Top and Popular C-stars All Descend on 2022 Weibo Night with Plenty of Extravagant Fashion Looks to Admire

This weekend was the 2022 Weibo Night in China, weird that it takes place in 2023 but the 2022 means it covers dramas and movies from last year. The popular vote for Weibo King and Queen was trending young but the award is also decided with decision input from the hosting body so in the end it was a blast down memory lane as Hu Ge and Crystal Liu took home the prize in a reunion from Chinese Paladin. There were sooooooo many amazing gowns and even menswear on display with lots of actresses doing two looks for the night so check it out below. My favorite guy look was Dylan Wang taking suiting to a new level of ornate, and for the ladies it was Yang Mi in sleek column red, Crystal in feathers, and Li Yi Tong in a purple ombre strapless cascading vision. Others loved Angelababy in her black swan gown but me not so much, and Bai Lu needs to lay off the cute look and stick with more sophisticated. I’m always shocked at how high fashion Guan Xiaotong looks, would it kill Wang Yibo to smile, and don’t know why my adorable Wu Lei did his photoshoot in a pile of hay lol.


Top and Popular C-stars All Descend on 2022 Weibo Night with Plenty of Extravagant Fashion Looks to Admire — 40 Comments

  1. There were many big stars attended Weibo’s Night last night and it seemed like you only listed a few of them. Did you only list those that you like only?

  2. In motion, best dressed for the ladies was Dilraba and Angelababy. They were both ethereal. Esther Yu had an outfit that didn’t make the cut (perhaps too revealing) which was stunningly gorgeous in photos. For the guys, Xiao Zhan’s choice of outfits was decent. With fashion, a lot of it boils down to posture, disposition and confidence, there were some looks that I thought might impress but in reality disappointed.

    • I’m going with the pretty and choose Xiao Zhan with his off white assembly. He looked like a fairytale prince. He’s truly good looking with his height and bearing/posture to enhance it. Xu Kai is very handsome, i have to say. He has boyish and playful vibe. Dylan Wang was kind of excessive for me, idk why, although I love his entire look in that drama Fairy-Devil. Wang Yibo is angry per usual, or maybe that’s just the way he looks idk. It didn’t help that he’s wearing all black. It looks like he needs sleep for 5 straight days. For the ladies, I’d choose Shen Yue in pink. I know she’s not YM or Crystal Liu in beauty, but she hits so different. Fresh, dainty, lovely. Crystal Liu is the female version of Wang Yibo, no smile, indifferent and kinda snobbish/rude. Not that she is or was, just that it’s how she looks. Also, I don’t know who is the lady wearing a baby blue gown above, but she too, is pretty. Yang Mi is so boring at this point (so sorry if I sound so rude). She’s just so predictable in anything, even her projects/acting, red carpet, etc. Beautiful, yes, but boring. YZ knows to choose her gowns. DL? I can’t decide. Her pink dress, though, is kinda of too much, although she carried it elegantly no problem.

      • Ohhh yesss again wyb is on othe receiving end of y’all bs lyk who’d it kill y’all to just leave him alone??? Poor guy filmed till 12 am n woke n went filming again. He had roughly 2 hours to get prepared for stupid event as well at least cut him some slack. N why the hell shld he smile when there’s nothing that makes him smile???

      • @Tiny. Who cares and Who knows he has had little sleep. Don’t go if this is so unnecessary. IMO, Xiao Zhan looks the best.

      • As always shrimps on yibos business without any invitation. Ig their fave is that boring and can’t keep them entertained.

    • Some people here are screaming about comments on wang yibo, including mine. I’ll say this, he’s putting himself out there as a celebrity like everyone else who attended and made an effort. It’s part of their job. If he and his fans don’t want comments like what you read here about him, then either don’t come here and read the comments or tell wang yibo to make an effort/do his job decently. He’s been filming and it’s the excuse? Hello, is everyone there jobless and he’s the only one working so he gets to present himself like that in the camera? That’s silly. Having a grouchy face as a resting look is unpleasant to see. And it’s not like I can avoid not seeing him. He’s there presenting himself.

      • Didn’t Wu Lei come all the way from Finland? Talk about exhausting yet look how he did his job.

