More Sightings of C-drama Destined Costars Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi Dating in Real Life Has Fans Wondering if They Will Go Public

This Saturday is May 20th which is another Chinese Valentine’s Day of sorts because 5-2-0 sounds like I love you in Mandarin. C-netizens are discussing a rumor that period romance C-drama Destined (Chang Feng Du) costars Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi may go public with their real life relationship on that day. Recently the couple were spotted in a dating only type situation – he went to her apartment with a big bag of food when she was out working and left ten minutes later in a different outfit and without the takeout. It indicates he brought his honey yummy food, could enter her place when she was not there, and also could change clothes in her place because he left clothes there. Dating or not the chemistry is totally there in the first trailer for Destined and if they are dating sending well wishes for a happy relationship.

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Dating Rumors for Upcoming Period C-drama Chang Feng Du Leads Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi Caught Going Home Together and Also Dining with His Dad

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C-netizens Look Forward to 2023 Dramas with Period Romance Chang Feng Du Starring Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi High on List Due to Director Yin Tao’s Quality Track Record

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Xiao Zhan, Dylan Wang, and Crystal Liu Top the 2022 Actor During Drama Airing Baidu Search Rankings

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Cheng Yi and Zhao Lu Si to Pair Up for Xianxia Drama Hidden Gods Which is the Sequel to Ancient Love Poetry with Xu Kai and Zhou Yu Tong

Two of this summer 2022 hit C-dramas will be coupled up for a forthcoming xianxia drama adapted from a novel. It’s called Hidden Gods (神隐 Shen Yin) and is the sequel to the novel and drama Ancient Love Poetry which … Continue reading