Netflix Premieres Sci-fi K-drama Black Knight to Mixed Reviews But #2 Worldwide in Streaming the First Weekend

I feel like K-dramas on Neflix has established legitimacy after the worldwide phenomenon of Squid Game two years ago plus the dearth of new streaming fare that any new K-drama that premieres on the platform has a shot of getting curiosity views the first weekend. Whether the viewers stay or more come on will depend on actual quality and recently premiered sci-fi K-drama Black Knight with Kim Woo Bin is off to a mixed start. This weekend it hit #2 on the worldwide streaming top 10 list just behind Bridgerton spinopff Queen Charlotte but the reviews have been mixed. The domestic reviews are mostly negative saying the drama has too much exposition, is slow and boring, while the international reviews are the drama delivers enough solid entertainment to be worth streaming.


Netflix Premieres Sci-fi K-drama Black Knight to Mixed Reviews But #2 Worldwide in Streaming the First Weekend — 7 Comments

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  2. It is not boring but not great either, Woo bin and son seung heon deliver, particularly woo bin who has incredible charisma and is strangely underutilized despite being the lead, the tru lead though is the younger character who is so generic and boring, I forgor his name, an anime type teenager who starts off as an underdog and then turns out to be very special. Ultimately the tennage cgaracter is the weakest point of the show and, I have to agree with the korean viewers, its most boring aspect.

    • I agree, the teen character parts are about as boring and generic as they come and the actor’s nothing great either. It’s exactly as you said, typical anime character “ordinary underdog turns out to be special” story.

      The drama gets about 70 percent more interesting when Kim Woobin or Esom are on the screen but there’s not enough of them, Woobin especially does a lot to elevate his part. I didn’t press play on this for the boring teen!

  3. I think it’s quite stale. I feel that international viewer is new with Korean show therefore it doesn’t feel the drag. I think the glory has also added a lot more viewer to Kdrama as a whole since I’ve seen many YouTuber does reaction for the series

  4. Loved Black Knight as always another great kdrama hope there will be a sequel excellent actors watched all 6 episodes altogether Korean actors always put their all into everything they do oh by the 5-8 a dreamboat ❤️

  5. Loved Woobin lots of charisma can see this getting better with hopefully more episodes. Wow this guy just gets better with age hope to see much more of him in future.

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