C-fans of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi Furious at Weibo King and Queen Going to Hu Ge and Crystal Liu

Weibo Night 2022 is over and done with and I’ve heard plenty of juicy gossip but for a front of the stage kerfluffle nothing is bigger than Hu Ge and Crystal Liu being crowned Weibo King and Queen, respectively. The vote was open for the award and the leading vote getters were Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, who has won this award three years in a row thanks to their incredibly passionate fanbase. But a few days before Weibo Night there were loud rumors that Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, despite getting the most votes, would not be crowned again and that the sponsors felt it was not fresh for their repeated wins and the winners would be decided by a combination of votes and sponsor determination. So the end result was Hu Ge and Crystal getting crowned and while even Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi fans are fine with these two winning both groups are furious at the sponsors for changing the rules mid-way and have threatened to never vote again or support Weibo Night.


C-fans of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi Furious at Weibo King and Queen Going to Hu Ge and Crystal Liu — 42 Comments

  1. Liu Yifei was a fine decision. I don’t get the Hu Ge choice. He really did not do much last year. But fans of XZ and YZ thinking they can keep getting this award till the end of time is ridiculous.

    • I like Hu Ge, but I didn’t get why Hu Ge received the Weibo King award this year also.

      I don’t think Xiao Zhan or Yang Zi’s fans think that they can win those awards year after year. I’m Xiao Zhan’s fan and i never thought it that way. No one in his or her right mind think it like that.

      • How could this actress or actor feel good about winning like this? They were not even second place. The people didn’t choose them. Their awards were bought.

    • Winning 3consecutive years, I guess organizer wanted to make changes else is boring and predictable results, so let other win for some changes. Crystal Liu and Hu Ge is the right choice. I love the two artist.

  2. To be fair, Weibo should have made it such that it is explicitly stated that celebrities who have received the Weibo King/Queen awards for X consecutive years will be out of the running. Instead, Weibo led the fans to think that there is still a chance so that the fans will generate alot of liuliang for them through the votes.

  3. I agree with the fans in this. If you have a rule and have started with the competition, stick with it. If the sponsors felt they should have a say in who they want winning, then either stop the fan votes altogether or announce it upfront that it will be 50-50 or whatever. Changing rules midway because you don’t like the outcome is simply ridiculous.

    And I’m saying this as a fan of absolutely none of these people lol. I don’t even know anything about them other than their names.

    • I didn’t see or come across fans of both being upset about not winning the respective titles. They were kind of anticipating it following the change of the rules by weibo in the middle of voting. They wanted the heat of both so they continued to nominate them. And fans are fans, they will vote diligently to show support no matter what. What weibo should have done is not nominate them or permanently disqualify them in the nomination since both got the titles 2 years in a row. But as usual in c-ent, they do these kinds of things normal. Fans are upset of weibo, not of the winners.

      If it’d based on what project was explosive last year, and not votes, I though the Faily-Devil pair had a good chance of winning, and of course Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao.

    • I agree with your opinion, I’m not fun of any particular actor/ actress, but yes I’m fun of genre, haha…. And in my opinion the situation with WN results can be named only as “ pure manipulation “ . If they did have some regulations to such event then they themselves DID NOT followed it. So…. The people now will show disrespect, and it is comprehensive, imho.

  4. Uh, this award is rigged. It was known to be rigged since years ago as well and that’s why no one even tried. I have no idea why their fans are upset as if they never knew this before.

  5. Sponsors changing the rules mid-way? Wow, big surprise. I can’t take any of these award shows seriously. Its as unpredictable as waiting for a drama air date.

  6. Had xz and yz didn’t forgo this awards, and the awards will be based on voting alone like all the previous years, I can see them dominating the awards for few good years to come 😂 and that will be boring, hence weibo had to come out with the media/yxh votings percentage. Like many others, I do think LYF is fine because Menghualu is a hit last year, but HG on the other hands is really just a lot of question marks, let’s not say about traffic, even his drama performance last year didn’t make a splash, so his win really does come out of the left field. Making this win just a homage to their sword fairy era I guess.

