The Cast of Thriller K-movie The Childe Attend Press Conference Marking Return of K-actor Kim Sun Ho After 19 months

I always felt like the personal life scandal of K-actor Kim Sun Ho in October 2021 was overblown due to how he suddenly got so popular in the year prior and also his ardent fans promoting his good guy image Otherwise it’s not a law-breaking issue merely messiness in a prior romantic relationship and it’s not one that K-ent finds unforgivable. So now he’s back in The Childe, the one project that he didn’t drop after the scandal and finds him playing the antagonist chasing after rookie Kang Tae Joo with Go Ara and Kim Kang Woo rounding out the cast. The trailer and promos look fantastic and hews close to the K-movie unnerving style for dark thrillers.


The Cast of Thriller K-movie The Childe Attend Press Conference Marking Return of K-actor Kim Sun Ho After 19 months — 6 Comments

  1. Poor him and the devastating fans! wake up girls!
    Even every good guys dont had those imaginary image,they just naturally invisible!wkwkwk

    • Speaking as a fan of KSH since Strongest Deliveryman, I’m aware that him and all the other korean actors are just playing it up for the cameras and we truly don’t know what their real personality is. A lot of us are just fans of his acting and his works, I don’t really give a sh*t if he’s not a perfectly good guy or whatever as long as he’s not a criminal. I’m also aware that he doesn’t know I exist and I will never even dream of having him as a husband or whatever (that’s cringe, haha).
      It’s the annoying, immature stans, probably very young ones, who pedestalize him. Unfortunately, those type of fans are the loud minority, but a lot of us are just here to support him because we think he’s talented (and, okay, cute too lol). It sucks that we get lumped in with the delusional ones. I didn’t even participate in the whole Jipyeong vs Dosan thing back then. But then again, I’m an adult fan so there’s that lol

  2. Its difficult to forget the experience during StartUp, the way his fans treat the drama, especially Nam Joo Hyuk.

    • Gosh, that was beyond horrible. Still left a bitter taste in my mouth. how disrespectful they were. I liked KSH since Chief Kim but his so called-fans and all the brouhaha coming afterwards make me loss interest.

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