Kim So Hyun in Talks to Join Park Bo Gum in Police Procedural Drama Good Boy

What great potential casting news at the right time to boot. K-actress Kim So Hyun just returned back to the small screen with tvN mystery romance My Lovely Liar (Useless Lies) with Minhyun but she’s now been offered her next project. It’s the drama Good Boy which has Park Bo Gum as the male lead so yeah this is quite a male lead step up acting experience wise. It’s the story about medal winning athletes joining the police special forces so it’s a pretty bare bones premise but with Park Bo Gum and now Kim So Hyun attached it’s clearly interesting enough to get their involvement. I can’t wait!


Kim So Hyun in Talks to Join Park Bo Gum in Police Procedural Drama Good Boy — 56 Comments

  1. Yes so much to this pairing. KSH needs to step away from newer actors – I think she’ll be able to maximize her abilities with established ones.

    • Finally she can focus on her acting and her own growth and let someone else worry about investors getting their returns. She deserves to have this awesomeness. Girl worked hard for years and built her own name despite always having terrible agencies who gave her bare minimum support and exploited her. She made herself relevant and stayed at the top through her own hard work.

    • Exactly! All of us already know she can carry her own dramas, she’s got nothing to prove anymore, so she doesn’t need to pair up with rookies anymore. Yes, she doesn’t need popular actors to carry a drama, but if her management wants to raise her to A-list status, they gotta increase the quality of the projects they give her. This one sounds great since it has two prestige stars in it — just exactly what she needs

  2. I know we’ve all been waiting for the PBG+KSH combination for almost a decade now so this news is a long time coming but its the Life On Mars writer+Beyond Evil PD that really makes this exciting! Plus the plot and OJS also potentially in talks is an A++++ combo. KSH truly deserves to finally play in the big leagues. A good script is what everyone has been wanting for years and finally we’ve arrived here after 15 years. Lets keep going forward!

    • Seriously I screamed when I saw the writer and director attached to this project even before realizing it was the drama with Park Bo Gum and Oh Jung Se. Twitter went beserk when this news broke as did Theqoo. Everything about this drama is a dream pairing. Beyond Evil PD is chefs kiss and Life On Mars was perfection. Kim So Hyun won’t have to carry an entire drama on her back for the first time ever.

    • Beyond evil + Life on Mars + A big co star = Happy for her and for me as i just love both drama . Yeo Jin Goo worked with Shin Ha Kyung in Beyond Evil !!! Still remember both at the MBC dramas awards in 2012 … and now she has a great opportunity too . 🎉🎉🎉

      • Same and I remember 2015 KBS Drama Awards too when Jin Goo approached So Hyun and Bo Gum after the award ceremony concluded. I love how these friends are about to work with the same director now. 😆

      • The collective happiness for this trifecta combination. We endured so much and finally we’re here.

    • This absolutely this. Even Knetz are talking about the combination of writer, director, plot and actors. This is what counts to make a truly high quality drama. Its not just putting two A list actors together and giving them subpar writers or director or plot. Its the whole package that needs to come together and this is that package. This is what KSH fans have been waiting for not just a male lead who is at par with her but the whole package. This writer and director combination is it. This is it.

    • Same, I’m just excited that Kim So Hyun has a new drama (and I heard that she’s working with a great director so that would be amazing).

  3. Shim Nayeon PD with Lee Daeil and underdogs detective who were former Olympic Athletes? Daebak. KSH you’ve finally made it to the high level Baeksang league. This is what she should have been doing post School 2015 but clearly age was a factor but now that she’s finally in her mid-20s its time to get serious and this is a great place to start. I’m also totally loving MLL but KSH is a real actress on par with SYJ and KTR so she deserves her high quality dramas and roles. Yes girl yes.