  7. This isn’t a surprise. No one gives a damn about Weibo night anyway. We are just there for the pretty. Obviously Weibo is an a55 for claiming that votes actually matter, but as the saying goes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. What do you expect when you’re dealing with a known cheat? It’s not like this award has any importance too so just chill.

    • Sorry, I don’t even understand the hype in XZ. I tried to watch him in untamed…thought he was so-so. Also thought he was pretty blah in terms of acting when I saw him in Battle Through the Heavens. What exactly is his popularity based on? His so-so looks?

      • God I so want to see a picture of you if his looks are so-so. Thanks for the comedy, I just about died laughing. Here is a pro tip – even his worst antis don’t try going after his looks for a very good reason, you are only telling on yourself otherwise.

      • He had good acting chops for sure, a bit unstable but he’s definitely good. I watched BTTH for Wulei back when it came out in 2018 (haha it’s one of the start drama where WL step into adult role and main lead so I can’t miss it🤭) if I remember correctly but XZ did caught my eyes for his appearance then he’s handsome I’ll give him that, not so much acting because not seeing him enough, his character disappear midway so.

      • XZ was only a rookie in his acting career when BTTH was filmed. I don’t even bother to check it out. LMAO. But you can see he made improvement progressively within a short period that indicates that he has talent in acting. His major interest and focus was on singing back then. Nonetheless, I think he’s got more talent in acting than singing even though I started off as a stan of singer Xiao Zhan first.

  8. Chinese fans of actors/actresses are as bad as idol’s fans lol. Most of popular actresses I have seen such a bad range in acting tho, Yangzi Tangyan Angel Yangmi. Dilreba and Zhao Lusi are a little better than the rest. Liu Yifei I think is the best one. And Koala, please adapt disqus formula, its hard to comment, I love ur vlog

  9. Well is it a popularity award? I know XZ and YZ has is hot hot popular young gen with lots of fans. I am a fan of them myself but I still think LYF is a fine decision and I totally would have given it to her. HG hasn’t done much has he recently? So not sure about him but if it was when he was more active then this I would too give it to him. I just feel like he hasn’t done too much lately

  10. Well, it’s annoying if the same people keep getting the same awards. Quite glad that they decided to change the rules.

    As for the King and Queen, not bad choices of course. Can see why LYF got it, and of course, Hu Ge. He is popular in a different way, his fans are all aging and don’t have time to be voting day and night, he is admired by all the young idol actor/actresses, he is like the elder you greet and bow to in awe.

    He isn’t idol like XZ anymore, he is above. So definitely an award well deserved

    • Lol he is above, something he and his fans keep saying. Yet he ran to get a popularity award he didn’t deserve. Not so above after all because popularity means money.

      • So, when they announced his name he was suppose to bow and sit back down and say, sorry, but it isn’t for me?

        Of course he went up and accepted. Do you go and piss off Weibo? It’s like THE biggest platform for these people in the entertainment industry. Who will go and piss off those people who literally wields all the power? If it was done internally, even more a reason to go and accept.

        Gosh… he is above XZ for goodness sake. The acting is a different level. Give XZ a few more years to reach that status… popularity wise, XZ is no doubt pretty damn popular but 4 years in a row is getting tiring…

      • What does my post have to do with Xiao Zhan? Or even Xiao Zhan the actor? Of course Hu Ge is a better actor, where did I even say he wasn’t. The way you are projecting is out of this world.

        Hu Ge has been carefully cultivating his image for years and years now and it revolved around one central point – he is not traffic, popularity is bs and he is a serious actor. Everything he has done starting with joining A Dream Like Dream was with this aim. His fans have been beating this same drum too. “He is above“ the rallying cry for them all.

        Weibo King is not an acting reward though. It is a popularity reward.

        If you think Hu Ge didn’t know in advance he was Weibo King I have about ten bridges to sell you. He didn’t attend previous ones, the melon of him and lyf winning was out a day before the ceremony. He agreed to it before hand, attended for it and no, of course he couldn’t refuse it – because he wanted it.

        It didn’t have to be Xiao Zhan to win it. It could have been encouragement for one of the younger traffic stars. But Hu Ge? Lmao no.

