Modern Workplace Romance Drama Sunshine by My Side with Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He

C-actor Xiao Zhan is about to make 2023 a triple success year for him. CCTV has announced the premiere of modern workplace romance drama Sunshine by My Side (Sunshine With Me) for September 1st which is later this week. It will also stream on iQiyi and Tencent so I expect this drama to get lots of exposure. Xiao Zhan is paired with Bai Bai He for this drama which was reportedly a remake of the Ruby Lin TW-drama My Dear Boy but it’s not confirmed so the premise is just older woman and younger man set up. The drama has like the ugliest posters I recall seeing in a long time, the colors solo are dull and boring but the combo colors in each poster make it even more ugh. I’m keeping expectations low and hopefully this is a fun watch.


Modern Workplace Romance Drama Sunshine by My Side with Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He — 57 Comments

  1. @ ockoala

    Often times I noticed when you have articles about Xiao Zhan – you don’t have nice things to say. Many times I’m wondering if you don’t like Xiao Zhan. I think as a writer you should be unbiased about what you write – it’s very important. You often wrote very positive things about some repeat artists even they don’t really deserve it. 🙄🙄🙄

    • This is a blog. Ms Koala can talk whatever about dramas if she wants to (did you read the heading?). Being biased is the correct way to write blogs! I do not want to read unbiased reports of daily mundane news which will be extremely boring.

    • @XZF Agreed. She always throws in some negative remarks in her articles about Xiao Zhan. The drama posters were highly praised on weibo and chinese forums for being creative and quirky, suiting the fall/cold season, and a refreshing change over the usual lovey-dovey posters, but over here she says they are ug-ly and boring. I bet she will be full of praises if these posters came from a Korean drama. Just like how she claimed TLP’s beautiful CGI looked low-budget yet praised LYF’s cra-ppy CGI as marvellous.

      • lemme guess, XZF and you are the same person?? lmao!!. I can’t with this actor’s fan…

      • @vlive Lol you XZ antis couldn’t get anymore ludicrous than this. So if multiple people agree that the owner of this blog is biased against something, they must be the same person?

      • @ Lilith

        That’s exactly my point. 🤙🤙🤙I see it over & over again from her. I decided to bring it up because I can’t stand it anymore.

      • @ vlive

        Is that the best argument you can come up with? We don’t even write the same “style”, so don’t be ridiculous.

      • @ vlive

        Is that the best argument you can come up with? We don’t even have the same writing style. Don’t be ridiculous.

      • This is not an issue guys, we r all baised one way or the other due to the actors we like n not like. I honestly dont see any negative thing about this post she said concerning XZ ,she only commented on the posters,she probably not a die hard XZ fan like some of u r, that any comment about him that does not praise him is negative. XZ is a good actor yes he is but i can also recommend some actors who r has good has him if not more in c ent, the thing he has going for him that the others lack is his faithful active massive fan base , so great for him nothing bad against it, it help that he can act but some times i feel he doesn’t level the play field because of this, when he stars in a crappy show, it will still be popular n talk about ,that same show should star another actor n no one will blike an eye I say this also concerning most of the luilangs actors in c ent,i guess that the advantage of having active massive fans.i know his fans r going to come for me but have said what have said. Koala is only human she is not suppose to please everybody, she will blog about certain actors that u like that might come off negative,we have all been there before i say dont take it personal ,she is just blogging imo. She is going to be baised because she loves certain actors than others I see it normal has human nature has we all are so is each one of us who loves watching dramas n perfer certain actors more than the other. I recommend her for keeping this blog has long has she has duo, Great 👍 job koala.

      • @Mercy I am free to highlight to others that there are differing opinions out there that contradict what Koala posted. And sorry to burst some people’s bubble, I like XZ but I’m not his diehard fan. I watch any dramas that I find interesting and will speak out whenever I see people serving injustice to the good dramas and actors/actresses. Regular visitors here will know that I have spoken out on several other dramas.

      • @Lilith, I’m with you about Koala. I found myself having very different aesthetic values from Koala. I’m good at drawing and painting myself and had took lessons at younger age. My uncle was a famous artist and I naturally got training from him. The posters got DESIGNER colors that many drama posters are lacking. I gather Koala default everything about XZ to be poor quality or less significant. She is intentionally dismissing him. SMH on such a childish behavior pattern.

      • @vlive, you’re gonna say Somebody=Lilith=VFX. Lol. I even had a lot of debates with Lilith before. I don’t think I’m as delirious as you! Arguing with my cyber doppleganger to the extent dissing each other? Lol

        I used to disagree with Lilith a lot but happen to be on the same page this time. What’s the problem with you if multiple ppl like XZ and defended him? XZ is the most popular actor in C-ent with almost 33 million followers on Weibo and at least millions of active visitors of his official page each day. These active fans must be the same person using AI per your logic. You’re absolutely very entertaining!

