Four Friends of Yoo Ah In Also Charged by Prosecutor for Illegal Drug Use

Parents always say the same types of people associate together and in the case of K-actor Yoo Ah In who is facing multiple charges of illegal drug use it’s happened that his circle of friends are also implicated. This week K-ent reported that four friends within Yoo Ah In’s inner circle have each been charged with illegal drug use. The four were with Yoo Ah In returning from abroad to South Korea on February 5th. Initially the friends were treated as witnessed until a few tested positive for marijuana and after the police searched their residences additional evidence was uncovered and now all four have been charged for drug use. This feels like a major domino effect but whether it will end with his first circle of friends or keep branching out is not yet clear.


Four Friends of Yoo Ah In Also Charged by Prosecutor for Illegal Drug Use — 5 Comments

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  2. Time to immigrate to countries where marijuana is legal… Many countries now have cannabis shops opened everywhere. Crime rates actually decrease because there is no more off-the-street trading… I am not condoning the drug-addicting behavior. But if citizens cannot abide by the country’s law, two choices – change law or move country. Drug addiction is not a crime, it is not good to health but it only affects the individual not the society. Alcohol is even worse!! and Smoking causes cancer. To what extent can the law control an adult’s behavior.

    • “it only affects individual, not society” … oh, didn’t know that drug related violences, ODs and deaths don’t affect society! Also, Yoo Ah In got caught with more serious stuff than marijuana, iirc he got caught with cocaine. You do realise how international drug trade kills people, do you?

    • Regardless of the effects of drugs on society, they are adults who should know what is illegal for them as SK citizens and should be aware of the consequences. They are old enough to know how far-reaching their country’s drug laws are. Bet they are regretting going home with him that day. Some people are speculating that YAI snitched on them to get a reduced sentence and if that’s true then a lot more names going to come out of this scandal before it’s over.

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