Kim Dong Wook’s Agency Confirms News that He’s Getting Married in Late 2023 Winter

Awwwwww, Anchor-nim is getting married! Congrats so much to this news that K-actor Kim Dong Wook is settling down. His agency confirmed earlier today news reports about him tying the knot, saying that his future wife is a non-celeb so there will be no further information about her and the couple will have a private wedding later this year in the winter. He’s also the first Coffee Prince to get married, with Gong Yoo and Kim Jae Wook still happily single but that’s fine as all those guys are aging like fine wine.


Kim Dong Wook’s Agency Confirms News that He’s Getting Married in Late 2023 Winter — 4 Comments

  1. Congrats ! I wish him the best, he reached after a long time the lead roles with talent . Lee Sun Kyun is married to the fantastic actress Jun Hye Jin who is more beautiful now then when she was younger , and the others are enjoying their 40’s … A thought for the late Lee Eon who left us at a young age . I wish that all the cast of this legendary drama will find what they are looking for .

    • LSK is not really a Coffee “Prince” though. I see him more as the Coffee Prince “Ahjussi”… 😂

      Cuz he didn’t work in the cafe. But if we are just thinking the drama, then yes, he got married first.

      Anywayzzz, congrats to KDW!!

  2. I’m super glad. I hope all the cast are in attendance, especially the coffee princes including my girl Yoon eun hye💕. I’m just so glad, I hope the others find theirs soon and the merriment keep rolling. Congratulations to him, go go coffee prince 💃🏽💃🏽

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