Song Joong Ki and Wife Katy Spotted on a Spring Street Stroll in Rome

Being married to a celebrity whether in Western or South Korean entertainment means private time is also game for being spotted, so this weekend Song Joong Ki and his wife Katy was out and about in the spring time streets of Rome lending themselves to snaps from photogs. She’s very pregnant and may be due in the coming months and both are dressed so comfortably yet in that chic way celebs pull off. He’s in Europe to film the Netflix movie I am Ro Ki Wan (I am Loh Kiwan) about a North Korean emigrant to Eastern Europe so I hope the newlyweds and parents-to-be are enjoying the work-life balance.


Song Joong Ki and Wife Katy Spotted on a Spring Street Stroll in Rome — 37 Comments

  1. Did they call the papz themselves? These shots are way too staged, close up, and high definition to be candids. Pretty sure Italian papz aren’t hanging around Rome to spot SJK.

    • Looks staged? Lol more like they just wanna mind their own business and gave up caring about what others are saying about them. They can freely be who they are. Good for them.

      • These photos are definitely staged. They have the exact same vibe and framing as Ben Affleck and Ana de Arma’s paparazzi walks. The camerawork is too crisp, close, and centered to be accidental.

    • I have to laugh at the description as “chic. A guy in a tracksuit, t-shirt and baseball cap and a woman in a topknot, t-shirt, cardigan and leggings? This is not “chic”. Have you seen Italian street fashion? This couple look like a pair of American tourists.

      I also thought the same thing about the pics looking staged. They are both nobodies in Italy, just a random couple walking on the street. No way a paparazzo is hanging around the streets of Rome to get pics of these people.

      I do think he will end up moving to Italy. His wife doesn’t seem to be comfortable in Korea.

      • Something about SJK is giving me the wrong vibes. Hope Katy doesn’t make the wrong choice.

      • Exactly. Chic where? She in yoga tights and him in loose baggy clothing. Just cos they are celebs so they automatically look better in basic af clothing? Like how? See so many dressed people around me everyday.

        Also, these pics are definitely staged. The paps were definitely right in front of them/nearby whilst they stage their “walk abt town”. It looks exactly the same as any photoshoot that celebs who do papwalks in hollywood or korea. Candid shots are usually pretty far, abit grainy and slightly haphazard looking. These are well-framed.

        And where is their translator? they really pretending like they can understand each other super well? lmao. this dude is such a fake tryhard. can’t believe i actually am liking his ex-wife way more than him though I’ve never been a fan of hers.

      • Ohsamsoon after A Werewolf Boy and Innocent Man, he’s really popular. Even after military service. While after Full House, SHK had no dramas with good ratings. SJK paired with SHK in DotS because they were both popular. And suddenly they were married. Who knows why. Maybe they indeed fell in love. Or both agency told them to do so because of gazillions fans that shipped them. That’s why I hate shippers. It’s okay to ship the characters in a drama, but once they ship them as personal, they crossed the line.
        Nowadays it’s Lee Je Hoon that’s shipped with Pyo Ye Jin. Ugh.

    • I think song joong ki is the last person to call the paps on himself lol after everything he went through with his previous marriage, I think it’s suffice to say that he’d be happy if he never had to encounter another paparazzi in his life, especially given the unusual circumstances of his second marriage.

      • @Ohsamsoon

        SHK used him to clean up her image too after her tax evasion scandal and another dating scandal with KDW that ended with him leaving their agency. They are even now.

    • Your basing your facts on “exact sames vibes and framing” from another Hollywood couple? Lol Serious? No one will ever be able to prove these are staged. Besides, they are probably able to get these type of crisp pictures because the cat’s out of the bag, no reason to hide their relationship, so they freely walk around for anyone to film. Korean paparazzi’s can’t be so poor, western celebrity couples have crisp and clear photos walking on the streets too, just like these…your going to say those photos are staged too?

  2. How can they look so good ? If i was to go around dressed like that, people would look at me as a tired housewife ! Life is unfair ! 😭😭😭

  3. I was thinking the same. How was it possible for a passerby to get in front of them so close to be taking pictures while they’re walking towards them.

  4. Good for him, not giving a flying f*#% about people judging him. I wish more Korean celebs had the same mindset, rather than being so scared to go out in public because they don’t want to be judged. That society is seriously so stifling. Maybe Joongki felt more free to move around in Europe rather than in Korea.

    • Same for Chinese celebs perhaps. Xiao Zhan also looked way happier in Europe than in China. His facial expression was a stark contrast the moment he landed in Beijing from the fashion trip to Europe. LOL

  5. Heh. I didn’t care if this was staged. The most important thing is that they looks happy. With all negative press surrounding their (truly private not we will do private but giving away too much photos of our wedding party to public) marriage, I am glad that they can enjoy their newlywed life.

  6. So what if it’s staged? He’s a celebrity whose privacy is often violated whether he wants it or not. More power to him for trying to control the public narrative of his life.
    He can either be played by the media or play the media to his advantage. Choosing the latter is clearly the smarter thing to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I don’t really care about celebrities’ private life as long as they’re not committing crimes. What matters to me is their professional works.

  8. Well, these photos were taken by a Chinese. The photographer wrote that at first they tried not to notice him. Then they relaxed and began to smile at him.

  9. Imagine walking on the street with your partner and someone keep taking photos ahead of you. You’d put on a show, no matter what.

  10. At first I also thought abt it being staged. Then I checked some Hollywood celebs papz pics. From them I concluded these photos seems consented. There r times when celebs don’t care so even after knowing of being photographed they don’t avoid or deny them and moven on. At that time papz took it as consent & came quite near them & photographed them. U can see a lot of Hollywood celebs pics now they seems like this only. Papz do come close when not being objectioned.

  11. If couples are too private, they got haters. If couples smile for paps, they got haters too. Celebrities get hate no matter what. One thing tho, Joongki learned well from his ex-wife and her agency’s media play.

    • If couples are too private, they’re breaking up. If they have paps pics or even blurry pics, they’re media players. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t with these haters.

  12. @Riana, SHK was famous way before SHK in 2010. She may not have a lot of dramas with high ratings but she was already one of the top stars in the early days of the Korean wave in 2000. If I remember correctly, Autumn in my heart and That Winter the wind blows had good reviews too

  13. LMAO who said SHK is not famous? Her dramas are mostly high ratings. AIMH created a craze in Korea with over 40% ratings. Full House too. SJK was not known until DOTS. He became Hallyu because of DOTS only. His brother has many chinese connections. He studied there and during divorce he was the one who fed all the fake news to Chinese media. As these pics came from Chinese, definitely its staged. Thanks to vipsong again haha

  14. Anyone who calls him user of his ex wife to be more popular are crazy. In 2011, he surprised everyone with his amazing cameo in Tree with Deep Roots (check the comments of the people who watched the show in 2011 to see how surprised they were of his great acting, given he had a cute image before due to Sungkyunkwan Scandal). He was nominated for Baeksang in a movie against older veterans for Werewolf Boy, was also praised for Innocent Man. He was also offered a movie in which Bong Joon Ho produced. The reason he didn’t rise higher in his career than the height he did back in 2012 was because he went to the military after. But many fans were missing him at that time. Many waited for him because he showed versatility in his projects.

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