Newlyweds Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Release Official Wedding Photos Capturing Their Happiness

There is acting happy and there is actual happy happy, and I don’t think Lee Seung Gi can look any happier oozing from his every fiber and pore than on his wedding day to Lee Da In. The newlyweds released official wedding photos from the big day and it shows Lee Da In in three different wedding dresses, two are very ornate and princess-y and the third one goes the opposite direction in being a peasant boho look. Other than the gaudy giant crowns being too much especially for her tiny petite frame, over all she pulled off the looks and since she’s the bride she can wear whatever style she wishes.


Newlyweds Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Release Official Wedding Photos Capturing Their Happiness — 12 Comments

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  2. I agree with your description on her choice for gaudy giant crowns. Her dresses are mostly glaring. Hmmmm the overall vibes are kind of showy and pretentious. I guess her choice of style suits her personality.

      • Yeah for real. I understand having an opinion on her dress, but some comments I’ve seen here are super vitriolic over her choice of dress as if that indicates what kind of person she is. I guess they’re either jealous fangirls or people who are bitter because they ship LSG with other actresses lol

  3. She like crown for sure and my assumption she probably like to be a Queen of the day on her special day 🙂 Happy for them! Long live the king and queen! 😉

  4. Big crowns with poofy gowns are giving off over-the-top “Big Fat Gypsy Weddings” vibes. But the bride is pretty. Too much make up on the groom, though.

  5. The third dress is very beautiful but overall the Boho look is way better suited to her face. In any case, as you say, who cares. They seem very happy so congrats and wish them a long, happy life together.

  6. Congratulations to the newlywed 💕 Happiness is beaming from them both. And I think Lee Dain looks really beautiful in that gown and tiara though, giving the whole look a retro classy royal look.

  7. I think that she wanted to look like a fairy tale princess . She is young and some women want to have the kind of wedding they dream on when they were little girls . That’s all . I find that the “peasant dress” a la Louis XIV era suits her perfectly . She is really pretty and Lee Seung Gi seems to be on heaven . Long happy life to the couple .

  8. i respect his choice , but i also happen to be a victim of money scam ( not from this case ) ,
    it ‘s hurt so much that ur money can not be refund.
    It’s true, his wife can not choose her parents,
    but to say that he believe there is no scam ( even his ex father in law is in prison for money scam crime ), show that love is blind ^^

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