C-ent Gossip Says Story of Kunning Palace was Pulled Off Air Last Minute Due to Government Crackdown on Supporting Male Lead Zhou Jun Wei’s Posting of White Paper During the End of Pandemic Protests in 2022

Okay, if this is true then peeps don’t expect to see this C-drama anytime soon. Period revenge and romance drama Story of Kunning Palace was scheduled for a May 19th premiered but the production announced two hours before the release time that it was suddenly being postponed due to “technical difficulties”. The reason that most C-ent is postulating related to supporting male lead Zhou Jun Wei and his posting of a blank piece of white paper at the end of 2022 during the pandemic ending protests in Mainland China. It was a sign that the people were being silenced but still indicating their objection. His SNS accounts were de-activated by the platforms shortly thereafter, a sign that the government ordered him being silenced. He hasn’t been cast in a C-drama since though he did film a cameo for The Legend of Shen Li, but for this drama he has a major role that can’t be just cut. So I’m guessing this drama will air either when the government is done punishing anyone who spoke out or the production re-films his scenes.


C-ent Gossip Says Story of Kunning Palace was Pulled Off Air Last Minute Due to Government Crackdown on Supporting Male Lead Zhou Jun Wei’s Posting of White Paper During the End of Pandemic Protests in 2022 — 36 Comments

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    • To be fair, that guy has Canadian citizenship. So it’s just kind of mind-boggling why he chose to work in China when he can live and work elsewhere.

      • He can live anywhere but working anywhere as an actor? As an asian he had a much better chance to make it in China than Canada surely.

      • @Guest Well, not anymore now. Anyway, if you want to work in another country, you play by that country’s rules.

  2. Such a nasty punishment. Pulling the whole show down just because of one person’s actions… trying to send a signal to others perhaps: one bad apple, the whole tree gets chopped.

    Freedom of speech is such a privilege.

    • I see nothing wrong with it. You want to earn money there, you follow its rules. The production team and iQiyi had so much time to edit the guy out, but they didn’t do so.

      • So if you’re making money in a country that was pushing homophobic agenda, even if you’re gay, you should just shuddap and not say anything?

      • @Coralie Isn’t that to be expected? Animals also seek out habitable environments to live in. I don’t see why a person will want to live in a hostile environment unless he wants to overthrow that country’s leader, and if that’s the case, retaliation should be expected, no?

      • “You earn money there, you follow its rules.” LOL Such a strong argument. For regular people who earn money, if we get pushed around and mistreated, we should just keep following the rules I guess??? That’s how riots start and people start resisting. There are so many rules in this Industry yet Chinese producers keep wanting to waste their money and hiring people who break rules, pretty idiotic.

      • @neen If a regular person goes against his company boss, he gets fired for insubordination.

        And to be fair, that guy’s problematic issue happened only after they filmed the drama.

      • If you are doing something unethical in the company, of course, you get fired. However, what if you are mistreated or discriminated? You just sit silently or get fired? Hm, no wonder Asians get the reputation as pushovers, if this is the mindset.

        They take a year or more in post production for Cdramas, yet they mess up and can’t cut out these scenes before its aired? Serious? they seem so on top of things all the time, stop making excuses.

      • @neen If you cause your company to lose profits or damage its reputation, you’ll get fired too. Was he mistreated or discriminated? He was happily earning lots of money as a celebrity and probably earned more than you.
        And who’s making excuses? I did mentioned them not editing this guy out in the first place?

      • I think my issue with your argument is that a country can act however it wants as long as the leader likes it so. But the “company” is built on the backs of its citizens and need to hold itself accountable for their wellbeing. It’s okay to fire a few people off for dissing the “company,” but what does that do for company morale? If enough people stand up and quit at the same time, the company will be in deep cuckoo. And the way the company is cracking down on dissenters is pushing itself towards internal implosion – they’ll squash it over and over, but it’ll rise again. They always do.

      • @Coralie Are you referring to the protests or just Zhou Junwei himself? Or the production team and iQiyi? There is a difference between regular people, public figures and profit-making companies.

    • Woah, bad apple? For fighting for oppressed people/voices in a very NON violent way.

      I get that it is China and all, but you don’t have to label him as such.
      What he did was trivial and easily pushed back the the government (like so many other before him), and it was detrimental to him and the people he worked with BUT it was to speak for the silenced and oppressed.
      Bad choice to make in a very dictatorial government. But He is not a bad apple (in this instance).

      • Second! He’s too naive and unfortunate.

      • Trivial? Denying Japanese violent occupation of China is trivial? Interesting.

      • @Lol that suffered identity theft…wait, he is getting punished for protesting or denying Japanese violent occupation of China?? If he’s denying Japan’s occupation I would assume he’s been canceled long ago, how the hell is he still making dramas? That got passed the government?

