C-netizens Protest the Japanese Aesthetics in Costumes and Set Design for Just Premiered C-drama My Journey to You with Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He

It’s like everyone has a bone this week, and honestly its been kinda unnerving for the last few months in C-ent overall. Air dropped dramas, last minute “postponements”, scandals, fan wars, it’s like roiling waves when all I want is calm waters. After the premiere of The Journey of You two days ago, the complaints have started and it’s quite vocal online criticism what viewers perceive to be a strong Japanese influence in costumes, hairstyle, set details, and even scene arrangement. I can see the elements but it feels more in line with similar complaints against previous dramas like Love Like the Galaxy, Destined, The Legendary Life of Queen Lau, and many more. I’m currently loving the drama for the two female leads acting and the strong female-centric led plot so I hope this doesn’t get yanked. Insiders are saying it won’t as it got airing approval with a full eye on these visual elements and the only objectionable thing was the supporting actor accused of rape who has all scenes cut.


C-netizens Protest the Japanese Aesthetics in Costumes and Set Design for Just Premiered C-drama My Journey to You with Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He — 17 Comments

  1. U know it won’t hurt if the drop all the episodes at this point, I mean u never know with the Chinese government. I wouldn’t be surprised if it get pull off air last minute, it happens all the time .

    • Yeah just give us all the episodes. Its only 24 and since 5 are already out sky dropping 19 more episodes in one go shouldn’t be a problem. This drama is crazy addictive and the two FLs are the most interesting thing about it. The difference between the Chi and Mei assassins is fascinating. They’re both assassins for the same clan but their vibe and approach is polar opposites.

    • chinese dramas need to release all the eps at once like Netflix so that they can be released as fast as possible. Else, scandals will prevent them from ever been shown.

  2. Goodness, so frustrating!!! To be honest, there are similarities to olden China and Japan. There are stories to why there are such similarities. No hard facts thus we never know what which is true…

  3. I want to say this is YSX best role but she’s got a long way to go and there’s a lot more good acting coming in the future too. LBFAD to MJTY both characters she nailed.

  4. Do these Chinese ppl know Chinese history? Japanese culture is similar to Han Dynasty that’s raved about along with Tang Dynasty by Chinese historians. There were a huge cohort of ppl migrating to Japan during that era. All the traditional Japanese culture including architecture, language, and costumes, were influenced immensely by Han culture. Lol at these ignoramuses!

    Also, Chinese ppl want to hate anything-Japanese until when? Ppl need to learn wisdom of forgiveness in order to have a better life.

    • Until your family member and everyone around you had a family member killed by the Japanese, you will know why they hate them so much. My paternal grandfather was killed by the Japanese and my mum’s best friend was also killed by the Japanese. No forgiveness to that generation who participated in war, and so anything Japanese related, yeah, don’t like it.

      • Don’t see the Chinese actively hating and criticising CCP for the millions of death due to the various campaigns such as Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution etc though.

        As I don’t think the number of deaths caused by CCP is any lesser than the deaths caused by the Japanese invasion.

  5. Well, my husband is Japanese and doesn’t usually watch Cdramas (though he loved Nirvana in Fire and Reset). Anyway, he took a look at My journey to you and he told me “at last a Chinese drama with acceptable aesthetics”. So I guess there must be some credibility in people’s complaints? I mean, there are similarities. Not that I would think of it as a bad thing.

  6. Nooooo!!! I started this after yesterdays post and it’s so good. This is the first C-drama in years that’s hooked me. I hope these online idiots don’t get this drama cancelled.

    • I’m starting to think cnetz are just finding reasons to hate a drama. Each month, there’s a drama they over analyze and try to find a controversy from it. I just started this drama and it’s really good. It deserves its popularity.

      • @Moonlight Agree. I definitely think a lot of these “controversies” are from internet trolls with too much time and a malicious agenda against the leads and/or the production.

  7. I think that some of the points brought up are a stretch, like the tiles. But the aesthetics of this drama really do give off Japanese vibes, and Guo Jingming has past records of adding Japanese elements into his projects. Then again, I’m no expert in historical Chinese elements and I have yet to watch this drama. I’ll probably try a couple of episodes this weekend.

  8. The drama does give off a different gritty and darker vibe which veers from traditional dark and gritty Chinese series. It’s much more mono-tonal for one thing, but providing some breaks in between with colors. While the color scheme is more consistent from most c-dramas, I find the color palette kind of boring to look at. It’s just…dark (with some beautiful objects that breaks that monotony like that gorgeous separator with the opalescent moon). Some people might find that pleasing/sophisticated or at least a breath of fresh air, and I do think it’s fine, but not necessarily my cup of tea.

  9. Well I guess it’s not the problem of identity, since Japan culture were influenced by China anyways at some point. Most likely this is a move of eradicating perception of plagiarism in China, which was rampant in previous decades or so. Anything that might come close to plagiarism is immediately grounded

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