Baeksang Insiders Reveal that Park Eun Bin Won the Daesang Award by Unanimous 7-votes Over The Glory, Lee Sung Min, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The Daesang Award (Grand Prize) is unique in K-ent in that it’s open to all the nominees of the top categories so if someone or a project is THAT good it vaults over the specific category and gets the Daesang. For the Baeksang Awards, there is only a handful of times that an actor/actress has taken home the Daesang and it happened again this weekend with Park Eun Bin for Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Insiders have revealed that she got an unaminous 7-votes for Daesang winning over fellow actor Lee Sung Min, the dramas The Glory and her own drama extraordinary Attorney Woo. The feedback was that the character could not have been brought to life in such a beloved way other than by Park Eun Bin’s acting, and it was a performance beloved across the board with zero negative feedback. It was also amazing to see such a character shown onscreen in such a way and resonate with viewers all due to Park Eun Bin’s acting as Woo Young Woo.


Baeksang Insiders Reveal that Park Eun Bin Won the Daesang Award by Unanimous 7-votes Over The Glory, Lee Sung Min, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo — 56 Comments

  1. Yay! I was rooting for her! While the other nominees also had great performances, I felt like her character was the toughest to portray and give justice to. Congratulations!

    • She didn’t win Best Actress. Daesang is not about her performance but her contribution to the success of the drama and the spread of Korean Culture and Contents.

      • Daesang is the equivalent of the grand prize considered across all categories. As others have mentioned, Daesang winners can no longer qualify for another award, so she is truly the best actress. Daesang is more prestigious than Best Actress. You have to be incredibly bias if you think she’s 4th or 5th out of the nominees for best actress. I’m not one of her fans, but I work with autistic kids as a profession, and was very impressed by her portrayal. There’s a lot about the story of EAW that isn’t realistic when it comes to autistic people, but that is more on the writing for a kdrama vs how she acted the role.

      • In that sense , it is so obvious that she is the best! – better than the Best Actor or Actress !
        Hope that helps you get the right perspective!

      • @Peony, Grand award or Daesang is the most prestigious award in BAA. Sometimes a drama can get it or this lands to a certain actor or actress but to sum it up Grand Award is a HOLISTIC award that encompasses all factors for awarding including acting. This is like when they are ranking the Forbes Power Celebrities List: income, SNS influence,etc. Acting is just one factors in grand award whereas the specific award like best actress in TV that landed to SHK is the acknowledgment of her acting in the drama. This is merely for the acting purposes. All these awards are important but to win a grand award is far better than best actress but I am not disparaging the winners of specific categories, they won because they are great. So congratulations to all the winners.

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  3. My bets for Daesang were LSM or PEB and I’m soooo glad one of my 2 bets won! They both deserved it, but she was the clear winner. So happy for her and looking forward to her future projects!

    • Congratulations to this incredible actress. Am glad the jurors selected the best among the best!

  4. It’s a pity she didn’t win Best Actress which is a true recognition for her performance and ability than for something else.

    Nevertheless, Congratulations to her! Leading a drama that started off at .9% and finishing off at 18% is quite a feat. No one can contest Lee Seung Min for Best Actor but Reborn Rich rating was also due to Song Joongki. But Woo Young Woo Drama also deserved the Daesang.

      • but hyekot potraits the best too for the glory.i think its fair borh of them good award and peb got the prime award which she really deserve.if daesang can give 2 award at time i will give it tu peb and lsm

      • To give her merit to the success of the drama was fine but I knew she would not make it the performance category.

        It’s similar to Hyun Bin’s Secret Garden that reached almost 40%. It was fine to give him the Daesang but it was obvious he was not the best performer amongst the nominees in the actor category.

        Baeksang is about how actors fully immersed into and genuinely & believably portray their characters. I didn’t see that kind of performance in the actress category but I agree SHK did better by small margin. For me, Kim Jiwon or Kim Hyeso were in the top 3, either PEB or Suzy for 4th or 5th.

        Last year, Lee Junho delivered what Baeksang is looking for a performance. This year, Lee Seungmin, Son Sukku & Lee Byunghyun nailed that kind of performance but Lee Seungmin’s was the best by far.

    • @Peony Why are you contradicting your own statement? You are saying it’s a pity that she did not get best actress award but also saying her performance was not better than other nominations. Dek what you are trying to tell. Also, if we are going to talk about perf, then I think SHK had the least chance as her perf was only good for her own standard.

      • Totally Agree with you Jammy.
        Peony seems very confused ! She needs help . Someone should enlighten her .

    • Whatever it is she is still recognized for her presence. If she didn’t win the best actress no one can ever portray that role given to her as atty. Woo. She is a star in her own right.

