Song Hye Kyo’s Closest Vote Getter for Baeksang Drama Best Actress was Surprisingly Suzy While Lee Sung Min Ekes Out a Win over Expected Contender Son Seok Gu

The behind the scenes voting information is out for this year’s 2023 Baeksang Awards and it’s cool to learn the thought process. Once Park Eun Bin won the Daesang vote internally, she was out of the running for Best Actress so while Song Hye Kyo eventually won by 3 votes the big surprise was Suzy getting 2 votes while Kim Hye Soo and Kim Ji Won each got one vote. A judge discussed when watching the drama Anna it was only that character onscreen with nary a sign of Suzy the actress. But Song Hye Kyo created a powerhouse character that spawned buzz words and brought out the power of that drama. As for Best Actor it was Lee Sung Min 4 votes, Son Seok Gu 2, and Lee Byung Hun 1 vote at the very end with the judges saying it was legendary level acting and it would not even be too high a praise to say the Reborn Rich was Lee Sung Min’s drama.


Song Hye Kyo’s Closest Vote Getter for Baeksang Drama Best Actress was Surprisingly Suzy While Lee Sung Min Ekes Out a Win over Expected Contender Son Seok Gu — 19 Comments

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  2. I’m just happy for Suzy because now she has proven that she could reallyact and not what they are always calling her ‘flower pot’. With the margin mentioned I am not that very surprised because being nominated in this prestigious award giving body is more than enough because it manifests that they acknowledged the actors/ actresses great acting and if the nominated has won it is really a big bonus.

  3. I’m happy with the recognition of Park Eun Bin for daesang and song hye kyo for best actress.

    As I’ve said previously, korean entertainment industry is becoming more progressive by creating female-centric projects that eventually became well-received. I hope to see more projects like these especially with netflix’s investment in k-contents in the coming years.

  4. Of course..Daesang (Grand Prize) is the highest prize/award for all drama/film award event.It is the best of the best. Why settle for second when you can get the main and much-conveted prize?

  5. When PEB won the Daesang, it was pretty logical LSM won the best actor category.

    I tried Anna. I didn’t like it and dropped it. Suzy didn’t make a big impression on me. I would have chosen Kim Hye-Soo, she was great in her drama.

    • Because his acting in Reborn Rich is a meh. Totally outshined by LSM and even the child actor Kim Kang Hoon. It’s disappointed actually after he gave us that amusing Vincenzo, Saya, Shi Jin and Kang Ma Ru

  6. I have to say this otherwise I would get accused for being a hater.

    I don’t think SHK deserving the Best Actress award. She was literally playing herself (minus the revenge). She’s been playing the same ice-queen character in 3 back to back drama. I feel she won because it’s long overdue and due to the drama’s hype. Comments I read in Dramabeans seems to feel the same over her winning.

    As for Lee Sung Min, I would prefer him winning the daesang but then, the rest is not a competition. It was a lock that either he win daesang or best actor. He is just a phenomenal actor that he got me glued watching that silly movie “Mr.Zoo”.

    • @Alexa I think it is more of a recency bias rather than for her performance. It came out much later than other dramas in the categories.

  7. Tough competition this year

    Very Happy SHK got her moment of glory but not in love with either her hair, or outfit. Her Stylist could have done a wayyyy better job.

    She’s always so much cool, so avande garde or so elegant chic in all her CFs, dramas etc than the way they dress her at important events like her wedding/this special award award moment

  8. Reborn Rich was undeniably Lee Sung Min’s drama. Still can’t wrap my head around SJK’s lackluster performance in the drama despite (or in spite of?) the opportunity to play two characters across long time period. Quite a pity especially after seeing him in Vincenzo where he basically lived his character, or in Space Sweepers where he nailed green screen acting, or in full-fledged fantasy Arthdal.

  9. I agree with that comment about Lee Sung Min’s acting being legendary in Reborn Rich. I was spellbound everytime he was on screen.

    I am also happy Park Eun Bin won Daesang for her character. She was amazing! Brought her character to life.

    I am yet to watch Glory and Anna but I’m happy for the good reviews they are getting after their acting being panned for so long.

  10. OMO thoses dresses they always wear at red carpet events are awful. And SHK’s gown here at her acceptance speech is no exception. Unfortunately.

  11. Not hating on anyone. I’m just a drama watcher. My choices are solely based on my level of interest (and therefore the ability of the actors to draw me/keep me to my seat). Here’s my pick: Daesang: LSM. He’s crazy good on this drama, with all the actors who played his children right behind him in the awesome acting category. He keeps you on your seat and keeps your heartbeat going. Sorry I have to say this but SJK’s acting here is severely lacking. The actor playing the younger version of him was no doubt a better actor than him in the delivery of the role. Best actress for me is PEB. She was so good that nobody comes close. I watched Anna and I can see why Suzy received votes. She got really better. SHK, she always have my support, but not on this one, although it was by far her best acting as far I am concern.

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