    • Age and her child actor background truly held KSH back from doing a vast number of genres but she has always been aware of that and her goal is to experiment with as many genres as possible. Dramas like Little Women and Revenant are genres that are 100% in line with her acting abilities and in the future she’ll be able to challenge herself to those roles too. The age from 16-22 was the hardest because she did mostly school dramas since it was the most age appropriate thing to do and historical romance dramas to have some variety because modern dramas had very limited roles for her. Her ambition is big and she’s only just starting out and 24 is the right age to begin.

  4. Now KSH is hitting the right buttons. Aside from the fact that it’ll be a wish granted on both KSH and PBG’s ends to be finally working with each other, I’m looking forward to her potential team-up with Shim PD. Since Baeksang 2021, I already had this gut feeling they’ll eventually work together but I didn’t expect it’d happen this sooner. I hope all of them will confirm, for everyone’s sanity!

  5. some info that i found abt the drama from twitter and mdl:

    1. it might be aired in Disney+ and will be produced by Studio&New

    2. there might be 5 athletes to form the Olympic Avengers: boxer, wrestler, fencer, shooter and athletic athlete? boxer will be bogum’s role. i guess this team will consist of 3 men and 2 women. probably sohyun is a shooter or fencer. meanwhile, based on the body build, oh jung se is either wrestler or shooter? hopefully they’ll release the full line up of the main role soon.

    btw, seeing the other casting news, i really wonder what will sohyun’s billing if they accept this. tbh, I’m not ready to see her in different billing other than 1st 😂 but i know with such genres and casts, she’ll not be the 1st bill in this drama. but this is a good project for her resume so I hope she’ll take this.

    and somehow, the vibe of this drama is similar with the uncanny counter but without the fantasy elements. will they include romance genre here? coz tbh, it would be such a waste if there is no bogumxsohyun pairing 🤣

    • Who cares about billing when you have Shim PD?! This is an ensemble drama like Hospital Playlist so billing makes no difference when everyone is a top star and dramas like this are all about acting growth because only the best of the best can work with directors like Shim PD. OJS will be the team leader most likely and not one of the 5 team members so I’m not sure he will be a wrestler. KSH might be a shooter since it’ll be faster for her to prepare for that sport but since this is an action comedy it’s going to be intense with the fight scenes and running so I’m guessing they’ll need a good 2-3 months of training. PBG is already in a running team with Sean so maybe he’ll need less time to prepare. Rather than Disney+ would be better if the drama goes to JTBC and simulcast on Netflix. Either ways it’ll definitely be a war for broadcasting rights. However, none of that matters what really matters is how will we wait till late 2024 for this to come? I want it now.

      • @buldak I’ve my reason why i mentioned abt billing which I’ve already stated in my post below. anyway i know it would be such a great things for her career to join a cast with such a solid actors, writer, and director, so i wouldn’t even mind if her role is only a supporting one. yes, i also think sohyun and other casts will be given a times to prepare for their role since this drama looks like full of actions. just wait patiently…but with the premises that they accept the offer 🤣

    • Billing is not important, our Sso finally has a drama of her caliber with co-stars, writer and director who are big stars and excellent. That is all matter only quality not silly things like billing. She has top billed many dramas now is time for her to enjoy high quality writing and directing. She will still get paid very high and more than her peers because this is big drama.

      • i already expected that there’ll be comments abt billing like billing is a silly things. well, as much as i agree to your comments about quality is more important (that’s why i hope so much that she’ll accept this), i don’t agree about the opinion of billing is a silly thing, especially in the ensamble cast that full of top actors. in certain aspects, billing shows how important your role is. and watchers may expect the amount of screentimes that the casts have from the billing. just look at the little woman, i don’t think that the 3rd billing actress has an equal screentimes with KGE. this is also true to the other dramas like sweet home and squid game which has several main roles. that’s why by knowing the billing, i may expect her amount of screentime in that drama. but don’t get me wrong, I’m not against her taking this project,and in fact, I’m ok if she’s the 3rd/4th/5th billing. it’s just that i need to familiarise myself because she always have the 1st billing in her other dramas.