    • Peony… u seriously have no idea what ur talking about, PEB received unanimous votes for daesang 7/7 beating the glory, LSM, EAW and KES, and therefore shes ineligible for best actress alreadyn cos daesang winner cant take another award from diff category

      if she didnt receive that daesang,she surely will take home the best actress award. And SHK wont be able to get anything

      You are discrediting her daesang to give more credit to your favorite. Do some research

    • Peony

      In 2022, Lee Jun Ho won the Popularity Award and the Best Actor Award, while The Squid Game grabbed Daesang.

      Clearly you are rubbish in giving Baeksang comments, not only by disparaging the Darsang Award and Park Eun Bin.

  5. She’s extraordinary actress. Her performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo totally blown me away. I was totally shocked that she could act in that role so well. It certainly must have taken her a lot of effort and research in playing that role. Congratulations to her for she really deserves it.

    • Amongst the Best Actress nominees, she’s probably 4th or 5th. Check YouTube how real people on autism spectrum actually act in public or with people.

      • And yet again another ignorant remark about how Eunbin didn’t act like a real autistic person. FYI, youtube doesn’t contain ALL the autistic people in the world. Autism is a spectrum. She acted the way the autistic Youngwoo would behave, not the way the autistic youtubers peony knows behave. A lot of autistic people have praised her for her authentic portrayal of Youngwoo.

        Also, her being the only actress to be considered for daesang means she would’ve been the pick for best actress if she didn’t win daesang

      • For information, once one received the Daesang Award, he/she is no longer in running for other categories. And Fandango award is chosen first over other categories.

        So, Park Eun Bin’s Daesang Award, a unanimous decision by all the seven judges, was the highest award among all categories. She no longer needed to contend for the Best Actress.

    • Carve an award and send it to her then geez.
      I’m glad opinions here remain opinions,y’all talk too much!

  6. That’s not correct. Daesang winners are not allowed to win other categories and I believe the assessment got Daesang is first in the chain thus eliminating her chances of winning best actress. Daesang considers acting too.

    • Who said that? Daesang is judged separately from other major categories and it’s not a best acting performance award but of course, to be nominated to the Daesang, a person or work has to be a nominee in other categories first.

      There are about 3 or 4 actors who won both the best acting category and Daesang. Two were won by actress Kim Haeja.

      • I disagree. When when the camelia blooms won the daesang in 2020, the voting result breakdown sated that “wtcb had initially won best drama, however as per Baeksang rules, the best drama went to the series with the 2nd highest number of votes with was stove league.”

        Baeksang rule is that a daesang winner is ineligible to win another category FOR THAT YEAR. Kim Hyeja didn’t win best actress the years she won daesang.

      • Daesang award is a holistic award. Even an actor or work doesn’t win in their categories but they could win in Daesang because they jurors look at other merits too. Like Actress Kim Hyeja, she doesn’t donate to improve her image but rather she volunteers for genuine service. She’s been a long term sponsor and ambassador of World Vision.

      • Because Baeksang rules already eliminated her from Best Actress voting. Daesang is voted first to settle eligibility. If PEB lost Daesang, she would have been eligible for jury voting for Best Actress. Baeksang eligibility rules has been in place for decades.

  7. Tough competition, with very good selections this year.

    My Liberation Notes was very good too, but unfortunately up against very tough competitors.

  8. I don’t think people understand just how prestigious daesang is. It isn’t just cultural impact. It is the highest of the highest. Baeksang wouldn’t choose a nugu for daesang. Eunbin’s acting was miles above the other nominees that she won.

    Take a look at the nominees for daesang this year. Lee sungmin (won Best actor), Kim eunsook (won Best writer), the glory (won Best drama) and EAW (runner-up for best drama). Eubin being the only actress nominated means she was the pick for best actress. But her acting in a show with so much impact was too good that she was a notch above all other nominees.

    It’s just like in 2020 when the director of parasite competed against parasite for daesang and won bc of the role he had in the film’s success. If he didn’t win daesang, he would’ve won Best director. Or how Kim eunsook went against Gongyoo in 2017, with Gongyoo landing best actor.

    Any winner of daesang would’ve been the winner for the category they were chosen for bc daesang is given to the best of the best. Daesang automatically disqualifies them from winning.

    Eunbin’s daesang is pretty much best actress + cultural impact, which is a much higher award than just best actress. It doesn’t demean her acting; it places her above the rest. Like the voters said, Eunbin was the standout performance, not just because of impact, but because of her nailing such a complex role that brought so much impact.

  9. Eunbin winning daesang as an actress shows how good her ACTING is. Idk why people are trying to discredit her.

    It was her ACTING that made EAW make as much waves as it did. A daesang nominee is not a nugu. It’s the best from each category. Notice how the winners of best actor, writer and drama were nominated for daesang? Meaning eunbin would’ve won best actress if not for daesang. The award went to the ‘second best’, Song hyekyo (she was good yeah, but eunbin was clearly the original winner.)

    Daesang awards is the most prestigious Korean Drama awards. It’s a notch above best actress. It recognizes not just impact but incredible talent. It’s an acknowledgement that her performance was too good for best actress.

