Dilraba Dilmurat Makes Glamorous Return in Cover and Pages of L’Officiel Magazine March 2023 Edition and Discusses Recent Pregnancy Rumors

March 2023 appears to herald the full return of top C-actress Dilraba Dilmurat and there is a lot to unpack depending on your perspective on C-rumors. She was not seen for many months starting late last year and there were rumors she was pregnant and expecting a baby with rumored boyfriend Johnny Huang. She is in the pages and on the cover of March 2023 edition of L’Officiel magazine and directly addressed these rumors. What she said was those rumors made her angry, that women cannot just live their lives without speculation as to being married, divorced, pregnant, etc. and she feels like clarifying against rumors is pointless. Her recent return from the hiatus has not fully quelled those rumors as C-netizens think she just had the baby and returned rather than never was pregnant and maybe just took time off. Either way, she looks great and I’m expecting project announcements to come as well.


Dilraba Dilmurat Makes Glamorous Return in Cover and Pages of L’Officiel Magazine March 2023 Edition and Discusses Recent Pregnancy Rumors — 10 Comments

    • Tons of Chinese believe it. She would be far from the first person to have a child this way. Getting married on the quiet and having kids this way too is really common, just more difficult for women because it requires exactly what happened with her, a prolonged absence.

      The real question is why is it such a big deal to have a child and why is it especially difficult for women who aren’t married. There is a genuine stigma in China.

      I actually recommend one drama for this because unexpectedly, they address this very issue. My Fated Boy has a storyline about this very thing and it does not exaggerate at all. Most women characters are well written (which cannot be said for all men, fair warning about the ML) but I do think it is worth a watch as a very, very rare window into this subject.

      • Literally no one thinks she has a kid. They just think she is in a relationship. The child rumor was very definitively clarified.

      • @Emily

        Tell me you don’t visit Chinese socials without telling me you don’t visit Chinese socials.

        Also ffs, stop misusing the word literally.

  1. She looks amazing, although I cannot but wonder whether her makeup isn’t a little bit too “China-fied”. What I mean is that naturally she does not look Han Chinese, but here with that makeup she does.I wonder if there’s a reason for that (besides the fact that it is a great look).

  2. That black “thing” in second pic from last. What is that even supposed to be??? Oh I get it, it’s a fashionable C-drama sleeping bag they’re selling. LOL

  3. People who thought she was pregnant either stupid or never dealt with pregnancy before.
    Yes she was out of spotlight from late June but she did livestreams, covers, new brand anouncements and materials and apeared at papz videous from time to time.
    How possibly you can hide baby bump and get rid from pregnancy body concequences this fast? Is she a magician or what?

  4. She is neither pregnant nor got a baby. I am her fan and I followed her activity/update almost every day. During the said 7 months so called disappearance she actually got lots of other business activities. Ad shooting, Livestream, magazine photoshoots, and multiple airport spottings. You can check Dilraba fan account in twitter to see lots of updates and activities we got during that so called rumored pregnancy. So she didn’t entirely disappear. Oh and have you heard she actually sued the rumormaking paparazzi and people who spread rumors about her relationship with JH? Dilraba tried so hard to disassociate from JH but people keep making rumor about them so some of them got sued. I think Koala just doesn’t follow Dilraba much so it’s okay not to know.

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