  3. So much gossip and news last night that I’m still stuffed today. It’s a pity Tang Yan got refused entry for being late and missed out on the Chinese Paladin 3’s reunion.

  4. Most of the male stars play it safe wearing all black so most were plain looking, but well guys don’t have that much variety of colors to experiment on compared to the ladies. But all in all cent really are dressed better than K-ent. Fairy-Devil couple, Yushuxin should have lay off the short dress on red carpet, it didn’t compliment her petite figure, made her look chonky instead. Her second dress are better. Dylan overdo it with the white suit, too much going on with all the jewellery and his aura kinda contradict the suit. Xukai had photoshoot with off button, but walk the red carpet looking sleek but still playing safe and all button on🤭. Liuyifei, the dress was beautiful but I kinda dislike the arms exposure, it makes her look larger? But surprise of the night would be Yangzi for me. That purple dress was downright gorgeous on her, the other 2 were meh. Dilireba had pink gown that looks better in still compared to when she walk where it looks like too much is going on. Xiao Zhan looks like prince charming in that off white suit, air of elegance is there. YYQX had a misfit I think, it’s too plain looking. Yibo was good but playing it safe and the shoulder looks kinda weirdly broad. Yangmi slaying it with that red dress and came there in full on gossip girl mode 😂, and angelababy yellow gown looks so pretty on her, like a princess.

    • @dadaq Respect people comments. Chinese doesn’t need to support Chinese. Not all Chinese support ccp. You and Lilith are probably some of those delusional Chinese drama fans who don’t like to accept criticism and only hear what you want to hear

      • You are so funny. Apparently to you, it is okay for Tammy to accuse the Chinese of stealing fashion ideas and copying but other people cannot refute his/her accusations. Maybe the commenter should be respectful in their comments first before asking other people to respect his/her comments?

        And how does having pride in your own culture and/or country equates to supporting CCP? People who have no pride in their own culture don’t deserve respect from others, it’s like being embarrassed of your parents who raised you up just because other people ridicule them for being poor and working menial jobs.

  5. First off Cdrama red carpet >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kdrama red carpet by a million miles. This needs a think piece in itself. I loved the experimental and extravagant looks but most importantly SO MUCH COLOR!! Korea could never! I loved loved Dilireba’s gown both in motion and pictures. Crystal Liu was the winner for me though. That whole look worked like a dream. Yang Zi had the most safe look but it complimented her general aura. Esther Yu was stunning in motion in the second dress and I didn’t realize how revealing it was till I saw it in pictures. Bai Lu needs a new stylist. Those dresses didn’t compliment her. Dylan was still channelling his DFQC persona and it suited him but Xiao Zhan looked aged in his first look. The black one was better on him. Special mention to Zhang Jin Yi and Jin Chen too. Overall what a satisfying red carpet. Everyone went for the win instead of shopping at the same wedding dress shop.

    • Probably Chinese stole some fashion ideas back then from Korea or Hollywood and spin it off on their own. I remember back in the days their Chinese carpet wasn’t this extravagant. China is known to be a copycat. In terms of popularity, I think Korean entertainment is still ahead of Chinese. Having one nice fashion night won’t change much. I am a Chinese myself but I lost interest in their long winded dramas.

      • What nonsense are you spouting? Korea’s red carpet looks have always been bland and boring, I’ve never seen them being as daring and bold as China’s as a whole. Besides, the suits and dresses worn by these Chinese actors and actresses are created and sponsored by luxury fashion houses like Elie Saab, LV, Dior, Prada, Balmain etc. How do they “copy” when they are wearing the original thing?

        You sound like those dumb “I’m a woman and I also find *Women A* shameless for wearing short skirts.” type of commenters. God knows if you really are Chinese and even if you are, I have more respect for the Chinese who takes pride in their culture than people like you.

      • @Lilith Agreed. One of the most outrageous comments I have seen in a while here.

        @Tammy Chinese red carpets have outshone Korean red carpets ever since red carpet events existed. They do not have the most out-there fashion statements because there is always Asian conservativeness at play, but they have the splendor and the pretty and celebrities actually put in effort to make it a spectacle. Not to mention most of the gowns were sourced from haute couture brands and no one is claiming anything as an original creation. The fact that you are Chinese and choose to put down your own people and own culture is an embarrassment. Have some pride in your own identity. And do some basic research before running your mouth off.

