Lim Ji Yeon Strikes While The Glory Iron is Hot and Dons Her Best Yeon Jin Look Headed to jTBC Newsroom

I recommend ALL the stars of The Glory take advantage of the current publicity and buzz around their hit drama and capitalize on it. Everyone deserves it for contributing to making the entire drama so compelling, and antagonist Lim Ji Yeon absolutely carved out her own perch of being so unredeemably awful as weather caster and rich bitch Park Yeon Jin. Her name Yeon Jin-ah has even become a meme phrase that’s how much she’s trending. This week she put on her best weather cast cosplay but with a twist – she looks so kind and happy oozing from her pores. Her smile is magnetic and so warm, I love seeing Lim Ji Yeon radiating such genuine joy.


Lim Ji Yeon Strikes While The Glory Iron is Hot and Dons Her Best Yeon Jin Look Headed to jTBC Newsroom — 9 Comments

  1. Love seeing her career revival because it felt like she had disappeared for a while. Completely written off despite her excellent debut in Obsession. Its another example of how one can always break out no matter how many years it takes. Its great seeing actresses like Lim Ji Yeon and Park Eun Bin hit big after entering their 30s after suffering through middling roles in their 20s where terrible actresses like Park Shin Hye were basking in hallyudom because the general public had terrible taste back then. I’m waiting for Kand So Ra to breakout too one of these days. The 30s actresses are dominating these days and so many keep breaking out thanks to Netflix and OTT in general. LJY also has another drama lined up opposite KTH and if she lands one with JJH then she would have triple kill for the TaeJiHye Queens. This trend of matching up older actresses with younger actresses is a great idea and fresh change that helps both their careers. I want to see Son Ye Jin and Kim So Hyun together in a drama as well as Jeon Do Yeon and Jeon Jong So. They’ll set the screen ablaze with their acting chops and intensity.

    • That’s very unkind of you to specifically name Park Shin Hye as terrible actress. I like her. I love how almost all Korean actresses I have watched so far (and I hace watched a lot!) are so good.

    • You can praise someone without putting other people down you know. This is what makes the followers of dramas/actors really toxic. You still mentioning PSH in your comment even though she hasn’t been active lately is only a testimony to the fact that she’s popular and you’re only contributing to her popularity. Whatever, can’t wait for PEB to act again. I hope we get a season 2 of AWYW!

    • Lol

      What a pathetic way to read write history.. Lim ji yeon was actually a laughing stock during the obsessesion and treacherous era.. The only thing people talked about was her extreme graphic sex scenes more like porn .. Nothing else.. She was criticized so much for her bad acting and was giving a nickname for that.. Atleaest, she worked on herself and improved her acting skill but don’t try and rewrite history here

  2. I’d love to see her and Park Hyung Sik reunite as leads – they stole the show and were the best part of High Society as second leads.

    • OMG you remember that drama!!!! Love this couple much more than the lead couple. Luckily they ended up together in that drama.

      Been rooting for their reunion too but sadly it seems that PHS will only take lead role I guess.

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