    • You are absolutely right about Koala on XZ. She is blatantly biased regarding XZ. I have no idea how XZ has offended her or perhaps a rival of her fave? Lol. She didn’t need to post any updates about XZ but she did this selectively from time to time prolly to attract traffic to her blog? Lol again.

      • @ Somebody

        Thank you. These people still don’t get the point we are trying to make. I like Xiao Zhan it’s because he is a hard worker with wonderful personality and he deserves the support. I brought it up because it’s the right thing to do. I see the pattern with her when it comes to Xiao Zhan or things related to XZ. She doesn’t like him or she knows for sure that it will bring hot debates to these articles like someone said it. I think that is very low. Of course she can have her opinion, but when it happens to the same person so many times with only negative things. It makes you wonder. I lost my respect for her. The other commenters will call us “crazy/toxic fans”.

    • XZ stans have an ongoing persecution complex. I don’t care if you pretend to not be a hardcore fan. If you’re throwing a fit over Koala saying the posters of a drama are ugly then you’re as delusional and annoying.

      nb4 that one stan comes to write paragraphs again about how everyone else in c-ent is lesser than their king but of cooouurse they are not biased

      • yes. xz stans are ridiculous. do you happen to watch yt channel avenuex ? the one that do c drama review. she refuses to review xz drama because of his fans lol they cant accept criticism

      • Lmao I also watch avenuex, didn’t know that was the reason, fair enough xz fans are scary

      • I am a long time silent reader of Koala’s blog and I have to admit I do get the feeling that she seems to dislike XZ from the tone of her articles. People who say otherwise are mostly the ones here who openly comment about disliking Xiao Zhan himself in the first place for whatever reason.

      • Lol. This is comical. To the opposite, Koala and some of her readers seem to have an ongoing persecution complex specifically targeting XZ. I’ve been visiting this site for many years. Anti-XZ is a consistent and persistent sentiment on this site.

      • He landed a lead role in one of critically acclaimed 8 hour theater play A Dream Like A Dream. Mediocre would be the last thing you can say about him. He’s new in the acting field so his projects are not extensive. His earlier dramas are not as good story-wise, but he’s steadily growing his reputation as an actor therefore his offers and choices are getting better. His pace is good, and he improves each and everytime. It’s something big to say given his massive popularity. He doesn’t laze around relying on that popularity, he actually works hard to improve his craft. You can’t say that to some who are popular. Some of them are just plain, blatant lazy.

      • @Mindy, that’s a fair assessment of XZ as an actor. Why am I a staunch fan of XZ? Cos he’s multi-talented, smart, and savvy while working hard to achieve his current status in the showbiz. Are naysayers bitter about his popularity? Then they should wish their idols strive for same excellence as XZ or even beyond! This is my advice for them: Getting angst online bcos you’re butthurt about XZ’s success won’t help your idols look better or more accomplished.

    • I just saw the trailer. This is genuinely the first time I like his performance! Much more nuanced and calm. I like that he looks and feels like just another human doing life. Wardrobing was huge. Chinese entertainment ALWAYS over styles pretty actors in modern dramas that takes me out of the scenes and story. Hopefully it’s a breezy watch for people.

  2. I am just curious after watching the previews, if this is filmed afew years ago? Xiao Zhan looks younger, more filled up and less skinny.. I dont think this is how he currently look… Does anyone know?

    I like Xiao Zhan’s dramas, will look forward to it. And Bai Bai He is a very good actress.

  3. I’ve been following koalas since her “Dream High” review days. I guess it’s high time to stop coming here. You can be biased but don’t be too malicious. Every XZ article that she reviews on are always a “praise-masked” as in she praises his popularity but put down his work. I mean I get it, some are not up to her alley, but when you were praising something non-stop when others were bashing it left and right in China. There ought to be something really wrong with her taste 😂 I mean she singing praises to RJL wooden-acting and drama and also recently cringe-fest that is LYF stating with rainbow farts for it poor CGI, subpar acting and repetitive storyline. And her news source are almost always from HK? Mostly false gossip and rumors😂 like this is an original script, that remake from Ruby Lin drama has been debunked from last year. I know years are getting to you Koala, but it’s hight time you search out for more reliable news resources for your c-ent article after this since I see you are getting deeper towards that. It was good while it last here.