      • Second you about the comparison between K drama and C drama. C drama are mostly too draggy and boring even I’m familiar with Chinese but nothing about Korean.

  6. Li LanDi’s, Tian XiWei’s and SongYi’s dresses the ones they wore on stage looks way better IMO. Guan XiaoTong always looks great in high fashion due to her high and proposition. XZ and GJ are designer’s dream with their height and proposition. Both wore Elie Saab with GJ as a “special”, if I’m not mistaken his outfit is specially designed for him only. GJ is male version of Reba in term of fashion.

    • Nah he wore last season one 2022, “special customisation” because it’s a ladies wear collection initially and they customized it to fit him. I actually thought Dylan wore Elie Saab too because of how similar his clothes look to Xiaozhan one, but turns out it’s not. The weaving motif look almost similar though.

    • Xiao Zhan’s outfit is the proper Elie Saab’s SS 2023 Haute Couture for men whereas Gong Jun’s outfit is customised from Elie Saab’s AW 2022 Haute Couture for women.

      • I don’t feel embarrassed at all myself for saying China is a copycat. I don’t live in China and I am not raised there. I am Chinese but I don’t associated myself with china. I don’t need your respect either since I don’t know you. To me, you are just a crazy fan out there who will get pissed off and try to curse other people to their grave when they say something you don’t like to listen. Continue your blurb if you want. Im not replying anymore. Have a good day.

      • @Tammy You are a bunch of contradictions. Why don’t you call yourself a Taiwanese or whichever country you are from instead? If you despise Chinese culture so much, why still hold on to your Chinese roots? You should just dump them all together, perhaps that will net you some approvals from the western world.

      • Wait a minute! Behave yourself! Why getting so worked up to drag Taiwan into irrelevant thread here? Respect other people for their opinions different from yours !!!!!!!!! People are entitled to their preference regarding culture and whatnot. Stop taking everything personally !

      • @Somebody Lmao you are the only one getting worked up here, are you taking it personally? I will respect people only if they were respectful in the first place, which your dear friend @Tammy apparently aren’t. I’m only half Chinese but I appreciate my Chinese heritage more than your pathetic *non-Mainland* Chinese friend here.

      • You don’t have to be name calling. That only implies your Chinese heritage may have a negative impact on your characters overall. Doesn’t it?

  7. Best dressed man in these photos is Li Xian. Period. Some of these other men were dressed like Liberace.

    Best dressed women
    Li Landi, Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Liu Yifei, Dilraba, Liu Shishi

  8. N would it kill you to just name ur faves and leave him alone as well??? I don’t think he owes a smile, a laugh or anything btw. Istg this blog is starting to irk me soo effing much

    • I find it hilarious for people who torture themselves by returning to read this blog when they effing find it irking. You do it at your own will, blogger don’t got you chained to a chair to read her blog. Don’t blame anyone but yourself. Also, I have to agree with Koala in this one too, he needs to smile more, I don’t remember the last time he’s had a different expression.

  9. To be fair, all male stars pose as if they are either mad or sad, with the exceptions being Hu Ge who poses like a presidential candidate that dreams of the future and Wu Lei who looks like a kid that got got doing something naughty.

  10. Xiao Zhan’s Elie Saab was divine. I am not a man and I don’t have that kind of money but I still want that suit. In fact all six out of that collection are out of this world which is not strange, ES has a specific gorgeous style for women for years. Wu Lei needs to fire whoever put him in that leather that he had when he went on stage.

    For the ladies I liked several things, Dilireba’s first but not the second. Yang Mi in red was beautiful and I hated Angelababy’s wing dres. Honorable mention to Lyf because while the ES dress is beautiful the way she couldn’t move in it really was meh.

  11. @tammy no need to respond to haters who can’t accept different opinions. They’re the ones who are spouting nonsense and need a life

    • Apparently to you, it is okay for Tammy to accuse the Chinese of stealing and copying but when other people refute his/ her accusations, it’s being a hater? LOL.

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