Song Hye Kyo Attends 2023 Met Gala in Custom Fendi Blush Gown with Questionable Braid and Side Bangs Hairstyle

It’s a big back-to-back event for K-actress Song Hye Kyo over the span of the first weekend in May. She won the Baeksang Best Actress Award for the drama category on Friday night then jetted off the next morning. Turns out she was headed to NYC for Monday night’s Met Gala, the premiere event in high fashion. She wore a custom Fendi gown as the brand’s ambassador and honestly it was meh except for the skirt and train. The pale peach/blush color washed her out (and probably would have washed anyone out), the peekaboo nude bra and bustier was unappealing, and her hairstyle was the worst ever. It tried to be different and weird but failed at actually being cool or attractive. Regardless this is a great honor to see a top K-actress at the Met Gala!


Song Hye Kyo Attends 2023 Met Gala in Custom Fendi Blush Gown with Questionable Braid and Side Bangs Hairstyle — 29 Comments

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  2. She’s indeed gorgeous as always, yet, it would be better for her to wear that gown for Baeksang Award and wear something more extravaganza for Met Gala. It’s THE Met Gala after all *sigh
    Dear hairstylist-nim, eventhough Suzy was superbly nailed that kind of hairstyle at last Baeksang (minus the braid), but definitely it’s not for Song Hye Kyo.

  3. It baffles me how underwhelming SHK’s Fendi looks have been. Her glam team really loves that long side bangs hairstyle on her for some reason. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s just meh. As usual her face carries the whole look.

  4. Don’t like her hair too, it elongates her face and hides her beauty. The gown is one of the underwhelming gowns of the night especially for a high couture fashion event. She needs a new hairstylist and stylist. But then again, kim jones or fendi might have a hand in what their brand ambassador would wear for MET but her team could have put their foot down to give her a better outfit.

  5. The dress is ugly except in the last photo where SHK standing sideway. The hairstyle is ugly. The make up is idk.

    The same goes with Jennie. She was wearing a vintage Chanel dress yet idk what’s wrong that she couldn’t pull it off at all. In fact, Jennie looked like she’s attending a teenage prom. So much of blinks hyping her for making everything look expensive. The same happened with Rose last year with that silly giant bow plain black dress. What the heck with these kind of looks for Met Gala. They all looked horrible.

    Put them all against Michelle Yeoh, and yeah, you can actually tell who’s the real star here.

  6. The dress color is awful. But to be honest, SHK can make a sack of potato look good.
    And I personally like her hairstyle.

  7. Everytime she hides her cheek with her hair I always think about Keanu Reeves who now sporting facial hair for quite some time already. Thus hiding his aging. Does SHK wear that hairstyle to hide her stiff expression? Or aging? (But I see she does not have wrinkles) I think she wears that hairstyle (that covering her cheeks) for a long time. In The Glory too. Can she be like Jennie that tie up her hair? Wanna see that sometimes.

  8. What’s the point of having a styling team to end up like this? That dress looks like what a Project Runway contestant came up with for a negligee competition. It makes SHK looks stocky and washed out. What’s up with that anime hairstyle? The filters are overkill with Michelle Yeoh in the picture.

    In general, the Korean makeup aesthetic doesn’t work on an American red carpet. You just end up looking washed out.

  9. As usual the stark difference between her filtered and non filtered pics. I think the reason for the constant appearance of the side bangs is to hide her crows feet.

    SHK’s whole met gala look was underwhelming to say the least. If she hoped to make a good impression on the fashion elites of the world, this was not the way to do it.

  10. I can always count on K-celebs to look underwhelming on red carpets…

    I actually like SHK’s look but not for the MET Gala… her look will like great in K-Award shows but not for the MET.

  11. Doesn’t this woman ever smile? Like a genuine smile that shows her teeth and reaches her eyes? She just looks cold and haughty all the time and that contributed to the meh-ness of her entire look. If only she sported a sincere smile, it would make her more beautiful and her outfit more tolerable.

    • There was a video clip from Met Gala red carpet where she laughed at something a reporter said. Then checked herself as if she realized she was laughing and immediately went back to her usual look. I think it’s become part of her persona now.

      • Seems like posing with a broad, genuine smile is already out of character for her at this point. Too bad, it’s one of the reasons why she’s often misunderstood by people as an unfriendly actress when in fact her co-workers’ anecdotes about her say otherwise.

      • So true. I would be her fan if she gave off a more welcoming and warm aura, rather than the cold and unapproachable feel she gives off. Physical beauty is one thing, but vibrancy and sparkle that comes from within are what make one beautiful overall.

  12. Color and haircut aside, SHK is simply too short to pull off this kind of dress. Someone like Gisele or Naomi Campbell could’ve saved this.

    • Agree, since a few years now, she seems sad , disillusioned, …whereas paradoxically she is at the stardom of her career . It may be her way of being .

  13. I liked the dress but not on her… This dress would have been better on someone with a dark skin.

    The theme being Karl Lagerfield, I’m not sure to see the connection.

  14. Yeah the dress is not appealing. The color washed out her natural skin tone. This is the time when I think something of darker bolder tone suit her best.

  15. Those bangs are a crime against humanity, they really elongate her face.

    At least the look was better than Jennie who looked awful. Idk who dressed her but it didn’t fit her at all.

  16. I’ve honestly lost hope with K-ent celebraties on red carpet events. The MET is about getting crazy with fashion, not SHK, Jennie or Rosé (previous year) delivered

  17. It’s the Met Gala Miss Song Hye Kyo ! Not the Baeksang awards . she should have wear something more daring or glowing. What’s the point of going to the prestigious Gala which theme was Karl Lagarfelf : a line of beauty to wear a bland Fendi dress ! She was overshadowed by the others stars . But the big star was the bug crossing the red carpet . it was hilarious but not for the security guards who must be fired by now by Anna Wintour .

  18. The dress is such an eyesore.

    Maybe it will look better with a fancier bra/bra strap. This just look like she forgot to take her old bra and pull over the dress over it.

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