My Journey to You with Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Drops From the Sky on iQiyi with 3-episode Premiere

Alrighty, what a nice Labor Day long weekend surprise for me and something new to nibble on. iQiyi released period C-drama My Journey to You on September 2nd with zero warning and promotion just dropping 3 episodes to kick off its run. The drama had to go through massive last minute editing last month to scrub a supporting character after the actor was accused of rape and carted off another set. I guess the network decided better to release it ASAP rather than risk any other snafu. I watched the first episode in full and really like it but caution it may not be everyone’s cup of team. Yu Shu Xin is amazing in this dark role as an assassin on her last do-or-die mission to get out of a killer organization and her real voice is finally not modulated to a fake cutesy twang. She has precise enunciated line readings and her girlish voice when reading serious lines without the need to be cute sounds really good actually. First time ever I can enjoy her in both visuals, voice, and acting ability.

This is also the first time Zhang Ling He is a male lead in a drama I’m watching and he’s a solid acting and good looking with height but goodness did he always have those massive front teeth. It’s the Kim Tae Hee problem all over again, distracting and sometimes he can’t close his mouth all the way and if its his real teeth then so be it but if he got top veneers I would say what a bad idea. Regardless it’s not a dealbreaker for me and the two have limited scenes with decent chemistry in a slow burn conspiracy, assassination, backstabbing, and hidden agendas type of story. It’s a bit like Word of Honor in the backstory stuff with a shadowy assassination organization and equally shadowy other organization so story wise I’m enjoying the slow reveals. The hook for me is this is 100% the Yu Shu Xin show as Yun Wei Shan and I lovelovelove her character and performance so far.


My Journey to You with Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Drops From the Sky on iQiyi with 3-episode Premiere — 15 Comments

  1. YSX is amazing in everything. She nailed the DFQC body swap scenes too in LBFAD. Cute or serious she’s got a wide acting spectrum. I love the moody trailers for this drama and can’t wait to dive right in. Its very different from other Wuxia dramas. I don’t think I’ve seen many Cdramas this dark and somber.

  2. Haven’t watched it but don’t be surprised if it’s taken down, the pseudo Japanese aesthetic is trigerring cnetizens who are reporting it to the NRTA en masse due to on September 2 and recent nuclear pollution tensions. Some even accuse IQiyi for being taiwan-funded(overused epithet lol) and deliberately trying to stir the pot since IQiyi is offering a fast forward package on September 18 which is the Mukden incident. Watch it while you can lol

  3. Finally Goddess YSX is back! She picks the most interesting roles and has an eye from dramas. Was expecting Sword and Fairy 6 to come out first but My Journey To You got the release first. Not complaining as long as YSX is back. Her currently filming drama Black Lotus Tactical Manual looks great as well. Her choice of roles is always interesting.

  4. Too much filter as I see it, ZLH is almost unrecognizable in this poster. The drama looks promising though and I like the dark colors. Will watch.

  5. Really liking it so far, the females are killing it in this show. ZLH is perfectly fine in his role but unfortunately he’s definitely getting overshadowed by YSX’s charisma.

    On a side note, why does YSX always seem so petite? She’s actually rather tall.

    • The female leads and ryan cheng completely overshadow ZLH. He’s not in his element yet but lets see what happens as the drama progresses. The two FLs are killing it and the chemistry between them is fire.

    • Maybe because all her CPs are 6 footer above so she looks tiny beside them. ZLH is 190 cm and counting. He has to lies in his resume because most productions are hesitant to hire male actors that are too tall, he said it himself in one of his VS.

      He is the classic 3B, brain beauty and body….haha. But acting wise he has lots to learn, anyway he is young so as long as he pays his taxes, stays away from underage and prostitution, he will be alright.

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  7. Everyone here is so great in acting and even the BGM is very tempting. Actually I watched this for the main leads but realizing that as the story goes on I get to love more the story line of the supporting actors / actress like Cheng Lei, Tan Jianrui and Lu Yu Xiao. The storyline revolving these three are very intriguing and their dialogues, their conversations are all mysterious and cunning. Gong Shangjue is my most fav character here and Cheng Lei is portraying it with concrete justice. And He is So HOT! Lu Yuxiao is just 23 yrs old but very very good in acting. The younger Didi Gong Yuanzhi aka Tan Jianrui is making my blood boil but making my eyes cry, meaning they are all effective actors. Esther Yu has able to improve so much here especially how his voice should be designed according to the drama needs. I’m in the current ep 12 and the narration of GSJ, SQ and GYZ made me cry. It is only their voices am but it is very effective. For the main leads character he needs to man up.

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