Meta+Survey Poll of K-netizens in 2023 Picks Kim Yoo Jung, Shin Se Kyung, and Son Ye Jin as Prettiest Actresses of Their Age Group

Another year another poll and this one splits the stars up into age groups to be more fair. A Meta+Survey poll of K-netizens asked who was the prettiest K-actress in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s and here are the results. Kim Yoo Jung leads the prettiest actress in the 20’s decade with 42.8% of the vote with second place to Go Yoon Jung at 23%, after that it’s Moon Ga Young, Kim Da Mi, and Cho Yi Hyun. For the 30-something ladies, Shin Se Kyung has a slim lead in first with 25.7% over second place Han Hyo Joo at 23%, then comes Kim Tae Ri, Seo Hyun Jin, and Park Shin Hye. In the 40’s actresses decade it’s Son Ye Jin with 24.6% in first over Kim Hee Sun with 21%, then Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, and Han Ga In in that order. All I can say is K-ent has a surfeit of gorgeous actresses in any and all age groups.


Meta+Survey Poll of K-netizens in 2023 Picks Kim Yoo Jung, Shin Se Kyung, and Son Ye Jin as Prettiest Actresses of Their Age Group — 35 Comments

  1. This is basically a MCQ with 5 options to chose from. There are far prettier actresses than the ones mentioned and imagine not having THE Kim Tae Hee in the list. Ridiculous and makes the whole list invalid.

    • All of them have above-average appearances enhanced with makeup. Not to mention plastic surgery.

      There are no distinctive features between them. South Korean artists have no diversity in looks.

      • filters as well. just like one the young actresses in the list. i noticed that her agency always smoothed up the shape and slimmed down her face to be much more smaller as compared to the raw photos from the journalists. she’s undeniably pretty but still, which such filters, she became waaaay more pretty..which is so misleading. for me, the really pretty one are all from the older generation. just look at photos during their 20s like son yejin. goshh.. she’s soooo pretty.

      • Agreed. No diversity to their looks. All the same ps with the same features, whitewashing, filters, lighting, heavily caked makeup. And it’s getting worse with the younger gen and their mediocre talent.
        And pls syj prettier than jun ji hyun and han ga in? And even song hye kyo? Gimme a break. I used to think kim tae hee plain but saw some stills from her script reading with Im Ji Yeon and shes glowing, 100x prettier and looks younger than ijy too. Strange She’s not on this list.

      • @Anne.the resident Son ye jin hater having her bitter ass exposed again and crying and throwing up at a simple poll just because syj won is a sight to behold.

        Acting like a koreaboo thinking her opinion matters more than the one present in the sample size.

      • Anne urf ezra urf salty songhyekyo fan how about you ask meta survey to conduct poll in koalasplayground,so you can vote for your actress,girl stop hiding behind kth,you are so obvious
        Koreans choose sonyejin as the most prettiest actress in 40 yro actresses,keep crying 💩

    • exactly my thoughts as well. i also personally think that kim tae hee should be listed. she’s literally one of the prettiest actress among the WHOLE generations. other than that, even though han so hee’s beauty isn’t my type, but she’s been hyped to have a pretty visual till now. but her name’s missing from the lists made me thinking that there might be only 5 options to choose from.

    • LOL. It’s just a survey.
      Why is it a big deal. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let them choose who they want. They are all pretty. Even those who are not mentioned.

    • So your preference doesn’t end up here it means the list is invalid? Ijbol. It’s a survey fgs that too done over a wide age range. You don’t have to accept or reject it, it’s just what majority of them chose from the sample size.

    • Ezra who changed her name to Anne a long term sonyejin hater and songhyekyo lover(easy tocheck her past comments)who says I don’t care about SonYejin but never miss a chance to bark,knetz think SonYejin is the most prettiest actress in the age of 40 years old actress,go beg knetz to change their decision if it’s possible for you rather than crying here using kth as a reason behind you being salty lol,they being living in the same country can notice the difference between actresses aging gracefully and who hide behind filters,well I do agree kth is beautiful

  2. At the risk of sounding salty, I don’t think this poll proves anything. It just means a sample size of people think the above are the prettiest. I mean, Kim Tae Hee and Han So Hee weren’t mentioned, but no one can deny the whole of korea consider them two of the most beautiful actresses, especially Kim Tae Hee who is forever their gold standard for beauty. Again, call me butthurt or salty, I don’t care, that’s just a fact.

