Lee Min Ho Serves Two Different Looks in All Black and All White at Recent Overseas Fan Event

So I’m going to blame the stylist(s) that dressed K-actor Lee Min Ho in this all white look at this weekend’s event overseas because its so unflattering on him. The K-press caught him leaving Incheon a day earlier in all black and he looked great but a day later and it’s like he went from handsome dude to gambling hall ahjusshi. Oh wells, not every one has perfect picture days and I expect stars to be humans too I just wish Lee Min Ho’s team had twirled him around a few times and changed his all white outfit before sending him out.


Lee Min Ho Serves Two Different Looks in All Black and All White at Recent Overseas Fan Event — 16 Comments

    • Yeah, even in the pics where he’s wearing black, his face looks hella bloated, his hair and sunglasses were just hiding the bloatedness a little better lol

  1. His fans are accusing reporters of deliberately taking pics at unflattering angles or the photos are edited to make him look fat.

  2. Stylists are not magicians. They can only do so much. He is getting fat or “bloated.” This a problem Lee Min Ho has to solve himself. He is almost 40 and it’s not going to get easier for him looks wise. That’s why I feel for all the actors who got famous on looks and not talent. Time is a fan of no one. Sooner or later all the talentless heartthrobs will be out of a job once their looks fade.

    • I would feel bad for them as well, except that’s on them to be smart and develop some acting skills when they know their looks are starting to fade. No one can coast on looks forever. A perfect example would be Margot Robbie, she took on some really male gaze-y, blonde bombshell roles early in her career, but she’s clearly smart and knows the blonde bombshell image has a shelf life. So she then started taking roles that will make people take her seriously as an actress. Same with Charlize Theron. Now it’s time for LMH to stop taking projects where he’s the handsome chaebol or whatever. He needs to improve his acting, challenge himself by taking some meaty roles, and shed the image he has, especially as it seems like he’s not aging well

      • Well he did take on Pachinko so that’s a step in the right direction. Looking forward to season 2. On the fence with Ask The Stars though.

  3. What happened to him? why is his face so swollen? Where did his jaw go? If this was an actress there would be hundreds of articles about “not manging himself”. White isn’t his colour either. They put him in white for the prince feel but it doesn’t really flatter him.

    • Exactly what I was thinking as well! If this was a female celeb, the comments will be absolutely BRUTAL. Look at the comments on Song Hye Kyo here, calling her old-looking, wrinkly, etc. And keep in mind that she looks fantastic! She’s in shape, no bloated face, great skin, etc., but she’s still getting those brutal comments. Meanwhile when it’s a man actually looking bad, here comes the excuses like, “Oh, It’S tHe sTyLiSt’S fAuLt ThAt He LoOkS bAd!” 🙄 I can’t with the pick-meism and male worship on this site 🙄

      • I don’t think that this site shows bias. I believe it is the fans. I don’t understand the double standards for male and female actors. I also think he has had some injections to his face. He just needs to get in shape and age gracefully.

      • Ugh, you’re being just as ugly as those people. How about you practice what you preach and just promote being civil about people of both genders instead of getting so bent out of shape about men?

        And that whole pickme BS is misogyny too, FYI. And you think you’re the good guy here…

  4. He looks bloated or gained some weight. Then he always comes back so handsome, The Heirs, The Legend of Blue sea and Pachinko. He is sexy as he ages. No worries about these pictures.

  5. Hard for him to read this kind of comments but bodyshaming is part of the package when you are a celebrity . Netizens tend to be more lenient when it’s about great male actors, Leo Di caprio doesn’t age well too but when he acts , he is just amazing that nothing else matters , Daniel Day-Lewis, Song Kang Ho, Vincent Cassel, can age , gain weight , their amazing acting erases everything . That’s the difference between being a just good looking actor and a great actor . It’s more hard for actresses but look at Meryl Streep , Helen Mirren , Julia Roberts, they still there when a lot of “new faces” disappeared .

  6. He added weight, what on earth is the big deal!. I know because I have a brother that when he adds weight, you can only detect it from his face. It is clear that Oppa added weight and his face is always the evidence. It’s not a crime and it’s not a big deal. If he has a movie, he’ll shed it unless his role demands he doesn’t. I do not understand what the whole fuss is about.

  7. Not sure if he gained weight or if Botox caused his face to swell. Whatever the case, not very many people can carry the all-white look. It makes anyone look bigger than they actually are. He looked fine in his all-black airport outfit.

    In any case, I hope he’s healthy. And I hope Korean’s quit the obsession with being skinny. It’s sending the wrong message to people struggling with body image.

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