    • typical of this actor’s fan, it is OK for them to diss other actors, but NOT OK for other people to diss their beloved. geez… so your plan is to stop coming here, Good for you, and good riddance, a less toxic fan is better. Probably Koala should write more often about this actor so that there will be fewer and fewer annoying posts for me to read…cuz They are leaving this blog, yeah right, but then coming back with a different user name. lol

      • Geez you hardly comment in other posts but always appear in all articles related to Xiao Zhan here. You seem more dedicated to him than his fans. Or you yourself use different usernames here? That’s why you think everyone else is like you?

  4. I love Xiao Zhan, he’s a good actor, a very handsome man and he also looks as if he has brains and a pleasant personality.
    I also like the posters, I think they are pretty cute.
    BUT: This is a blog. Ms Koala can write whatever she wants. If she doesn’t like the posters, that’s her right. I didn’t find anything negative in what she wrote here.Why is it that every time we get some news about XZ there has to be a war.

    (On a different note, if you hadn’t written that it is an older woman-younger man drama,Ms Koala, I would have never guessed. This lady looks great!)

  5. Why are there people who do not understand what a blog is? Readers, you can read her thoughts, opinion as she is open to share them. You dont have to take it personally. Just as those that do not agree with her, she will not be banning you. As she is not taking your opinions personally.

    Those that enjoying reading her blog, clink and read, those that dont, stop coming. It is as simple as that. You readers are not paying her out of your pocket to write news that is pleasing…she is just sharing news she knows and her thoughts. She does not need to change to please anyone.

    She has been running this blog for years, her long time readers knows her already. She is who she is…I like her. She is cool and fun. I will follow her blog for as long as she write it.

    And she need not like Xiao Zhan, even thru I like him. I dont even have to agree with all her post just as she will not agree with all my opinions too.

  6. XZ is such a great clickbait. So many comments. LOL. Delusional fans argue much about nothing… Posters look ugly to me (my taste). What kind of guy wears leopard print (I mean his character, not him for real I hope).

      • What tone? Somebody is being too sensitive in lala land… I am the Boss so if somebody disapproves, he/she is welcomed to leave immediately.

    • Funny enough, a lot of high budget drama these days are losing in terms of how eye catching their poster are compared to web drama’s. As someone who click based on poster I have been fooled many times

  7. Yeah call me delusional!!!!!! LOL. I don’t care since your lofty manner has NO bearing to my real life AT ALL. I wouldn’t get paid less nor would my family love me less bcos of your diminishing contempt! I’m mesmerized by XZ’s WWX in The Untamed and also many of his roles in other dramas even though I don’t necessarily like those dramas, e.g, Oath of Love bcos of the overacting FL and the boring plot. XZ is definitely a great actor still with a lot of potential to grow. Write him off as much as you wish and that wouldn’t deter him from advancing his career with great popularity that is already on the top of C-ent. Oh yeah just get butthurt cos your faves are far from being and might never be on par with him. Lol.

    On a side note, if ppl called out those who defend XZ on this blog not to bother Koala for his anti-XZ sentiment all the time, then you might as well just advice Koala to not bring up anything to do with XZ. You said that Koala is free to write up whatever she wants to bcos this is her blog. I don’t have qualms about that. But to be reasonable, if she has her blog open to anyone who wants to visit her site, shouldn’t she also expect to be subject to all kinds of comments/feedback, positive or negative, on her write-up? Otherwise, Koala should just set a gatekeeper to control the traffic to her site and only those who always AMEN to whatever she says and writes can comment here and praise her to the moon. Yeah you guys go ahead close ranks and nobody else would bother to stop by. If she has the desire to share anything with the public, then expect to have not only compliments/agreement but also disapproval/criticism of her writing coming in her face. Ppl should stop talking as if you’re morally superior by defending a blogger and attacking others who don’t agree with her cos you’re nothing more than having your own bias like Koala and everyone else.

    • Girl, get a life, get on meds, seek validation off the internet. You’re camped out on this blog, refreshing every ten minutes to respond to people, and typing up theses over this XZ dude. Not even Karen MAGA fans are this fervent.

      It is emba-rah-zzing. Are you not embarassed? I’m embarrassed for you 🥴🥴🥴.

      • You’re throwing tantrum like a terrible two! Lol. Get check your own mental state rather than self-projection on normal ppl. I’m entitled to defend my favorite actor. If you have ecstasy about him being dismissed and got mad at his fans defending him, then you’re nothing more than a loser who always gets butthurt and worked up to witness XZ’s popularity. Shame on you!

      • It doesn’t have any impact on my wealth and relationship with ppl who matter to me. That’s what I meant. Entertainment is nothing I rely on to make a living. And if I’m not happy, I can just abandon this site anytime.

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