Jung So Min Radiates Fresh Start Charm in First Stills From New Agency Ieum Hashtag

Agency Ieum Hashtag is wasting no time in launching newest star addition Jung So Min, with two new promo stills released this week. I’m pretty indifferent to agencies because it really depends on the efforts put in to get the star cast in the right roles so I will have to wait and see what this actress heavy agency does for Jung So Min, she’s kinda in that sweet spot of established but also still open to unique roles that may not be female lead only. Her debut as the spoiled sister in Bad Guy could be a game plan for her in 2024 playing an antagonist or darker role.


Jung So Min Radiates Fresh Start Charm in First Stills From New Agency Ieum Hashtag — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve always thought she is so pretty but made some odd script choices which have stopped her career from fully taking off. Perhaps that was her choice as Koala said she has the sweet spot of being established but able to take on a variety of roles. It’s interesting she is still relatively successful and relevant 13 years after her debut too. Many of the actresses who came up about the same time as her have fallen off.

    Apparently, she comes from an extremely wealthy chaebol background too

    • Being a AAA+ actress is not what matters . I like theses actors who are good in their field and are always there . They take more challenges that make them getting better year after year . They are like a fine wine . Being a big celebrity may offer a lot but it takes a lot too ( pressure, haters, typecasted,, no privacy,…

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