Go Ah Sung Bows Out of K-drama Chunhwa Love Story After Hip Bone Injury and Replaced by Go Ara

It’s an ouchie sad situation for K-actress Go Ah Sung, who signed on as the female lead for the 19+ rated sageuk drama Chunhwa Love Story but has to bow out now. She recently injured her lower back hit bone area and will require a 12 week recovery. The female lead will now be Go Ara paired with already confirmed Jang Ryul, a solid rising supporting actor playing the baddie in Gold Spoon now getting his male lead role glow up. The drama will stream on TVING telling the story of a princess looking for the author of sexy pictures of her as she searches for true love.


Go Ah Sung Bows Out of K-drama Chunhwa Love Story After Hip Bone Injury and Replaced by Go Ara — 9 Comments

    • It could be considered an acting downgrade by some people. Go Ah Sung is considered to be the stronger actor between the two. Go Ara is mainly known for her visuals.
      Go Ah Sung has received critical praise for her acting in “Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Life On Mars,” so check those dramas out if you’re interested in Go Ah Sung.

      • I see. Well, this situation sucks then. Will check out your recommendations, thanks for the reply!

  1. Very unfortunate for Go Ah Sung, I hope her recovery goes well. As a fan of Go Ara, I am looking forward to seeing her on screen again after a long time. No doubt she will have a lot of empathy for the actor she’s replacing, given her own horrific injury on set a few year ago.

  2. I wish her to recover well . So disapointed because i just love this actress , she was great in many dramas , i love her in Life on Mars, Radiant Office, Tracer … and i was so excited . Why Go Ara, nothing against the woman but i don’t click with her bland and boring acting .

  3. No hate, but Go Ara totally ruined Hwarang for me. Well, that wasn’t a very good drama to start with, but she somehow made it worse. Sorry to her fans but I can’t with her seemingly constipated facial expressions and unnatural acting 😬 ✌️

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