        Ultimately, this was Hu Ge’s and Weibo’s choice. And especially Hu Ge’s fans need to sit down and shut up about their thespian darling who is so far above that garbage traffic. Sorry, their precious just chose to wallow in the same mud. Cope.

    • But that’s the thing, Weibo night is basically a popularity awards, on their platform. I don’t know why they want to give out acting awards to many others, not like they have the credibility to judge, but popularity awards and traffic is their forte, and when one top popularity awards are needed they tank it by giving it out to HG who is weibo-wise not that popular/have much traffic. I can understand if they want to give him appreciation acting-wise but popularity wise, it’s just not it. LYF have rigorous marketing, hence his weibo influence are big/popular but HG is not it.

      • Fans aren’t happy because of the rule, not because who got the award. The rule isn’t consistent nor transparent. But fans feel that their idols’ popularity were being exploited to draw attention to Weibo Night by associating voting to the final awardees. It’s like dishonest promotion. And fans feel being cheated.

        If the sponsor already had certain awardees in mind, then they should have had made the announcement of rule change ahead of the voting. They did not and instead let enthusiastic fans continue voting day and night while spreading words about the Weibo Night (equivalently free promotion for the activity). I don’t think either XZ or YZ need king/queen titles to decorate their already explosive popularity in C ent.

    • @ Em

      Why don’t you re-watch the part that they announced Hu Ge is Weibo’s King? The reaction on his face at that time said it all. He was shocked & looked awkwardly. Don’t get me wrong – I like Hu Ge, but this is not the right year for him to win. His one drama didn’t even do well.

  11. The roasting of these two on Douban, Weibo and other places was the best about Weibo night. Especially Hu Ge, who likes to talk about how he is a serious actor and his fans disdain about popularity only to turn around and grab an award for popularity – that he doesn’t deserve. At least LYF had MHL and she is reasonably popular but his has dived and this is why his studio is so desperate to force him out as someone still hot. Too bad reality can’t be altered as they wish!

    Anyway, I didn’t see many YZ or XZ fans upset. They just decided not to vote again because Weibo is using them for KPI and then screwing them over. That’s a good call. Why vote if awards are bought. Have Hu Ge fans give them the KPI lmao

    • Nobody roasted Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei for their awards. Weibo Night was solely for the red carpet. Only the fans of vote leaders are concerned about King and Queen because they want to claim that their support matters. And did YZ fans forget about how the votes were rigged previously for her that her votes increased constantly even after the voting portal was closed? Funny that fans complain about this because they were beneficiaries of awards manipulation in the first place. Why did you think no other fandoms participated? Because they got screwed before this already and they too decided to stop contributing to Sina’s KPIs.

      • They absolutely did roast them, it was in all the groups. Spare me the gaslighting.

        This is a popularity award. Not a life time achievement award, an acting award or anything of substance. No XZ or YZ fan was particularly upset. Everyone basically just commented that getting fans to vote then changing rules mid-road was trash and that they won’t vote again. Weibo can get kpi they desperately need from Hu Ge fans.

        As for him, he was roasted because while an amazing actor, he has been trying to distance himself from being traffic, pretty desperately. Then the first opportunity he has he runs to pick up a traffic award. That is huge hypocrisy and yeah, people are going to comment. At least LYF has been always pressing on PR by buying hot searches etc. She wants popularity and is clear about it, not acting like she is above. Her fans don’t either, unlike Hu Ge’s who treat everyone else like trash because of it. The time I have seen them dissing Wang Kai about it, not being “serious” like Hu Ge, etc? I have lost count. Oh yeah, people are going to comment. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        If Weibo wanted to change to other actors, they had younger, traffic ones to choose from. WHD, EY for example. Maybe Wu Lei instead, since Zhao Lusi was off the table for the desperate illiterate scandal. That is who is appropriate for a popularity award. Hu Ge is not. And him accepting it was hilarious and certainly won’t bring him popularity he obviously still craves.

        Weibo made their bed now, let them lie in it.

