Jing Bo Ran and Tan Song Yun Bring the Pretty But Not the Passion in Modern Romance Drama Road Home

So I checked out the recently premiered modern romance drama Road Home (Gui Lu) because it’s an adaptation of the same name novel by writer Mo Bao Fei Bao, who has another novel being adapted right now Into the Storm with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai. Road Home stars Jing Bo Ran as a military explosives expert with a penchant for car repair Lu Yen Chen with Tan Song Yun (Seven Tan) as financial investment expert Gui Xiao (together their name becomes the title Gui Lu), a pair of adorable college era lovers who somehow broke up badly and are finding their way back together. He’s laconic and manly, she’s petite and sassy, it’s the stuff that works well in drama set up to bring the opposite attracts burn. But the first episode was slooooooww and weirdly edited and I could not for the life of me see any chemistry between the two leads. I watched a few more and found the acting was solid, the scenery pretty, but the drama doesn’t come to life for some reason. I’ve heard the general public likes the drama well enough (decent views) but the diehard fans of the book are up at arms with their beloved novel characters not being brought to life to their ideals. I may keep watching because nothing about the drama turns me off, it’s just a tad boring if anything.


Jing Bo Ran and Tan Song Yun Bring the Pretty But Not the Passion in Modern Romance Drama Road Home — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Koala, if you’re in the mood for a heartwarming&romantic drama, I highly recommend checking out ‘Call It Love’ too (Disney+). Slowburn but so captivating. It’s definitely worth watching

  2. Me too Ms Koala, but the novel itself wasnt my fave. It took me years to finish the first 10 chapters of the book.

    I gave the drama a try bcuz of the cast bur it was so blandly boring. There are many new C dramas such as royal rumors, romance of twin flower and even the last princess have more fast pace.

    I heard Guman’s novel will be adapted into drama… lusi and yangyang/xiao zhan probaly will lead it. Hopefully it’s true.

  3. Oh man I wasn’t planning to watch this and it was so slow. The male lead is not attractive. I didn’t see anything I like in the female lead.

    21 episodes in? O M G.

    Now that’s a drama done right. Great acting all round. Solid.

    Now I think he is the sexiest manliest man in Cdrama land. I think because he looks like a man not like a unrecognisable actor who has do many surgeries.

    I am kinda swooning over him now. Never watched him before this.

    And the female lead is giddy in love. Still don’t like her- preferred her in her period drama.

    Good directing. The hateful characters are well acted. Believable presumptuous, self centred parents that you get in Cdramas but elevated by their acting.

    But yeah… think this is turning out to be one of the better modern Cdrama I’ve seen in over 12 months. The mature level romance surprised me.

    But have to say again… where did this man come from? Now that’s a man you can fall for. Not the usual stupid toy boy CEO masquerading and trying to be macho and many but come off as abusive and disrespectful. Don’t talk to me about those 50kg weight, narrow shoulders, no muscles, foundation make up thicker than rice flour applied directed onto the face.

    • @ck10z
      Lol I feel exactly the same towards Jing Boran. He is so fre@king attractive I can’t stop staring at him. There were 2 scenes in the drama where they were out in the snow (mountain) early in the morning and the FL sat on the chair and the ML back hugged her. I thought that was so, so intimate. There you can feel that they love each other so much.

      It’s slow, but, yes, done right. No boring/fighting 2nd couple, etc. Just really nicely put drama. See, c-ent can also produce quality dramas like this.

  4. I can officially say that as the better actors of their generation, both manage to disappoint in the chemistry department. The worse I’ve seen. I keep watching because I like both actors & the book was okay…but I can’t believe how boring everything is and continue to be. The kiss scenes were cringey even. This type of story is especially slow w/ no really issues and w/ the amount of eps(typically Cdrama), it’s really water down.

    That being said, I saw their promo interviews and they both are so cute together & has a very nice and comfortable chemistry(it’s too bad the drama is just not good).

  5. I’m not a big fan of this actress. I saw her in Go Ahead and other things, and I’m not convinced by her kiss scenes.

    • Seven Tan is a great actress. I thought she did a great job in Go Ahead… however, i agree… I do find her intimacy scenes unconvincing and uncomfortable.

  6. I’m watching this too and have to agree first episode was … just wierd. It wasn’t bad but felt very very dated. And I found the male lead just stiff and honestly not that good looking to be in an OTP. But similarly I didn’t drop because it was obvious the premise had potential and I had nothing else to watch. many episodes in, I think I’m quite charmed by him. He somehow looked much better and more natural in the high school and University episodes and yet somehow the contrast when he’s older kinda make sense. Seven is doing just her thing – you could have put any guy in front of her and she’ll do her usual which is good but not excellent. Have to say though chemistry is lacking here.

  7. Ugh my obsession with this drama is unreal! Jing Boran makes me feel things, I swear. I keep looking out for Lu Chen’s rare smiles and I melt every single time. His relationship with Xiaonan, how soft he is with his mum and sister and then how he he’s a true man and leader at the factory and the SWAT camp. I haven’t loved a male lead in so long!!
    He’s a true man, not without his flaws obviously (I like how it’s shown that being a person of few words can negatively impact communication and growth in a relationship) and I could write a whole essay about all the things I like about Lu Chen.

    And Tang Song Yun as Cui Xiao is great too. Her tears always seem so genuine without being overdone and I love how realistic her journey has been so far. I love how she reminds herself when she’s feeling petty that she’s now an adult and should act like one he (wise words we can all learn from).

    The two leads have great chemistry and I think if I was younger I would have struggled to watch this as it’s a very quiet, mature and relatively drama free show but watching it now it feels like a healing balm and I find myself smiling broadly watching Lu Chen and Cui Xiao rediscovering and falling in love with each other again. 8/10 for now.

  8. I think he’s sexy. Not handsome but ruggedly sexy. Only a few episodes in so I can’t give a fair assessment of their chemistry. But I’m a big Tan Song Yun fan so there’s hope.

  9. This too slow.. but i like both Jin Bo Ran and Tan Song Ying.Jin is not handsome but natural face. Without surgery. Gentleman.

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