Wang Yibo’s Trip to LA for the Chanel Show Spawns Second Controversy After He Posts SNS Pic in Front of the Hollywood Sign Using iPhone But He’s the Official Redmi Phone Spokesperson

It’s pretty absurd at this point that having been in LA for all of two days that C-actor Wang Yibo manages to generate not one but two controversies already. I don’t think this is an actual controversy in that the brand itself is mad but more like yet another sign that Wang Yibo needs better handlers or at least pause before posting anything. The actor has been in LA for the Chanel trunk show and the day after he posted a picture on his SNS showing him in front of the Hollywood sign. He’s crouched down seemingly taking a picture on his phone himself and the controversy is that he’s using an iPhone but he’s the official spokesperson for the Chinese phone brand Redmi. It’s pretty given that spokespersons use the product in real life they get paid to shill for as the bare minimum, and in the past there have been stars getting grief for being a spokesperson for one brand and using the direct competitor in real life so this is nothing new. After getting called out, Wang Yibo immediately deleted the picture.


Wang Yibo’s Trip to LA for the Chanel Show Spawns Second Controversy After He Posts SNS Pic in Front of the Hollywood Sign Using iPhone But He’s the Official Redmi Phone Spokesperson — 22 Comments

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  2. Instantly reminded of kpop stars that have to be careful because they are samsung’s brand ambassador. Last time viral video of one of bts members searching for galaxy user in his concert lol.

  3. Now it feels like people will find reasons to nitpick him. The man can’t even breathe without people commenting that he’s doing it wrong.

  4. Maybe…he’s tired of being a celebrity and this is his way of telling the world he don’t care, so everyone leave him alone? there can’t be this much bad press for no reason. Just a thought. 😀

    • lol what a stupid excuse. If he didn’t give an F at all, maybe he shouldn’t take that ambassador offer in the first place

      • Who the hell said this was an excuse? This was called a thought. Just like everyone here, thinking their thoughts and typing away.

    • What nonsense. So the money he gets from them doesn’t make him tired but he is too tired to fulfil his part of the contract?

      Are you all equally desperately illiterate so this binds you to him?

  5. Hmm, I’m surprised why he did that though, it must not be in his contract that he had to use Redmi only or get a penalty. But prehaps that brand is not convenient in the states & you can’t get service, I don’t even know that brand at all or see it as an option to purchase. So it would make sense for him to rent out an Apple phone.

    Recent BTS member is on tour and he made it crystal clear regarding Samsung cell.

    • rent out or not, at least he shouldn’t post picture of him holding another brand instead of the one he’s promoting for.

      how long has he been in the industry for his pr team to mess up the most simple thing???

  6. He’s now an example of PR mess from illiteracy to whatever discredits his image. Perhaps it’s karma because there’re rumors that his team/agency has been running very negative campaigns against his former costar of the Untamed, Xiao Zhan, since 2020 by taking advantage of 227 and was even a mastermind behind 227. He’s still very popular in China though.

  7. This happened to Gal Gadot too. She was a Huawei ambassador and 1 time she was promoting their brand via 1 tweet, but she was caught that she posted that tweet using her iphone.

    In a very much watchful eye of the internet, celebs need to be very careful. Anything and everything can be seen, interpreted and made into an issue.

  8. LOL!! Just like during lenovo launching when he said he is using iPad or something along the line….lenovo didn’t extend the contract after. Let’s see about Redmi.

  9. I wonder why stars does bare minimum now, with how the competitive the industries is, wouldn’t it be better to satisfy the brand by really using it in real life? There are cases like this too in the past

  10. This isn’t the first for wang yibo. He was at a livestream for lenovo last year which he used to endorse and when asked a question, he said he uses iPad when traveling, or something to that effect. That was plain embarrassing, being out there to promote his brand LIVE and end up promoting a rival apple Ipad. His fans aggressively defended him saying he was tired of working late. I mean, it’s his job, he got paid for it. Lenovo did not renew btw. People here defending him, saying to leave him alone. Gosh, if it were a regular job and you keep messing up like this, won’t you likely get fired coz you didnt do your job properly? Why would the expectation be different? Everyone in that industry works hard like he does. He’s been in the news for all negative stuff and his agency doesn’t seem to do anything about it. Like, don’t they give him an assistant that thinks for him at least?

  11. Nobody should be surprised and this is not a small mistake no matter how much his fans try to make it so. But this is a man who said iPads are Lenovo, even repeated it after a prompt from a host. This isn’t any different. He is not a Lenovo sp now of course. Whether he is mentally incapable of comprehending what endorsements mean or he simply doesn’t care isn’t important, same result.

    If his fans are right and he doesn’t care, then that makes it worse. At least inability to comprehend would take it out of his hands. Not caring doesn’t make him cool. It makes him arrogant and entitled. That YH doesn’t control him strictly is truly surprising.

  12. seeing how his fans are writing out their “thoughts” to defend this guy, safe to say him and his fans are both equally stupid and brainless.

    Congratulations for liking stupid celeb!!!!

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