Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi Wrap Filming for Tang Dynasty Investigative Drama Follow Your Heart

Currently airing period drama The Legend of Zhuohua is not a bad story but C-netizens are crapping all over how old and visually unappealing Feng Shao Feng looks and feeling bad for Jing Tian and it’s just not a happy watch. But the story of a cold on the outside and kind on the inside royal male lead and a whip smart girl boss trying to solve crimes together is a great combo and we’re getting that also in upcoming C-drama Follow Your Heart. Starring Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi, the drama wrapped filming this week and will likely be a summer 2024 show at the earliest. And hopefully the visuals of these two together won’t rub viewers the wrong way and we can see a fun drama with good chemistry.

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Dating Rumors for Upcoming Period C-drama Chang Feng Du Leads Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi Caught Going Home Together and Also Dining with His Dad

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C-netizens Look Forward to 2023 Dramas with Period Romance Chang Feng Du Starring Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi High on List Due to Director Yin Tao’s Quality Track Record

It’s rare in C-ent to have a drama get more attention for the director than the stars at the outset and that’s the track record to date for Director Yin Tao, who one after another keeps directing hits. Starring The … Continue reading