    But haters still gonna hate anyways

    • It is the best out of the best and all the judges voted for her. In fact, it was to the last to be announced, so that shows how very important it is. Sad to see how a particular person tries to discredit her acting when PEB actually did a lot of research for Woo Young Woo role

  10. EAW was all about PEB’s character and she killed it.

    The other dramas were more about an ensemble performance. If Lee Sung-Min did great in Reborn Rich, the actors playing his children and grandchildren were important too. And the Glory wasn’t as great as Netflix tried to make it.

  11. lol.. it buffled me on how suddenly daesang category was painted as a lesser than best actress category like some of posters said here lmao. daesang is the GREATEST AWARD, more higher than best actress or actor. winning daesang means that the actress/ actor is recognised for their remarkable acting skills. what’s with the sentence “too pity she didn’t win best actress”?. i saw it as a bitter words lol. saying daesang as not as good as best actress is so funny. it just the same thing as saying top excellent actress/actor is better than daesang award in the sbs/kbs/mbc drama award.

    • I am so shocked here, dk what other are talking about but daesang has always been the top award. It is like they want to discredit PEB’s performance.

    • Right? Why are people arguing all of a sudden about Daesang vs. best acting? Grand prize means best of the best in all the categories that matter: acting, cultural impact, and contribution to the success of a drama/movie. So if an actor wins a Daesang, it STILL means their acting in the project contributed to their win.

  12. While it’s true that the legendary four-time Daesang holder Kim Hyeja won BOTH Daesang and Best Actress twice in 1979 and 1989, it’s not the case for the Daesang winners from the early 2000s up to present. Getting nominated in their respective categories is still a prerequisite for the Daesang winners, but they’re not allowed to win in their categories anymore because Baeksang has in fact implemented the no overlapping of Daesang winners and category winners rule in 2002 which they follow to this day. One can presume the regulators thought Daesang winners can’t have ‘em all and decided to be more fair by instead giving the category award to the first runner-ups (in other words, the SECOND placers) of the category where the Daesang winner was nominated. Hence, winning Daesang alone at this point in time doesn’t make PEB inferior to SHK performance-wise because in accordance with Baeksang’s rules, she would have actually won in her category if she didn’t win the Grand Prize. Same goes with the previous Daesang winners from 2002 to 2022 regardless of their categories (actress/actor, drama, director, screenwriter, entertainer, or variety show). A lil’ research from credible sources can debunk your groundless theories so try harder next time, Peony and Blossom.

  13. For the uninitiated or plain ignorant.

    “Daesang is the Korean word for Grand Prize. Dae means big or grand, and Sang means award or prize.”

    So how can it be lesser than the Best Actress award. Smh.

  14. @blossom and @peony who obviously is the same person is trying to discredit PEB’s Daesang award just because she is a fan of SHK and wants no one to be above her idol.

  15. PArk Eun Bin she won the highest rank the best of all best actor and actress…some say she’s pity not get the best actress award…what is the meaning of Grand Prize Award meaning she’s get the highest rank award in all best actor and actresses…get it💕

  16. Baeksang rules says Daesang winner is ineligible for any other major awards in their division which exempts PEB from winning Best Actress. Anyway, the tally of jury votes just proves this with PEB not getting any votes at all for Best Actress which in itself is unthinkable if you don’t consider the rule. And it’s funny how many actresses have already won Daesang but this has never been a controversy of whether it was because of popularity or character impact or acting until this year.

  17. PEB is fantastic! She is such a great actress. Her performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo is amazing. I was already impressed at the start of ep1. The drama is one of the best I’ve watched for years.

  18. Park Eun Bin deserves the daesang award and more. She should have also won the best actress with her impressive performance in Atty Woo. Song hye kyo is obviously an overrated actress. Her acting in the glory is clearly average and limited.

  19. For those who seem hard to understand how prestigious Daesang is, go look at the group photo of the winners at the stage, at the end of the event. The center spot of front row is dedicated to honor the daesang winner. That’s why JHI got backlashed in Baeksang 2018 when he took that center spot while he only won Popularity Award. Daesang is the best of the best. So to discredit PEB for her Daesang is only show how fathomless you are

  20. Congratulations to Park Eun Bin for winning the Baeksang Arts GRAND Awards. This is the highest award in BAA because it ain’t only about acting in a certain drama or just the drama but it evokes influence / inspires prople. PEB even beaten her own drama to win the grand award meaning her influence is so great that she carries her drama that greatly. Nevertheless, we can’t cast a shadow over the actors and actresses that won in their own rights like SHK Best Actress in TV, also congratulations to her, and those that have been nominated together with them. So yeah they all deserve our congratulatory greetings. Congratulations to all the winners.

  21. Duhhhh…why settle for Best Actress, when you get Daesang (It is just like giving up the first prize for the second or third prize).

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