Korean Star Snaps – Revenge of the Long (Manner) Legs Part Deux

The occasional Korean manner leg picture comes my way and I always take note for my collection and for the chuckle. It never gets old as a moment when the camera pulls back and we see the proverbial wart, or widely splayed leg, behind the perfect facade presented by Korean entertainment. Returning stars from my first post on this topic are Kwang Soo and Gong Yoo, truly professional as required on a daily basis thanks to their extreme height even within K-ent. This round sees some ladies join the manner leg family, as well as new ways to manner leg including bending at the knees, the Shaolin stance, and doing the almost limbo backward. Enjoy the second helping of lulz!


Korean Star Snaps – Revenge of the Long (Manner) Legs Part Deux — 8 Comments

  1. But Gong Yoo’s reported height is only 184 cm. That is hardly “extreme height”. And I would bet he’s a bit shorter than that cause everyone lies in their bios.

    • I don’t think he lied. The fact it’s the stylists are women and the average height of South Korean women is around 1m61.

    • Kim Bum 1.8 Lee Dong Wook 1.84 watch tail of nine and you can see the two men speaking on the same eye level. Then of course Lee Gong Wook did Goblin with Gong Yoo. And they two stood at the same eye level. Ergo, did 3 different men lie to everyone. Logic with say not

      • Never trust the camera. Those behind the cameras know how to deal with height differences so they won’t look too extreme in the final shots.

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