Period Rom-com Vibes Splash All Over the First Trailer for C-drama Destined with Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi

Perhaps the production of Till the End of the Moon used up all the fake blood allotment in the industry because I don’t see a drop of it in the first teaser for Destined (Chang Feng Du). All joking aside, the drama is absolutely the opposite of those angtsy, destined to love or die together period dramas , it’s like a K-drama rom-com of opposites attract, bickering, forced marriage all smushed into the period setting and goodness does it look A-dorable with a capital A. It stars Bai Jing Ting as a rich ne’er do well and Song Yi as the plucky industrious young woman who he marries and falls in love with so he turns his life around. Have I said how awesome the first preview is? Just watch and enjoy, these two are sparking Allen RenBai Lu from One and Only level of natural chemistry to repeat again in a different modern lifetime, but without the rocks fall down ending haha.

Teaser for Destined:


Period Rom-com Vibes Splash All Over the First Trailer for C-drama Destined with Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi — 18 Comments

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  2. From the trailer I see a similar vibes and even setting with BJT’s other drama, New Life Begin. This drama’s CP is real life CP who have been dating before the drama started filming.

  3. It looks fun and cute..and the vibe is somehow close to new life begins which was also a lighthearted little show..well I couldn’t really get myself into one and only but this has me interested.

  4. Female lead is too matured. It feels like she is teaching her kid not to be spoilt. And the spoiler didn’t entice us to want to watch. We were anticipating better outcome from it. Not great for now. Will see when drama is aired

  5. One of my most anticipated drama for this year. Absolutely love Bai Jing Ting. As for Song Yi, it will be my first time watching her (expecting a lot since she has been cast alongside Luo Yunxi)

  6. Is it just me? But I noticed that a LOT of mainland Chinese male actors look like high school boys or just pretty. Bai Jing Ting is of that quality.

    It is rare to see actors who are old fashion handsome and are visually masculine. I can only think of 2 who are that, namely HuGe, and Wang Kai.

    Others just look starved, scrawny, almost boyish in appearance. Maybe a cultural thing? I just don’t understand the visual appeal. 😕

    • I don’t mind, I love my flowery boys anyway…but if you’re looking for men with more ‘masculine’ features, you also have Li Xian (Go Go Squid, Meet Yourself), Chen Xingxu (The Starry Love) or even Chen Xiao (A Dream of Splendor, The Ingenious One)

    • If you don’t like it, you should focus on actors who are not pretty boys. It’s not like the world is going to submit to what you want to see 😂

    • Does the appeal have to be liked by you for it to be good or correct? You are like this: “If I don’t like it, nobody has to like it.” 😂

  7. I dropped New Life Begins because I found the romance part to be terrible and then he married another woman. From the spoilers I read for the ending, it was a great decision.

    As I like BJT a lot, hopefully this one is better in the romance department.

    • Yes, that was a fun plot twist. The other woman turns out to be a master strategist and the catalyst for women empowerment.
      Overall the drama theme is more into women empowerment rather than romance.

  8. I read the novel and this one actually very different from life begin. Its a novel full of suffering and tragedy.

  9. I really enjoyed New Life Begins, and this looks very similar. Will check this out, as so far BJT didn’t disappoint me with his dramas and acting.

  10. The actors cast in this drama have relatively flat and plain features and it makes the drama look very substandard for some reason. I also think the lack of appropriate lighting accentuates this (and vice versa) and the whole picture just looks like it’s got no depth.

    • Not his fan but I feel his acting somehow makes up his ordinary looks. Nonetheless, he should work a bit more on his lines. I had trouble understanding his murmurs without reading Chinese subtitles. Sometimes it felt like he’s talking to himself.

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