Tencent Drops New Teaser Poster for Romance Drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai Getting Closer

I thought I could watch my fave bae boy Wu Lei read from a phone book so either his recent C-drama Nothing But You was worse than that so my limit is not as low as I thought lol. But I’m still excited for his next drama the billiards themed romance Amidst a Snowstorm of Love which sounds so corny but goodness are the promos so shivery good with how the two leads are shooting chemistry every which way. A tiny bit of wariness is over the source novel by Mo Bao Fei Bo whose other novel Road Home was recently aired as the slow but pretty same name drama with Jing Bo Ran and Tan Song Yun. I hope Snowstorm is a whole lot more interesting in conflict and OTP interactions.


Tencent Drops New Teaser Poster for Romance Drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai Getting Closer — 20 Comments

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  2. Road Home essentially had no plot, that was the biggest problem. They get together, she grinned her way through the show and that was that. Oh it did have that horrible father plotline that made me homicidal. Way to go to dismiss lifelong abuse as a no big deal. I have no idea how I managed to finish that.

    As long as this one actually has something going on in terms of proper plot, it is already several steps up.

    • Yea, the plot was non-existing but the worst part was the lack of chemistry. Like, how are you expecting audience to watch nothing on screen if the OTP doesn’t fill the void with their explosive chemistry? Give the audience something to do like squeal, if you can’t provide any storyline to pay attention. I wonder if they don’t do table read in China? Do they just think, “oh, two majorly liked actor and actress together, it’ll work”? Epic fail.

      • I find her very hit and miss when it comes to chemistry. For me too, they didn’t have any either, I agree. I have never heard of any table reads of this type in China so yes, they probably do just put big names together. This whole show was a miss on multiple levels.

      • In China? Lmao. As if there were not inconsistent productions all over the world. Consider yourself lucky you didn’t see the horrors from Western I did.

    • I only watch it because the Jing Bo Ran was looking hot. I liked the scenes where they were in countryside with the snow.

      I don’t think Tan Song Yun suits intimate scenes like kissing, it felt awkward.

      • Oh her kissing scenes are really not good. JBR is a pro and it still wasn’t good. I remember in the love O2O movie, he rocked that elevator with Angelababy so I had such high hopes. And it turned out to be a dud.

    • Felt like 50% of Road Home was just silent glares, flash backs, and just the male lead’s job ad as a special police officer… like as of if the drama was advertising the job to viewers…. just sayin’

    • Me too! For me not because of the age gap. For some reason, I felt something missing from the plot and also the chemistry was not there for both of them. I watched couple episodes, but gave up 🙂

      • You also don’t like to watch dramas in which the men are older than the women?

    • Me three! It just didn’t appeal to me… strange because I thought he was brilliant in Love Like The Galaxy.

    • Initially I didn’t want to watch it maybe becoz of the brother sister love relationship. I persevere coz I like WL a lot and I love it! Their acting is really worth it, story line is good and something that we can reckon with in our daily life.

  3. I liked the source material for The Road Home. The problem, one that plagues too many cdramas imo, is the way they drag the drama out much longer than a simple story like ARH can sustain.

  4. I thought nothing but you was sweet and mature. Nothing more but also nothing less. About this, the source novel is lovely and the two leads are picture perfect for the characters they’re going to portray. The thing with this writer is that her romances are more character and growth driven rather than plot driven, so it might feel slow and boring for some, but i enjoy her work.

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