      • Yes, try your best to make me believe Hu Ge really needs that traffic. Spare ME the gaslighting. Actors his age are all over that phase now. I have only seen comments from XZ’s fans attacking him over it. Why would anyone else have any stake in this when they are not even up for the award? I think HG is massively overrated and nowhere near an amazing actor, but even so I maintain that no neutral roasted him. They are all fans of a certain someone, evident by the similar complaints here. You also conveniently ignored the fact that YZ’s first Queen award was obtained via vote rigging, so it is hypocrisy for her fans to be in outcry over this. Whenever there is a post in groups about the King and Queen awards, everyone references that vote rigging incident and agrees that Weibo do what they want, so they cannot claim to not know. Weibo even said this time that there is a judging component to fix it outrightly. So fans voluntarily chose to contribute to Weibo’s KPI knowing it is a fixed award and now want to claim that their feelings were hurt? Ha! Turn your head the other way when things suit you and then get upset when you do not benefit from it. Karma!

      • @karma

        What karma lmao I am not a YZ fan. I prefer Reba all the way and always have but Reba fans haven’t been voting this year so no room to complain.
        You can claim what you like but Cnetz had a field day with these two, especially him though. You can yell till you are blue in the face, it won’t change that.

        And Hu Ge doesn’t need traffic? That is funny. Why did he agree to be Weibo King then, a popularity award that no, he cannot win today if it is just about traffic, which is what this award is.

        Ask him why he is desperate for it, not me.

      • There is nothing to ask, because you are just basing everything on your own bias. It only takes a simple click into the profiles to see whose fans are having a field day, so stop pushing everything to Cnetz and stop pretending that they care about the legitimacy of King and Queen awards.

        And rest assured, I do not think you are a YZ fan. I just brought her up to talk about award fixing. If you know that Reba’s fans didn’t participate, if you know how to look at group discussions, you should also know the reason is because of vote rigging. Everyone knows. It is stupid to complain about it being unfair when it has been unfair all this while. That is all.

      • Nah, votes increased for everyone after the votes closed. You sound bitter your bias has not won Weibo Queen before.

        Think it’s super fair this year that Hu Ge & Liu Yifei won. Both awards are back-dating when they were so popular years ago but Weibo didn’t have these awards then.

  12. as a fan of XZ .. I didn’t mind neither I was expecting him to win tbh … there is no fun in repeatedly winning the same award and that too when it’s not even for his craft and talent. He has been working very hard in dramas & theatre and has improved tremendously these past years. So I would expect him to win some credible award for his acting than these popularity and data deriven awards.

  13. Xiao Zhan Will always be the King in our heart (XFX), if there’s voting again next year and Xiao Zhan name is included we will vote again, what ever the outcome as long there’s Xiao Zhan name we will vote because we love Xiao Zhan ❤️

  14. HuGe has bright future last year whuch did very very well on tv ratings. He is not inactive. Lol. It’s just that show is not popular with international fans

    • No, it didn’t do well, it was a major disappointment in China. Not Hu Ge’s fault because it simply wasn’t well done. As usual he did a great job but there is only so much you can do with such a limited script. The show was like watching paint dry which is why Chinese didn’t watch it either.

      He wants to do only serious work which is a problem in China because the good scripts are severely limited. He himself has mentioned this several times. And once there is a good script, there are other established actors fighting for them. Overall, for example Jin Dong is doing a way better job at finding the few better ones. Of course, he is actually more popular than Hu Ge and has greater influence but that’s just how it is.

      Hu Ge will probably bounce back in popularity once the Wong Kar Wai movie and drama air but accepting a traffic reward now was a dumb move on his part. That was actually beneath him but he dragged himself down, nobody else did.

    • As a popularity award, handing it to Jackie makes sense. Unlike handing to Hu Ge. Jackie is immensely popular, has wide nationality and international recognition. Jin Dong, Andy Lau… There are quite a few others.

      The problem with that though? They would never say yes to Weibo. Hu Ge did.

  15. I think that rules should be changed before voting begins. When this type of politicization plays into award shows it says a lot. So the people aren’t picking Weibo results but the sponsors are. So don’t have a vote. Voting is a sham and the people once again do NOT have a voice. It’s just another bought competition. Instead Weibo could have waited until the following year to change rules. A possible rule change is that winners could not win consecutive years.

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