BH Entertainment Takes its Incredible Roster of Lead Actors and Actresses on Company Trip to Danang

Some agencies wax and wane in strength but Lee Byung Hun‘s own agency BH Entertainment since it’s launch has been a powerhouse. He’s gotten top actors and actresses and kept them, many of the stars remain loyal and for good reason. Despite having stars who ostensibly ought to be competing with one another for the same type of roles, the agency has developed each career seemingly at no detriment to the same agency stars. It’s also quite cute to see so many A-listers just being normies and having a fun trip on the company, Kim Go Eun and Han Ji Min‘s hug above is girlfriend level goals.


BH Entertainment Takes its Incredible Roster of Lead Actors and Actresses on Company Trip to Danang — 15 Comments

  1. Nice management to get them all to clear their schedule tp have this get together.

    I do wonder if the manager and staff were also with them?

    And lastly I am surprised to See Go Soo and Jung Woo. It flew under me their signing with BHent.

  2. They take care of their actors and hone their acting skills. I think reason why the stars are staying. Seems the stars are also friends not only colleagues.

    • LBH is apparently the one who arranged and paid for the whole trip. It cost over 100 million won as per the reports. Mostly people in BH entertainment joined the agency for him since he founded the agency and they stay for him. He may be Lee Santa but the industry loves him and actors rever him.

      • I’ve always thought that short of criminal activity, people need to butt out of the private lives of actors. I don’t really care if he cheats on his wife as it’s not my business.

      • @Rina It’s called basic human decency. “Disinterest” is a way to protect oppas when they engage in questionable behavior. Murderers and rapists also commit crimes in their private lives, if we use your logic, let’s ignore it 😂

      • I don’t think it’s fair to say that the actors join/stay with BH Ent strictly for LBH. BH Ent was established a long time and it grew beyond just being about LBH. Even if LBH were to retire tommorow, a lot of actors would still want to join it ’cause it’s a big agency that has partnerships with overseas companies. I agree with your last sentence tho.

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