Shin Hye Sun Readies for Another Go-around in Poster and Stills for tvN Drama See You in My 19th Life

I think fantasy always sounds interesting on paper but the execution has been spotting in K-dramas. The Beauty Within was amazingly heartfelt but Doom at Your Service fell completely flat, just naming two from the opposite ends of the spectrum. tvN upcoming drama See You in My 19th Life takes the premise of a woman who remembers all her past lives reconnecting with a now grown man who was her childhood sweetheart in her previous life, in that they met as kids and then she died and now she’s back as a new person while he’s still alive, older and a lot more emotionally messed up. I was a little skeptical of Ahn Bo Hyun playing a wan and listless man but he looks fine in the first stills and there is the ever impressive Shin Hye Sun who has taken control of her career from second female lead to drama carrying first lead with such confidence and success. The drama sounds like it will bring me back to K-drama land when it premieres in early June.


Shin Hye Sun Readies for Another Go-around in Poster and Stills for tvN Drama See You in My 19th Life — 9 Comments

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  2. Agree i am an also skeptic bout him,but they still should give him a try bcoz its hye sun to be with!
    Well doom at service always become my fav!flat?it works on me

  3. Well there should be an age gap since its a reincarnation drama. The gap doesn’t look big so the 18th character must have died young.

    I wonder if Kdrama writers have figured out yet how to write a plausible reason why she is the only reincarnated person with memories of past lives.

    They always do a science fantasy concept but forget to put in any logic to the fantasy. Its fantasy but it shouldn’t be just dumped into the premise.

  4. I don’t think I survived more than 2 episodes with Doom but I also dropped The Beauty Within around the midway point. It wasn’t bad but just meandered a bit much for me. I do love this genre and usually will give these dramas a go but they fall apart pretty easily plot wise so I will probably wait until some of the reviews come out.

  5. I’ve actually enjoyed most of her projects since she’s taken on lead status, so I will trust that she picked a good script and give this a shot 🙂

  6. I’m excited and slightly apprehensive how they’re gonna adapt the webtoon and fit the story in 12 eps. there is indeed one part in the latter stage of the webtoon that i’d prefer be skipped (I won’t put that in here as spoilers, but somewhere around ch90-100). but it certainly answers a lot of “whys/hows”.

    well, as a big SHS fan, i feel like I’m going to love this just for her mere presence.

  7. Absolutely love SHS and am so glad she’s back on my screen! She has an eye for scripts and has range. ABH is the one I’m unsure about, he’s not managed to wow me in any of his prior work.

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