Song Joong Ki Attends Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2024 Menswear Collection Show as New Brand Ambassador

French couture house Louis Vuitton has debut a new menswear collection by new creative director the musician/record producer/designer Pharrell Williams taking over for Virgil Abloh. The Spring 2024 menswear fashion show this week in Paris was a mega star studded affair and by all accounts the collection was a roaring success from a high fashion perspective of course. K-actor Song Joong Ki was there as one of the new brand ambassadors and his blue and white windowpane check oversized suit with one crossed lapel just made him look like a kid playing dress up similar to his pictorial for the brand earlier this year. He looks so much better in tailored and fitted menswear and throwing him in chunky loose clothing looks like a mismatch of two great ingredients not meshing.


Song Joong Ki Attends Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2024 Menswear Collection Show as New Brand Ambassador — 9 Comments

  1. I think he looks good than most of the people present at the event. Louis Vuitton is all about wild fashion. I think he blends well with the theme rather than wearing fitted simple dress like Korean actors/actress do, playing safe.

    Actually there r many good pics all Vogue,Elle,…. All magazines have pics of him, just this article had this weird quality pics 😂😂😂

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who dislikes him in these oversized outfits….and the color is icky, too. Yes, I understand the idea of couture but I also think the clothes that were chosen for him in Reborn Rich were also very oversized and not particularly attractive. I think the guy standing next to him looks great in those clothes and has a very genuine smile.

  3. Someone who is only 175-176 cm tall like he is, doesn’t look too goid in oversized clothes. This looks really good on the model.

  4. He had good fits during his stint as Vincenzo Cassano. It would be good to see him in clothes suited to his frame. Slightly off-topic, but I’m reminded of his previous statement that had grown viral (re. his opinion about male actors who get married). While I admire his efforts to use English in interviews, he still needs practice. It might benefit him if he conducts other formal interviews in his native language where he can express himself comfortably.

    • Ya I also feel the same. Maybe his broken English leads to misunderstanding of the ans.

      This leads me to one more question ⁉️ do he not speak to his wife in English? If he used to then till now he must be like a native eng speaker.
      Do they talk in Italian or Korean?

      • I think he has not been speaking English long enough to speak fluently, even if he does speak it with his wife. Because how long have they been together, 2 years? That’s not enough time to be fluent.

        So yeah, I guess it will happen often that he gets misunderstood because he’s giving interviews in a language he’s not fluent in. It gives his haters an opportunity to hate on him more. But looks like he gives zero f$&@#, so good on him.

  5. That is an ugly suit on him – both style, fit & colors. I swear sometimes these designers purposely make these stars/models look like fools with these outrageous clothes. Isn’t the point of fashion is to make someone look better? I wonder if it scared him when he looked at himself in the mirror with that suit?

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