First Teaser for Romance Thriller C-drama My Journey to You with Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Lays on the Atmospheric Intensity

So while I don’t actively dislike very popular C-actress Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) I just haven’t been able to watch through any of her dramas because she has thus far played cutesy characters which amplifies her very cutesy voice to Disney animation degrees not for me. But one of her next C-dramas is My Journey to You (Chinese title Wings of Clouds) where she plays an assassin sent undercover to the rich and powerful family clan of male lead Zhang Ling He to do nefarious things but they fall in love. The posters were dark and tense and I loved them and now the first preview amplifies that tone to the nth degree with balletic wuxia scenes and a general sense of foreboding. And I think it’s Yu Shu Xin’s real voice in the trailer and it’s not cutesy at all so thank god and please just speak like that forever more.

Teaser for My Journey to You:


First Teaser for Romance Thriller C-drama My Journey to You with Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Lays on the Atmospheric Intensity — 9 Comments

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  2. I love Esther! The thing is, her voice here is also not very different from her usual voice, just on a quieter and lower pitch (because she is trying to be more somber to match the role.) Her regular voice is naturally high pitched. I can’t blame her for that. If you’ve seen her in that editorial drama, she was mature and not displaying her usual cutesy antics (there are still some, but overall, she was more like earnest.)

    Maybe it’s the archetype characters that she’s been playing that people dislike or maybe it’s just purely her voice. Either way, I think her acting skills are there and if people can overlook her voice, then she’s great.

  3. Out of all the teasers iQiyi released yesterday this one was easily the best. The music, cinematography, costumes, sets, action and acting everything was brilliantly put together. It almost has horror vibes crossed with the thriller elements. Its sexy and dangerous just like the synopsis indicated. Yu Shuxin has always been a good actress even in minor roles and her voice modulation tends to be on the cutesy side as directed by the production but its never been annoying. In LBFAD she used her normal voice during the soul swap scenes and the contrast between the two voices and characters were excellent. LBFAD is a masterpiece in every way and YSX truly carried her character’s growth and sacrifice perfectly. She never slacks as an actress and has an eye for scripts and characters. She’s somewhat Suzy of Cdrama, an actress everyone likes to underestimate. YSX has a massive range that’s completely unexplored because the girl only started doing lead roles 3 years ago and has only done a handful of dramas as a female lead. This is drama will an excellent contrast to her past roles but I’m also excited for her bright and plucky character in Sword and Fairy. If Black Lotus Manual goes through it sounds like another fun and upbeat drama for her filmography.

  4. No, that’s not her real voice I swear I’ve heard that voice, sounds like Zhenhuan but I’m not sure. Her real normal voice is actually a bit hard to find because even in bts and variety shows she likes to act cute but even then it’s not close to the voice in the trailer.

    Btw the trailer looks so good!! Makes me want to watch it.

    • it’s her voice. If you’ve ever watched Love Between Fairy and Devil, her voice here is basically her when she was Dong Fang Qing Cang (but less angry lol)
      I like Esther Yu but I am not yet sold on her as an actress yet

  5. It is her real voice in the trailer. She’s purposely doing a lower pitch to befit the character. Her natural voice is also kind of pitchy especially when she’s laughing and joking around lol. I’ve watched her in Youth With You 2, and she’s hilarious.

  6. That is her real voice ❤️ I love her yes she is cute and funny person but she is passionate towards her acting she can act and sound like the character which she choose to perform 😊 I have seen being sounding serious in her music video of youth with you 2. She is a positive and happy person ❤️ she even got the complement from lalisa manoban(blackpink) ❤️ she is the best ✨ loved this trailer 😍 eagerly waiting for this drama 🥺 she is so versatile from being cute to serious 🥺❤️

  7. The person who made this teaser is a top professional, no doubt about it!
    Also, that is definitely Dongfang Qincang’s voice in Xiao Lanhua’s body!

  8. Waiting patiently for this one. I’ve seen a few of Yu Shu Xin’s dramas besides LBFAD and the lady can act! Paired with ZLH, and the dark theme. 🔥🔥🔥

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