      • @neen

        People started defending him and then cnetz started digging and found that, it wasn’t that known before. He severely downplayed the war, called China and Japan just conflicted parties, putting them on the same level, like Japan didn’t invade China and then committed all the atrocities that they did. They can’t really cancel him because he can get away with spinning that into I was misunderstood. Even though it is pretty clear to everyone what he meant.

      • @lol, talking about Chinese casualties in WWII under Japanese occupation??? Why not talking about Chinese casualties in the Chinese civil war and also the Culture Revolution as well? The CCP is a much worse enemy to Chinese people than the Japanese are. The Chinese government has killed way more people of their own country than any foreign forces. That’s an undeniable historical fact.

        Every time the CCP found their egregious regime being challenged, the party would drag some unfortunate celebrities into the mud as scapegoats and blame either the US or Japan along the line. Brainwashed Chinese people did nothing smart to tell their government’s lies but rather positioned themselves as rabid mouthpieces for the regime. Poor people!

    • Woah bad apple?
      For speaking for the oppressed/silenced people in a NON violent way?

      Bad choice to make in dictatorial China. His choice was ineffective against the government and it was detrimental to him and to people he worked with but he was speaking up for the silenced.

      He is not a bad apple (in this instance)

      • Talking about Chinese casualties in WWII? Why not talking about Chinese casualties in the civil war and the Culture Revolution as well? The CCP is a much worse enemy to Chinese people than the Japanese are.

  3. Ok. You’ve got an autocratic regime of which the leaders and top officials are so insecure that any slight deviation from their central policies and state propaganda will definitely trigger their anxiety and overreactions. All people in that country, celebrities included, must realize where they live and work as well as whom they are actually dealing with could put their careers and even lives in jeopardy anytime. No exceptions other than the one who seized the power. ZJW must have been too naive to realize the cruel reality! Such a bummer for the production team!

  4. Not only SoKP, Xiao Zhan’s drama, Where Dreams Begin, was said to premiere on 5/21 (although never officially announced), but was also put off indefinitely. Rumors said that the cancellation also had to do with the crackdown. I hope this isn’t true.

    • Not surprised that you conveniently left out a bunch of other dramas and variety shows that were officially announced to be postponed. For someone who zealously claimed to be a XZ fan, you sure love associating negative issues to him.

      • I don’t follow dramas of other C celebrities because I’m not their fans. I’m sure you’ve got mental problems and need to be checked by a professional psychiatrist !!! For someone who keeps stalking and harassing me, I have no kind words to return. Besides, your peculiar behavior is not foreign among rabid Chinese netizens. Your culture is entirely twisted by the egregious regime so that you take it for granted to bully people online. You fits the world inside China’s firewall better than outside. Go see a doctor or move back to China! Geeeeeezzzz. SMH

      • @Psychopath Lol~ You claimed not to follow other dramas yet still can post in their articles here about dropping those dramas~ Yeah right. *roll eyes*

        The behaviour you had exhibited here is more extreme than your so-called rabid C-netz. If you hate Chinese culture so much, then stop consuming Chinese entertainment all together. Unless, you are just using the identity of certain celebrities’ fan as a cover to bash and hate on anything related to the Chinese. And geez…how can I “move back to China” when I’m not even born there lol?

      • I don’t follow other C celebrities. So why am I supposed to know what happened to their dramas? What I said was based upon some speculation online coming from a fan site merely dedicated to him? XFX are all over that fan site and nobody accuses the site owner of what you accused me of. LOL. I really think you’ve got some mental problems! Stop stalking and harassing me. If you can’t stop exercising your wild mental gymnastics to accuse me of what I haven’t done, then go see a doctor!

      • @Psychopath You said it, it’s a fan site dedicated to him. They didn’t go around posting on articles unrelated to him. Get this into your mind, I WILL call you out each time I see you doing this again and using him as a cover to post hate here.

      • @lunatic, You apparently have anger issues and don’t know how to handle different opinions from yours. That’s why your psyche is questionable. I won’t bother to knock any senses into you as if Chinese saying that playing zither (or piano or any instrument) to a cow! 對牛彈琴!!! Go ahead trail me as flies being attracted to sugar. LOL. It won’t hurt me anything. I’m actually quite entertained by a rabid keyboard pest like you. LMAO

      • @Lunatic, I’m sure you have trouble reading the lines! I don’t follow dramas of other celebrities but I do follow Koala. So of course I checked and read almost all her posts, even I’m not a fan of the celebrities she covered in the threads. Is that a problem? That’s how normal people will do when visiting a blogger’s page they like, unlike some bananas having no real life but with a fetish to engage in asinine fan wars.

  5. Anyway, Koala, I would like to recommend you to check out a recent good cdrama which I’ve just finished watching. It’s called The Ingenious One 云襄传 and it’s one of the well-made dramas released this year so far. It has elements of wuxia, wits and intrigue combined and the female lead’s character is so refreshing!

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