Yoo Ah In Finishes 12-hour Police Questioning and Gives First Interview Outside Station Apologizing to the Public for His Transgressions

I still remember 10 years ago when K-stars for whatever reason starting to actually run afoul of the law and there were perp walks to the police station or heading to trial and swarms of media outside. Covering those moments felt so wild and fans were so bereft at reconciling their fave maybe doing something bad to really bad on a sliding scale. Now seeing K-actor Yoo Ah In head into the police station in the morning and coming out 12-hours later after a full day of questioning feels so like “eh, whatevs”. Probably comes from me being desensitized to it and also girding myself that any of my faves on down can actually do something wrong and I’ll have to move on. Yoo Ah In stopped on his way out of the station to give a short statement to the press, apologizing for his transgression, dealing with the aftermath and the effect on a broader scale on others, and trying to be mindful that this is an active investigation and he is following the process required. It’s as good of a statement as he can make, if I were his lawyer I would caution speaking at all simply as it’s an ongoing case but I think by saying something he lays the ground work for his own future.

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