      • I’m just curious lol.. while you sounds so sinophobic. in fact, knetz also cares abt billing. otherwise, ahn hyoseop wouldn’t be scolded so harshly by them for taking the 1st bill in hong chungi lol. only inetz doesn’t give a f**k abt billing. i noticed that many will get offended whenever someone mentioned or asking abt billing hahahha🤣 it looks like billing is such a sensitive topics among inetz 🤣 i mean, it just a billing? but ppls get offensive by this.

    • @fifi Don’t mind them, I understand your comment just fine. I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal out of your comments lol, you’re literally just saying you’re not used to KSH not having first billing if that happens, but you understand that’s how it is in ensemble dramas. People are acting like your throwing a tantrum that she won’t have the first billing lmao
      Also, people should stop being in denial, billing absolutely matters. Did everyone forget the Red Sky billing fiasco? lol

      • @naengmyun hahaha.. tbh, i already expected the strong response abt billing, since every time, i noticed that many ifans will react strongly whenever there is billing topics. like they’re the only one who dgaf abt it, and those who cares abt it has a bad mindset lol.. but it kind of hypocrite coz these peoples might be the first one to protest if their favs got lower billing than rookies.

  6. Park Bo-Gum was really good in Record of Youth but the drama itself was quite disapointing. So I have better hopes for this one.

    For KSH, she doesn’t look athletic enough for me, but it seems the producers don’t really care, Kim So-Hye as a boxer in My Lovely Boxer is the proof.

    Both actors are good, so at least no issue with the acting!

    • She can train to have a more athletic-looking body, actors do it all the time. She’s also already proven that she can do action scenes in River Where the Moon Rises and on a lesser extent, Bring it On Ghoart

    • KTR doesn’t look athletic either but she played a fencer and even in the drama both her and Bona just looked like skinny kids. KSH won’t be playing a wrestler or boxer and shooters don’t need to look athletic. Lots of dramas with shooters these days and none of them look athletic. Actors only need to be good at acting out a profession or role. They’ll all be trained anyways and talent will make up for the rest. At the end of the day her role is a police officer and lets be honest no actor actually looks like a cop. Especially YJG in BE was the hardest to digest but he still manage to play his role as required.

      • I don’t agree. KTR looks pretty athletic in Mr Sunshine and in 25-24, the both dramas she ran a lot.

        YJG looked like the young detective he was.

      • Running a lot isn’t defined as athletic. Go see what Cha Juwon and Yuzuru Hanyu look like and then we’ll talk about what athletic is. Don’t be a misogynist and try to define what an athlete is supposed to look like. Its wrong to define athletes as singular body type or anyone for that matter. It reeks of anti-feminist sentiment when people do that. Kim So Hyun looks as athletic as Kim Tae Ri or any other actor playing an athlete because its just acting and we all known how excellent Kim So Hyun is in nailing every single role.

      • It’s probably
        Best not to take Sayaris comments too
        Seriously. She always praise and defend parkbogum 2016 costar dramas like no other over
        the years but when it comes to Kim So Hyun, she generally give backhand compliments and or try to act neutral but always taking low key shots. Maybe she likes ksh too but very little in comparison. She is more critical towards ksh while fawning over the other girl in everything.

        And if you, sayaris respond to me. You can look up articles of your favorite and see your comments and compare it to your comments towards ksh. You can judge for yourself. I’m not responding back to you.

      • @Ashley Yeah, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve always noticed that too. When it comes to KSH, her comments are always something like this, “Well, I don’t think she’s perfect for the role but she’s good, so whatever”, if you know what I mean. Just very backhanded compliments, as you said. Never saw her comment a pure praise for KSH, there’s always a “but”. But when it comes to *that actress*, her comments are always, “She’s so beautiful!”, “She’s such a great actress!”, and etc etc., no buts or whatever, because that actress can’t do no wrong in her eyes. Which I get because KSH can do no wrong in my eyes either. But if she only wants to praise that actress and doesn’t want to praise KSH, she can just, you know, not comment instead of giving backhanded compliments to KSH lol

        Also, everyone else noticed that she doesn’t call out her co-fans when they’re being toxic bullies to other actresses? But say one unfavorable comment to her fave and she’s suddenly on a high horse talking about how everyone should stop being toxic and yadda yadda, lmao double standards is real 💀

    • I think KHS is a good actress but no I’m not a big fan. It looks like a crime here. I don’t understand why because she clearly has enough of fans so she will be good without me.

