jTBC Summer Hit Rom-com Drama King the Land Starring Junho and Yoona Ends with13.789% Ratings

So after a really adorable start for me, I totally lost interest in jTBC Sat-Sun rom-com King the Land. And it’s not the dramas fault, from all accountants it stayed consistently just cute so I strayed because I had more interesting fare to watch instead with my limited time. The audiences stayed there but didn’t surge the way it could have gone even higher, by episode 6 it broke 12% but then fell back to the 10% range for the remainder of the its run but did end with a series 13.789% making it the 7th highest rated drama in the cable network’s history. Congrats to Junho and Yoona and I’m actually more interested in whether they are dating in real life or not lol, after that tabloid report came out when the drama premiered but both sides denied it.


jTBC Summer Hit Rom-com Drama King the Land Starring Junho and Yoona Ends with13.789% Ratings — 21 Comments

  1. Good show, but the pacing was just off. I didn’t enjoy how they left Pyeong-hwa’s professional storyline hanging and just focused on her romance and (not-so) sketchy past. I also thought it could’ve done with 12 episodes because it kinda fizzled out in the last couple of weeks.

    • It was a cute drama and made me smile. But I agree, it could have done with 12 episodes and would have benefited from it.

  2. For me it started quite great,, I like the cinematography, beautiful settings, we were shown how the hotel’s works. I like how Sarang’s character being portrayed, she worked hard for years before finally reach top position. I also like other characters, Sarang’s friends, Won’s secretary, Won’s father. Execpt for Won himself who started good but turned out not quite good. You have to be exceptionally dumb to not figuring out how to properly peel onions smh. Although towards the end we were shown that Won is a smart guy, but the transition weren’t there.

    And then there was that Arab prince eps, ew. I’m not hating it because he portrayed an arab prince as playboy and drinking alcohol. It was because he’s fluent in Korean. Whatever the reason, I just saw it as a lazy way not to make the cast to converse in English. Why can’t they? Sarang and Won are supposed to be fluent in English.

    And then that Thailand trip. It was just a huuuge ad. By the way this drama has a LOT of ads/ppl, it’s the one reason I cannot like this drama.

    Although towards the end, esp after 100 year hotel anniversary the plot seemed to come back and the ending is good and neat.

  3. I totally understand now how a drama benefits from angst. King the Land was a perfectly acted romance drama however it’s like sucking on candy for 16 episodes. I was so zoned out. Those 2 are just so perfectly beautiful together that I spent the last 4 episodes admiring their perfect pores and the perfect complexion at their age. I cannot remember the storyline but the 2 were just 2 gorgeous people on-screen.

  4. I don’t get why it’s so popular, but I found myself fast-forwarding through most of the scenes from episodes 12-16. After watching years of Korean dramas, the romance felt too cliché for my personal taste. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think Yoona still can’t act. In short, the drama bored me.

    • Yoona does comical acting (King The Land & Exit) because it’s an extension of her real personality, but she still gets flack for her delivery in emotional or angsty scenes.

  5. After 5 episodes , i dropped . They may be dating but i didn’t feel an explosive chemistry like in some old school romantic dramas . It was presented as one but it didn’t work for me .

  6. I stopped watching after 1 ep. Didn’t really feel much chemistry or storyline to continue watching.. even though I adore Junho, and acting is fine. Not my cup of tea.. 😔

  7. It was a saccharine sweet and fluffy romcom and that was it. The leads were visually appealing and had good chemistry but the plot was so thin that they could barely make it last up to 16 episodes. But it kind of balanced all the dark and dire revenge and makjang dramas that seem to be on trend recently.

  8. It was pretty good, and had everything that got me into K-drama in the first place: fluffy cute romance with good looking leads, and just a tinge of villainy from jealous/ greedy siblings, no over the top jokesters, no serial murderers. Something you’d sit back and relax and watch after a tiring day. However I really got turned off by the PPL overkill, especially in episodes 10, 15 and 16 – episode 10 was a full on ad for Bangkok, and episode 15-16 I think they need to cram in all the sponsored stuff they didnt include in the previous episodes

  9. I binge-watched the 1st six episodes before the 7th one came out. I watched the 7th when it aired and just can’t bring myself to watch anymore. I liked it at 1st but I am already bored and I’m only halfway =/

  10. Theree was some redundancy in ep 13-16 yes and I was nodding along to some above comments.
    But also found it also had the old magic cliches et al of the old dramas of yore missed – Hello Venus, Terrius (where is So Ji-sub these days?) … Strong Wonam Do Bong-soon … Kim Sam-soon etc, which can be so needed these days as we navigate a lot of not so great news these days. The camaraderie between the 6 friends too, were a nice feel

    Nice to have fluff once in a while, and I thought they had nice chemistry.
    The scenes that brought on tears were spontaneous … and Junho – his crying scene was quite well executed. There were Grandma moments that brought on tears, and even his ice-cold sister and her son.

    • your list spans across over a decade lol. Kim Sam Soon and Do Bong Soon are 10+ years apart. I don’t think Do Bong Soon is thaaat old, around 5 years. I did love both though! So Jisub is probably just enjoying (married) life and working less 🙂

    • If Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is from the old days of yore, the Kim Sam Soon is from ancient times. Lol. And yeah the fluff reminds me old romcoms that heavy on the cliches but full of charm and escapist romantic fantasies of cocky chaebols falling in love with plucky “commoner” women. So Ji Sub is juggling married life with work, he came out with a drama and a movie just last year.

    • I found the grandma scenes kind of touching and I enjoy watching this actress played grandma roles in previous shows like our blues. I ended up liking this drama more than see you in 19th life even though this drama is a bit clinche.

  11. I skipped Eps 13 to 15. Only returned to watch the Finale. Agree with most people that 12 episodes should be enough. The drama was dragging starting Ep 7… I am surprised I hung on for so long… Now it’s over and I will not repeat watching.

  12. I was late to watching this but really enjoyed it as a drama with no expectations but romance. Loved it! The two leads looked great together and end of Ep 8/start of Ep 9 had me admiring the ML’s ability to kiss!

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