her do more bright dramas and films. I can’t wait to see her in Netflix’s Kill Boksoon at the end of the month.

  4. The murderer plot was very boring because he didn’t bring anything to the story or to the characters.

    It was really good at the beginning but then the drama became only angst and the last episode was enough to bring back the joy of the beginning…

    The writer was saved by the fame of her FL.

  5. I absolutely loved JDY and JKH and wanted more of them together. They just seemed really real and so cute together lol. Not young love cute but mature cute. CCY clearly was really into NHS. Lol He was cute when he teased her. I watched it for JDY but really like JKH too. I honestly haven’t seen too many of JKH’s works, just the one with Jang Nara. NHS talked to him about her concerns with Mr. ji and when it got exposed, she said she needed time to think. And he actually waited for her and resolved that deleted text message. He told Mr Ji that he was changing and no longer an empty shell. It was nice that NHS was able to help him change for the better. I know not everyone liked them or thought they were a good pairing but they worked for me! I will miss them!

  6. Had to give it up as female lead was so wrong. Great respect for JKH. Always hits the mark with comedy as well as drama.

  7. I love the fact that they all came to terms with their issues at the end and found all that matters to them.i especially love the smooth natural relationship between the main felt like they live nextdoor.some argue that the villain should not have died but, what did you expect a cliche scene where he goes to prison, reconcile with the ML and is forgiven,I think it’s another touch on societal issue so I got no problem with it.anyway it was a beautiful one.

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