      KSH is more sending a homebody vibe than an athletic one for me. But it wasn’t against her but more the producers. I had the same issue with Weightlifting Fairy KBJ, I never could take seriously LSK in this role. I’m pretty sure it will be the same for Kim So-Hye as a boxer. It’s about to give the good energy. Kim So-Yeon is not athletic but she was great in Iris or her last drama. IU had good fights in Hotel del Luna but she was lacking energy to make it believable and it was more obvious with her thin figure.

      • If you’re not a fan then stop commenting on anything related to her. We don’t need your fake concern.

      • Funny you were saying KTR looked athletic in Mr sunshine when her body type is pretty much same as KSH. Also, it has not been sure which character she is playing and I am pretty sure she would train hard for the role if needed.

      • @Bubbles it really is funny. Did KTR had visible muscles (which is clearly what @Sayaris thinks constitutes an “athletic body”) in Mr Sunshine? I don’t think so, unless I’ve missed some scene where she’s flexing her arm muscles or whatever 😂 I’ve watched that drama multiple times because it’s my favorite and I can’t for the life of me remember any 😂
        KTR has a very slim body type, same as KSH and literally most korean actresses. I don’t think I can recall any korean actress ever looking muscly for a role, not even when they’re the lead in a sports-themed drama (ie. Lee Sung Kyung in Weightlifting Fairy). And even if there are, they’re so rare that it’s weird that Sayaris is singling out KSH for not looking athletic enough. But as others pointed out, she clearly has a bias, so whatever. As long as KSH can do action scenes (and we know she can — ie. RWTMR), that’s what matters

      • @sweetpotato

        maybe she expects actress with body build like lee siyoung to get the role 😂 but she’ll be disappointed coz not everyone can have a body like her lol. I even googled fencer and shooter asian women athlete. sohyun and them are no different 🤣

      • I totally understand your meaning . I’m not a “big fan ” of KSH, but i ‘m just happy when a hard working actress gets a great opportunity . I agree with you about the fact that KSH doesn’t give the vibe of a sporting person but she may surprise us . I agree with you about IU too , the only one i wasn’t agree with you was PEB in The king’s affection . She couldn’t make a great man’s disguise role even if i love her . After Yoon Eun Hye and Moon Geun Young , the ones i saw as Kim Yoo Jung , Park min Young, Jun So Ni,… couldn’t erase a little of their feminine side .

  7. Now we’re talking! It’s about f**king time they pair her up with a big star! Like, don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked some of the rookie stars they paired with her in the past (Jang Dong Yoon, Na In Woo, the Love Alarm boys, etc.). But in my observation as a fan, those rookie actors gained way more from the pairing than KSH. And after those guys become popular, they gain arrogant fan girls who hate on KSH, completely ignoring the fact that being paired with her was a big part of those boys’ rise to popularity. As a fan, I don’t want anymore of that and I’m just glad she’s finally getting a leading man of her caliber! And with Oh Jung Se too! Really wish all these three would confirm already!

  8. There’s already naysayers online especially from one of Bo gum previous costar fans. What can we expect.

    I hope everyone can be civil and ignore jealous people

    • Its fun watching their insecurity after all the claims they made. Kim Sohyun just has to enjoy this ride since its a drama by Shim Nayeon PD. Female directors are the best. For once our girl can just coast on the overall popularity of this whole drama.