    Also, Kim Da Mi? Seriously? 😂 She’s included but not the actresses koreans actually consider to be goddesses like Suzy, Kim So Hyun, and Yoona?
    lol Seo Hyun Jin isn’t that beautiful either. Sorry, can’t take this poll seriously 😂😂😂

  3. Only agree with shin se kyung, kim tae ri, song hye kyo, han ga in, kim hee sun, jun ji hyun, han hyo joo, and son ye jin. for the younger actresses, I would’ve chosen different actresses. this poll proves to me that the older batch of actresses are still more beautiful because i don’t agree with the younger actresses mentioned. in my opinion, they’re more cute than beautiful.
    but then again, it’s just my opinion and beauty is very subjective, after all

  4. LMAO No Han So Hee when koreans are literally crazy for her visuals? How can you explain that? But eh, it’s a poll of a small group of people, I don’t think it’s a representative of what majority thinks lol

  5. How old is Han so hee?? She isnt on the list but kim dami? No offense, really but really??? Suzy???? Nana? Go ara? Kim taehee? I mean.. well… the hype about their appearances were no joke. Yet they didn’t make it to the top 5.

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  7. I agree with the results. Except with Go Young-Jun and Cho Yi-Hyun who are overrated as actresses and they don’t shine at all on their pictures…

  8. The MetaSurvey widget allows for open type answers not just multiple choice. The unexpected names in the list makes me think it was an open answer survey.

    And again just because who you like isn’t there doesn’t make the list invalid. Standards of beauty change and people’s looks change as they get older. Personally I never found KTH to be a great beauty. She’s pretty enough I guess when she was young but now that she’s in her 40s, 🤷‍♀️

  9. It’s a survey , which means a list of a few names to chose from . Theses ladies are beautiful but there are actresses who are prettier ( Lee Elijah, Jang hee Jin, Han Go Eun, Kim So Hyun, Soo Ae, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Go Eun, Park Eun Bin, …) . And where is the group of the ones in their 50’s .After 50 years a woman can’t be beautiful , Jun Do Yun, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hee Ae, Jin Kyung , Bae Jong Ok,…

    • I’m only surprised at PSH, MGY, and KDM on that list because they aren’t known for their beauty & they don’t really represent as Korean beauty standards. All others I have seen them being constantly praised by netizens and appear often on similar articles.

  10. If we talk about appearance only, I think the prettiest is Kim Yoo Jung. She’s already pretty since a child. And Go Youn Jung also really pretty. That’s all I can say though. Because I view actors from their acting, not their looks. I only watch KYJ in her child roles like Dong Yi, Moon Embraces Sun, and GYJ in AoS ( that made me pull my hair because after terrific role in S1, they turned her as damsel in distress smh).
    Oh, and in older category, I feel SHK’s beauty is not like her younger days. It feels stiff. Maybe because most of her captured smiles not reaching her eyes.

  11. if this survey is an open type of answers like some claims, by using this logic then, the probability of han sohee and kim tahee to be choosed in the lists are so high coz they’re so popular in SK and known with their beauty, while some of the no name unpopular actresses would not even enter the lists. but I’m not taking this lists so seriously tbh, because it just from a small sample size of 300 peoples. and if you add all of the percentage, they almost reach 100%. my take is the rest of the remaining percentage are the missing data. it’s impossible for the participants to coincidentally end up with 5 lists only because there are so many korean actresses out there. everyone has a probability to be selected.

    • Your assumption doesn’t matter when the same size of sample was also asked abt their favourite ggs in korea right now.

      • and your main point is what exactly? my point is the survey isn’t an open ended questions coz otherwise, snsd, bp and twice would enter the list for the ggs 🤷‍♀️.

      • Well they were asked about 4th gen girl grps. I didn’t see nmixx which is a jyp grp or stayc there

        Going by your logic i guess you will doubt Gallup too as snsd and twice do not rank there anymore

      • @he he

        lol. the question is general in the survey. there’s no specification that said you’ve to choose from 4th gen gg 🤣 nmixx and stayc isn’t in the list proves my assumption more. gallup is gallup. it’s an another story and has different criteria. i wouldn’t entertain u anymore. your argument always doesn’t make sense.

  12. God forbid a segment of Kfans have a different opinion on beauty than Koala commenters who like to think they know Kfan preferences so much just because they read kdrama blogs. And please Anne isn’t exactly subtle with how much she hates Son Yejin that even if her name always comes up in Kforums and online communities as one of the prettiest of her generations she will still find a way to dismiss her.

  13. Anne urf ezra a songhyekyo fan stop hiding behind kth name
    I mean all the fools here think it’s invalid because their * overly filtered* bias who made a career out of it is in 4th place 🤣
    It’s a Korean poll,go beg them to change their decision may be

  14. I don’t find Kim Tae Hee pretty. I’ve always been bothered with her mouth. It looks like her veneers is too big for her, she looks like she have a constant mouth piece

  15. I’m happy to see Kim Hee Sun on the list. She’ll forever be my favorite and the most beautiful Korean actress I’ve seen. Love her since her drama Tomato.

    I love Song Hye Kyo too, she is still as beautiful like in Autumn In My Heart.

    Everyone is beautiful.

    • Agree! Glad to see Kim Hee Sun too. Also, I think the reason why some names aren’t at the top even though they are wildly known to be beautiful is because they don’t have airing projects or are not in the news/public eye as much these days.

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