      • Seriously,
        I already see them mentioning park Bo gum 2016 drama and talking about his chemistry with his 2016 costar in a park bo gum + Kim so hyun casting news. Like why bring it up there? Obviously trying to score points. Just enjoy your favorite works and live your life well lol

        yes this drama is going to be a fun ride hehehe

      • @rina

        lol wut? top KDRAMA director practically are ALL men? really 🤣🤣🤣 girl don’t clowning yourself 😂

      • For real tho. It’s obvious that KSH was just taking a break last year and that fandom was already deluding themselves that she’s already irrelevant or whatever. Now that she’s back and the casting offers started pouring in again, they’re quiet now because this is proof that her hiatus was her choice and obviously not because she’s not in-demand lol

      • @fifi you’re talking to a wall. that rina worships men lol, she’s the biggest pick-me on this site 😂 and she had the nerve to call han so hee a “not like other girls” girl when she’s the pick-me one 😂

      • @BFFR

        At least now we know what it means when KSH is on break. Smart and strategic as always. When her casting for River was announced I just knew she was aiming for the Baeksang nomination. She really is ambitious and competitive and clear about how she wants to build her career. We always knew she was the only one among her peers who can actually act and carry expensive dramas. Now she’s showing it everyone. Badass.

  9. Pleeeeease!!!! Minhyun is actually holding up well—he has such a sweet aura about him hahaha since Seo Yul—but Park Bogum is next level. Lol. But actually his dramas have sucked lately, and I think it’s due to his leading ladies, so I’m totally up for this!!

  10. Wow! And where are those people spreading baseless rumors that KSH is banned by top writers and directors because of her refusal to accept indecent proposals? Her comeback has resulted to 4 projects.

    • I’ve seen that comment and I think it came from a place of concern, not KSH bashing. We all know that’s the reality for most young actresses, it’s just that a lot of us don’t feel comfortable saying it out loud. They’re in the mercy of these powerful men in charge of the industry, so wouldn’t really surprise me if that’s what happened. But, as we can clearly see with her many projects lined up, it’s not what happened, THANKFULLY. Ever heard of Weinstein and the actresses she blacklisted because they won’t sleep with him? It absolutely happens. It’s not bashing an actress if you comment something like that, it’s calling out the toxic industry they’re in. Even some unsuccessful KPop trainees opened up and said they weren’t able to debut because they refused someone in power

      • there are indeed many theories made on this site during ksh’s absence, and i’m with you that many of them came from a place of concern and anxiousness. we have to understand that during that time, ksh had just won her first baeksang best actress nomination, so expectations for what’s next for her were high, and then she just became inactive like that. fans are also used to her being active on instagram, so it was probably weird to many fans that she became real quiet and inactive, and that’s why we got so many of these theories. can’t really blame the fandom for that, and I hope this issue won’t make fans fight with each other. after all, we all want the best for our girl and we shouldn’t be a divided fandom, that’s what the other fandom wants. again, fans theorizing is understandable, so i won’t fight with my fellow fans because of that. i understand that other fans can be more chill while others are the anxious types and need reassurance that our girl is doing fine. and some are more optimistic while others are more pessimistic. and that’s okay! we’re not a monolith although we’re in the same fandom.

        but at least now we know it’s her choice to have a long break, so us fans don’t need to be anxious and making up random theories next time she goes on a hiatus lol

  11. About time. This was so unexpected and I am really happy. I don’t mind sohyun getting paired with rookie actors but it did get tiring because she was always paired with rookie actors. So, most of the burden lies on her but now she gets to be paired with an actor of her own calibre with popular writer and director and there will be less burden on her. As for the drama, I hope she has an important role and I would not mind if there was no love line betn her and PBG in the drama.

  12. From better styling and more magazine photoshoots to a project like this. It seems like Ieum Hashtag is finally stepping up and starting to manage our Sso better. I remember someone here saying that maybe the new agency just needs to find their footing, hence the minimal activities, and that we should just need to give them time, and maybe that comment is right. So happy for our girl. Hope this continues. Also hoping for a new movie soon, but it’s probably her choice not to make movies for some reason, because I can’t imagine someone like her not being offered movie roles lol. But for now, I’m just so happy with this casting and I hope we hear confirmations soon!

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